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Saying the latest cd from Saskatchewan’s The Deep Dark Woods is an album stockpiled with songs of regrets, murders and laments is like saying water is wet. That said, I have no qualms opening this piece up saying that their new album, The Place I Left Behind, is stockpiled with great songs about regrets, murders and laments. Nope, no qualms whatsoever.

I’ve said this a few times on the radio show but I don’t know that I’ve ever typed it here, but there has to be something in the water up in Canada that makes them boys able to pump out some serious music that I like to refer as “grumpy old Canadian’s music”. So, as far as “grumpy old Canadian” music goes, you could make the argument the The Deep Dark Woods are the hood ornament for the sound (will all due respect to NQ Arbuckle).

Ryan Boldt (guitar), Burke Barlow (guitar), Chris Mason (bass), and Lucas Goetz (drums) all share songwriting and vocal duties within the band, but I’d say it works since it’s pretty difficult to differentiate between the songwriters when you’re hearing the songs. Musically, you could call them brooding electric folk and maybe even a little country, but you’d never describe it as dense. A little while back RSV was complaining that The Horrible Crowes album felt unfinished musically, and I suspect that this album has that “finished without being crowded” feel he was looking for in that album. I think The Place I Left Behind proves that The Deep Dark Woods are the New England Patriots of this extension of the Willard Grant Conspiracy sound they’re helping to create. And, yeah, it’s Essential Listening too.

The Deep Dark Woods - The Place I Left Behind     

The Deep Dark Woods - The Banks Of The Leopold Canal     

The Deep Dark Woods - Sugar Mama     

The Deep Dark Woods Official Site, The Deep Dark Woods on Facebook, The Deep Dark Woods on Spotify, Buy The Place I Left Behind


  1. anon anon
    October 7, 2011    

    Great review. Just thought I’d point out that there is a fifth member in the band now, Geoff Hilhorst on organ and piano (as of 2009). Also the songwriting is done by Ryan Boldt and Chris Mason.

  2. Gabriel di Chiara Gabriel di Chiara
    October 7, 2011    

    This sounds like a Canadian Kill County. I’m digging it

  3. Lynchie from Aberdeen Lynchie from Aberdeen
    October 8, 2011    

    A great Gothic sound – the band evokes the image of their name.

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