It’s been a while since we got big and loud with some bluesy shit with a harmonica mic. So long, in fact, I was starting to get the shakes. Fortunately, The Dead Exs, a New York based garage duo consisting of David Pattillo on electric slide and vox and Wylie Wirth on drums showed up in my inbox just before we were in the grips of a full fledged detox situation.

If you were a fan of the shit Mr. Johnson was putting together for the Deep Blues Festival then you’re already a fan of The Dead Exs, you just didn’t know it yet. They are exactly what you’d expect from these kids putting their own tattooed skin on the bluesy sounds most of us grew up only being influenced by by proxy. Everyone wants to compare every duo playing garage blues to the Black Keys so I’ll do it too….these guys sound nothing like The Black Keys of now or the Black Keys of the Thickfreakness era but would share more in common with the latter. They’re loud, they’re raw and at times they’re even sloppy but it’s okay cause that’s what it’s supposed to sound like.

The Dead Exs – Trouble In Kind
The Dead Exs – More Stuff
The Dead Exs – All Over You

The Dead Exs on Reverbnation, The Dead Exs on Facebook, Buy Resurrection


  1. I got a little excited about another great blues duo, and downloaded their album free off their website (they have one of those pay what you want deals set up). But my hopes were quickly squashed as I skipped through this album. While hoping for that great duo sound ala Morland and Arbuckle, Left Lane Cruisers, or Hillstomp, I was greeted with the harsh deadening sounds of the Dead Exs. One of the great things about blues is that top notch singing is not needed or even expected as a lot of the blues greats just kind of Speak their songs like Elmo Williams, but the wails and pops out of this guy are down right painful. I dare to say this is one example where auto tuning might actually help. The music is fine, nothing to write home about and at times even quite good, but the banshee wails out of the singer are not unlike nails on a chalk board or the high squeal of loose fan belt.

    Nuff said.

  2. These hipsters sure have a lot of nerve using a photo of Hound Dog Taylor’s hand for this Jon Spenceresque ironic bullshit. Yawn.

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