The Dark Romantics – Some Midnight Kissin'

Honestly, when I started this blog I had no idea how many wonderful bands there were in my local area. That is my own fault I know, so I set out to find some of these bands in 2007. Well, one does not have to try very hard to find Lakeland’s own The Dark Romantics, and as this year moves along I suspect you’re gonna hear about these guys whether you are looking for them or not.The Dark Romantics are friends Eric Collins (guitar/vocals) and Dean Paul (guitar/vocals) along with their wives who happen to be sisters Amanda Jones (keyboards) and Carla Jones (bass). The band is rounded out by Fifi Salomon. Their debut cd, Some Midnight Kissin’ was recorded in the Hunnington Beach home studio of Starflyer 59 front man, Jason Martin.I got the cd a few weeks ago and tossed it into the cd player while the wife and I were cleaning house/washing bikes/washing dogs etc. etc…suffice to say I heard about half the cd, listened to none of it, but that did not stop me from making a judgement. When the cd player loaded the next cd I said “Looks like Lakeland got themselves a Franz Ferdinand clone” to my wife. Let the prosecution admit that comment as state’s evidence #4,035,326 that I am an overly judgemental prick most of the time. Now, to be sure, you are gonna mention Franz Ferdinand when you talk about these guys, but to label them a mere FF clone was plain ignorant. Luckily, my cd player is only a 3-disc changer with 1 broken tray so I got to listen to the cd a few more times.

Some Midnight Kissin’ is sultry rock noir made for, well, midnight kissing in the clubs. Slippery smooth synth-rock ala Franz Ferdinand, The Killer’s, Interpol, She Wants Revenge…you get the direction. The songs are catchy, full of hooks and perfect for Saturday night that you can not help but dance around to. As another reviewer wrote:

In The Dark Romantics’ world, it’s always Saturday night. You’re always dressed to kill. You’re always in the middle of the best first date in your life. It’s a pretty decent place to hang out, huh?

and there you go. I would be genuinely surprised not to see these guys experience great commercial success on the back of this release and it is quite deserved. Since my FF clone comment to the wife the cd has made it’s way into heavy rotation in our household, our cars and onto out “workout” play lists on the iPods. So, check out the samples and if you like them, buy the cd. If you happen to live in the Tampa Bay area you can get all of their show listings of their myspace site. I, for one, really look forward to seeing these guys.

The Dark Romantics – So Confused (and we like it)
The Dark Romantics – She’s a Fire
The Dark Romantics – Baby Boy, Baby Girl

The Dark Romantics Official Site, The Dark Romantics myspace site, Buy The Dark Romantics debut cd (released Feb. 13th)

btw: With all the sex, people of the night references, and what not I find myself wondering if the Rocky Horror-esque cd cover was an accident. “Touch Me, Touch Me, I wanna be dirty” indeed.

Here are some upcoming local area show dates:Feb 16 @ Tuesday Music Club (Lakeland) (oddly enough, I had my wedding reception here)
Feb 17 @ The Porch (Brandon)
Mar 1 @ Lilians (Lakeland)
Mar 2 @ Transitions (Tampa)