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I get a lot of Facebook messages from bands telling me how much they love ninebullets while selling the fuck out of their new cd to me. So when I received a passing message from Tal of The Cur Dogs introducing me to his band I was intrigued by it’s “check it out if you want, if not…whatever” tone as well as the fact that he admitted he had just found out about 9b….so I clicked the link. Liking what I heard on their myspace profile I asked for the cd and was directed to d/l it from their label. At that point I learned that they are on the same label as 9B faves, The Wells and I officially moved from curious to desirous.

The Cur Dogs are from the great state of Ohio and more specifically from the same town as one constantly overrated college football team and one constantly underrated rock and roll band called Two cow Garage. Rumor has it that the Two Cow song, “Lydia”, might even have something to do with one of The Cur Dogs girlfriends….but you know, that’s just some scuttlebutt I heard. Musically, these dudes perform a pretty straight forward brand of rock and roll that would probably fit somewhere in the Lucero meets DBT area of the americana soundscape with midwest working man lyrics. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of shit we love here at the ninebullets compound. Check it out and tell me what you think.

The Cur Dogs - Kro-Bride     

The Cur Dogs - Apology With Every Song     

The Cur Dogs - Tattoo The Devil     

The Cur Dogs’ Official Site, The Cur Dogs on myspace, Buy Chasing Tales


  1. Veronica Veronica
    October 29, 2010    

    Love the Cur Dogs! Gritty, real, powerful. Soulful singing and great guitar licks. Tattoo rocks!

  2. Mira Mira
    October 29, 2010    

    They are really great, it’s my kind of music….very good songs, great playing, and I LOVE that vocal!

  3. October 29, 2010    

    You like the cd…GO SEE THEM LIVE. Great guys and a kick you in the balls live show.

  4. Julie Julie
    November 7, 2010    

    Happy to see you are showcasing one of my favorite live bands “The Cur Dogs”. I love the tunes you picked out to sample but my personal favorite is No Crosses. Check them out!

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