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A Bad Year For Love

If you like straight up dancehall country that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then The Cornell Hurd Band’s A Bad Year For Love is an album you might enjoy. With decades of experience playing country music under their belts it’s a polished offering that hearkens back to a better time with better music.

Whether it’s tracks where the band obviously has their tongues firmly in their cheeks or more serious songs there’s not a song that’s hard to listen to on this album. Conversely there’s not a single stand out track in the lineup. A few of them might inspire one to fast waltz or maybe even western swing but, while polished, The Cornell Hurd Band sounds mostly like a house band. That could be because aside from touring around Austin they sort of are the house band for Jovita’s in South Austin.

While there’s not a track that really jumps out on this album it’s still a solid honky tonk/Texas dancehall sound throughout and a good listen. I could easily knock back some Lone Star with it playing in the background and maybe even sing along with a couple of tracks and if I were in Austin I would make a point to make it by somewhere they were playing even if only to see if I could find a little cowgirl to twirl around the floor for a dance or two.

The Cornell Hurd Band - Respect for the Dead     

The Cornell Hurd Band - Invitation to the Blues     

The Cornell Hurd Band - My Love Lives in South Austin     

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  1. August 29, 2010    

    Wow, never heard of these guys by I like the samples, though with just a three song sample seems there may not be a lot of contrast between their songs. That’s the way the two-steppers like it.

    Will definitely check them out more.

  2. August 29, 2010    

    If you like them, check out Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees out of Virginia.

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