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You ever had one of those albums that every time you hear it you’re like, “Sumbitch! I need to listen to that album some more!” but you never do. Well, National Bohemian from The Bridge is one of those albums for me. The other morning the wife was playing it on the stereo while we were getting ready for work I was enjoying the music so much I finally had to check who it was. At that point, I promised myself I was gonna spend some real time with this album.

The Bridge is Cris Jacobs (vocals/guitar), Kenny Liner (vocals/mandolin), Dave Markowitz (bass), Patrick Rainey (sax), Mike Gambone (drums) and Mark Brown (keyboards). The band seemingly comes from all over but currently, they all reside in Baltimore (shout out to The Wire!). The best way for me to describe their music would be; take Mofro…extract some of the soul influence, replace it with blues and garnish with the occasional beatboxing. In the end, you end up with an album that, when it’s playing, I love but as soon as it’s over, I forget about it.

Lemme know what you think.

The Bridge - Moonlight Mission     

The Bridge - Big Wheel     

The Bridge - Sanctuary     

The Bridge’s Official Site, The Bridge on Facebook, Buy National Bohemian


  1. StandingDamaged StandingDamaged
    June 8, 2011    

    Thanks for this one ‘Tops – I caught myself chairdancing while the last 2 were playing and while Chris was singing especially I could hear the Mofro reference you were mentioning, then I click on the official site link to read that they are wrapping it up as a band after this tour ….DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ray Miller Ray Miller
    June 9, 2011    

    Makes sense being from Baltimore. Named after one of the finest economical beers on the east coast. If you never had one with Maryland style crabs, youre missing out on some fine food

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