The Black Keys will appear on Conan tonight and Samuel L. Jackson sings the blues!

The Black Keys will perform tonight on Late Night with Conan O’Brien – show begins @ 12:37 AM EST! Check your local NBC affiliate for times in your area.

The Black Keys are one of my favorite bands and definately puton one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time. If this blog had existed in 2005 it certainly would have been the show of the year.

There is another reason for posting about the Conan appearance….Have you heard about the new movie coming out called Black Snake Moan? Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci? You can watch the trailer here. That’s none other than the Black Keys in the trailer! They were also played coming out of commercial break in the Ohio State/Florida game the other night.

Those 2 kids are blowing up!

The Black Keys – When the Lights Go Out (as featured on the Black Snake Moan OST)

One other thing. If you like the tunes you heard in the trailer you can go to the movies main site and listen to the entire soundtrack. It even features Samuel L. Jackson singing. Good or Bad? you decide. Just click on the “Launch Soundtrack Music Player” link in the upper right and a pop-up with selectable songs will come up. Fucking nice soundtrack too!

edit: Track 14 – Samuel L. Jackson – Stack-O-Lee is a muthafuckin’ must listen!

edit #2: Okay, I could not resist so I ripped it from the flash stream….enjoy this: Samuel L. Jackson – Stack-O-Lee (Language not work safe)

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