The idea was to collect a sampling of the “Americana music blogging community’s” top 20 of 2009 lists and apply a point system to each slot. Then, let the numbers tell the story of what the Americana music collective as a whole thought were the best albums of the year (the BCS of Americana music?). Since we here at ninebullets walk a little to the side of most Americana music fans’ well-beaten paths, many of the artists on our lists aren’t even included in this particular Top 20 list (none of our best of the year selections are even on the list). Still, all three of us did take part and while it needs some tweaking on the back end, it as a good idea with an albeit bad name.

I thought this “best of” would be a good way to start off all the 9b fave lists cause it’s (imo) the most palatable. It’s, if you’ll allow me the analogy, commercial radio while our individual lists are college radio*. So without further ado, I present The Bird List‘s Top 20 Albums of 2009 (links are to the 9b reviews I had):

  1. Justin Townes Earle – Midnight at the Movies
  2. Lucero – 1372 Overton Park
  3. Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses – Roadhouse Sun
  4. Buddy and Julie Miller – Written in Chalk
  5. Dave Rawlings Machine – A Friend of a Friend
  6. Slaid Cleaves – Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
  7. Todd Snider – The Excitement Plan
  8. Avett Brothers – I and Love and You
  9. Band of Heathens – One Foot In the Ether
  10. Tom Russell – Blood & Candlesmoke
  11. Jason Isbell & 400 Unit – Self Titled
  12. Corb Lund – Losin’ Lately Gambler
  13. Charlie Robison – Beautiful Day
  14. Drive-By Truckers – The Fine Print
  15. Steve Earle – Townes
  16. Deer Tick – Born on Flag Day
  17. Wrinkle Neck Mules – Let The Lead Fly
  18. Magnolia Electric Co. – Josephine
  19. Guy Clark – Somedays The Songs Write You
  20. Those Darlins – Those Darlins / Miranda Lambert – Revolution (tie)

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* My list. Donkey Kong. Your list. Pokemon.

9 thoughts on “THE BIRD LIST:”

  1. Mother of God… This list has reminded me though that I have yet to pick up the new Wrinkle Neck album or the man himself Mr.Ryan Binghams either..(shame on me) Next the Jason Isbell album..pause..Really? That album is dreadful and I do mean dreadful. Which is a hard thing to swallow cause Isbell is one of the best, a sad thing really.

  2. Speaking of Ryan Bingham, I’m surprised that he hasn’t been reviewed/blogged on 9b…it seems like some of it (“Bread & Water” for example) would be right up AIV’s alley. The newest album is so-so. It seems like both albums have a couple of great songs…and a couple of clunkers.

  3. Brandon, I totally agree with you about the Isbell Album. He can write WAY better music than that. I was a huge fan of his and was really disappointed by that album. What about Chuck Ragan? Gold Country was definitely on my top 10 list of the year.

  4. It was a fun exercise, but the list definitely got watered down with a bunch of mainstream (for lack of a better word) submissions. About five of mine made the list.

  5. Uhm, I doubt any of these albums would be considered “mainstream” would they? Maybe the Lambert chick? Or Corb Lund? I guess the Avetts may be heading that way but come on, they’ve been working their asses off for years (like Lucero) and deserve some new fans/money.

  6. Ok, the isbell album may not be as catchy as his truckers stuff. But the writing and the playing on his self-titled record is incredible. Some of the best stuff he’s ever written, and most Song-writers i respect stand by that sentiment. I just can’t believe you all are coming down on his presence on this list, and no one is bringing up “Those Darlins.” What a joke!

    Lets get drunk and eat a chicken,

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