The fellas from The Beautiful Loser Society came to know of in one of the worst ways possible. Having been a top ten seller on Miles of Music for August of 2008 and subsequently getting screwed out of a couple hundred dollars when M.O.M. shuttered their doors, they were trying to figure out exactly what happened. While doing their research they stumbled across my piece on the Miles of Music closing and decided to mail me a cd.

The Beautiful Losers Society began to take shape sometime in 2001 in the Four Corners region of Colorado when Chuck Barry (vocals, rhythm) and Kevin Chef (vocals, lead) began playing together. In 2006 when they added Danny Bankston on drums and Mike McCluhan on bass, the The Beautiful Loser Society was born. Now, flash-forward a couple of years and the band’s releasing their debut cd, Aim Low.

While Aim Low does occasionally sound and feel like an unsigned band’s debut cd, overall it’s a really strong effort that’s more than worthy of your attention. The band describes their sound as inhabiting the grey area between Hank Sr. and Elvis. Personally, I don’t really hear that at all. When this cd is hitting and I’ve got it cranked, I get the feel of a sound inhabiting the grey area between The Drive-By Trucker’s Southern Rock Opera and Decoration Day albums.

Not a bad place to be sitting if you ask me. Check ’em out and buy their cd if you like the samples. Hell, buy two to help them recoup the money stolen by Miles of Music.

The Beautiful Loser Society – Delta Shine
The Beautiful Loser Society – Muddy Bayou
The Beautiful Loser Society – Killing Floor

The Beautiful Loser Society on myspace, Buy Aim Low


  1. It certainly sounds like these boys have been boning up on Haggard and Waylon. Going to go great with spring-time porch drinkin’.

  2. knew Dan Bankston when he was a pup – a heckuva drummer even way back then. Hope this thing gets big for him.

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