For reasons unknown to me, Ardent sent out a PR email pimping their Lucero session from over a year ago (I wrote about it in June of 08). I’m guessing it’s cause 1372 Overton Park is about to come out.

Anyhow, old as hell or not, like I said the first time I posted about it, “Lucero graced Breathru radio with their presence while celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and though they were playing much earlier (and more sober) than they are used to, they still managed to lay down a stupidly awesome set for our listening pleasure. If this had been released on cd I’d be dubbing it Essential Listening, but I don’t believe it is so I’ll just title it as essential downloading.”

So, presenting Lucero’s Ardent session….again:

  1. All the Same to Me
  2. Summer Song
  3. What Else Would You Have Me Be
  4. Nights Like These
  5. I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight
  6. Wasted
  7. Hold Me Close
  8. Ain’t So Lonely
  9. Drink ‘Til We’re Gone
  10. She’s Just That Kind of Girl
  11. Nobody’s Darlins
  12. She Wakes When She Dreams
  13. When You Decided to Leave
  14. All Sewn Up
  15. It Gets the Worst at Night
  16. Fistful of Tears

Disclaimer: I’ve done a shit ton of asking and looking around, I’m not entirely sure if I should be posting this. I’ve asked both parties and got no answer from either, so that and the fact that it was shot across the internets and that I pulled it off sendspace makes me think it is public domain. So, if there is a reason this should be pulled down, in lieu of firing off legal emails to everyone just drop me an email. I’ll pull it down and apologize profusely.


  1. I’ve listened to this session countless times since you first posted it last year and it’s slowly become some of my favorite Lucero “albums”. The guitar and piano version of “She Wakes When She Dreams” is one of the most affecting songs I’ve ever heard them perform. Thanks for posting the session.

  2. The Ardent Sessions sets were always very hard for people to figure out how to download from the BTR site, so we set up our own site to host the shows, videos and photos. We sent out an email to let folks know where it could now be found – especially since, as you said yourself, the recording has become a favorite among Lucero fans.

    As for your disclaimer, I don’t recall you ever trying to get in touch with me for permission – even though all you would have had to do is hit “reply”.

  3. well, to be *totally* honest…I asked the first time (a year ago) and came up blank….I figgured this time around I’d be fine cause I didn’t get sued or get a take down the first time through.

  4. Thanks for posting this, I wouldn’t have run across it otherwise. Between this and the Chad Price stuff today has been an awesome music day.

    And it serves as a reminder that I need to go back and read your archives.

  5. I asked for these on Twitter a few weeks ago and now they been posted twice in one week. I like the split tracks here much better though.

    Rachel (@rachelanthecity) is a great person to follow on Twitter. She is another Memphian that helps run Ardent Studios and has great music connections in Memphis.

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