I’m gonna be real upfront about this. Until Lucero did this, I’d never heard of Ardent Studios, and I’m a little embarrassed by that fact. Also, while I’ve done a shit ton of asking and looking around, I’m not entirely sure if I should be posting this. I’ve asked both parties and got no answer from either, so that and the fact that it was shot across the internets and that I pulled it off sendspace makes me think it is public domain. So, if there is a reason this should be pulled down, in lieu of firing off legal emails to everyone just drop me an email. I’ll pull it down and apologize profusely. Lemme start with a little history in case, like me, you are not familiar with this recording studio:

As a teenager, John Fry opened up Ardent Studios in his parents’ garage and began Ardent Records by releasing 45’s. The late sixties rolled around and John’s parents, as parents often do, decided to move, but John wasn’t prepared to abandon his dream of recording music as a career. He instead moved his equipment to Memphis’ National Street, where he began picking up Stax Record’s overflow and recording artists such as Isaac Hayes, Booker T. and the MGs, The Bar-Kays, Johnnie Taylor, Rufus Thomas, and Albert King. Looking across the years, their clientele is a virtual who’s who of music. A mere skimming of the list includes other legends such as ZZ Top, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Led Zepplin. Couple that with contemporary faves such as Cat Power, The White Stripes, Dave Matthews, R.E.M. and M.I.A., and it quickly becomes evident that Ardent has been a major player in American Music for 40+ years.

Lately it seems the studios have been bringing in bands to to play and then broadcasting them on the internet via Breakthru Radio. Lucero graced Breathru radio with their presence while celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and though they were playing much earlier (and more sober) than they are used to, they still managed to lay down a stupidly awesome set for our listening pleasure. If this had been released on cd I’d be dubbing it Essential Listening, but I don’t believe it is so I’ll just title it as essential downloading. Check it out…

  1. All the Same to Me
  2. Summer Song
  3. What Else Would You Have Me Be
  4. Nights Like These
  5. I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight
  6. Wasted
  7. Hold Me Close
  8. Ain’t So Lonely
  9. Drink ‘Til We’re Gone
  10. She’s Just That Kind of Girl
  11. Nobody’s Darlins
  12. She Wakes When She Dreams
  13. When You Decided to Leave
  14. All Sewn Up
  15. It Gets the Worst at Night
  16. Fistful of Tears


    1. it took me almost ten years to discover this, even though I am familiar with Lucero’s music. the download link is long gone and the podcast on the ardent site no longer available.
      I just take a chance to kindly request a re-up, if that is possible. thank you

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