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Nashville’s Allen Thompson gave it a good run, but the longer he worked at being a solo artist, the more he knew he needed to be in a band. So, sometime in early 2011 he formed the six piece ensemble, The Allen Thompson Band, and they went to work polishing the songs Allen had been struggling with.

The result is Salvation In The Ground, a 9 track love letter to that 70’s era Southern rock and roll sound. Think more Eagles than Skynyrd. Salvation, save for a few stumbles, manages to be vintage without being too derivative. Retro but not rehashed, if you will.

Then there’s the track “Everybody Knows.” They may share the title, but Allen didn’t cover Leonard Cohen. That said, the 2 songs may have one thing in common, in that they could become defining songs for the artists. “Everybody Knows” isn’t a comfortable song. It doesn’t really have a groove and you’ll never dance to it, but like The Eagles’ “Desperado,” you might find yourself wanting to hold up a lighter while it’s playing. The track eschews “a catchy tune” and goes for the “honesty so brutal you can’t help but sit down and pay attention” lyrics, and I can’t help but call this album Essential Listening based on it alone.

But, you know, the rest of the album is a whole lot of fun too.

The Allen Thompson Band - Everybody Knows     

The Allen Thompson Band - The Purple Rose & The Black Balloon     

The Allen Thompson Band - Dirt To Dust     

The Allen Thompson Band’s Official Site, The Allen Thompson Band on Facebook, Buy Salvation In The Ground


  1. Ray Miller Ray Miller
    November 9, 2012    

    Sounds like they were influenced by the Black Crowes as well. Pretty good stuff.

  2. Gary Worsham Gary Worsham
    November 16, 2012    

    Hi Allen, I left a comment. Hope it went through. Seemed to have lost it somewhere in cyberspace. Sorry. Your music is “me”. Hope you do well. I love your music.

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