The Alabama Shakes have had an impressive year.  Shit, in July they weren’t even known as The Alabama Shakes.  Chances are you’ve probably heard some of the hype that been surrounding the band but thanks to a recent radio interview I thought I’d give you a brief timeline of the bands life.

Around July they were playing in Nashville for Record Store Day, that show got the attention of someone at the blog Aquarium Drunkard.  That led to a write-up, the band was still known as The Shakes.  Shortly thereafter they played a show in Florence, Alabama.  Patterson Hood was at the show and afterwards offered them a few opening gigs and hooked them up with connections to managers and booking agents.  More shows were played, a record deal with ATO Records was signed, dates booked in Europe, and now their song “You Ain’t Alone” is featured in a jewelry store commercial.  They were also the most talked about band at this year’s CMJ Festival in New York.

Consider that this was all done with only 15 minutes of recorded music.  All for songs on this EP are excellent but come early spring we’ll find out if they can parlay this success into a full album.  In the radio interview I heard they said that with the full album they’ll prove that they are more than just a neo-soul band.  Here’s hoping they don’t stretch too far from this EP because this thing is great.

The Alabama Shakes – I Found You
The Alabama Shakes – You Ain’t Alone

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  1. As I wrote on my blog, any band that can make a bunch of hipsters in Williamsburg dance like little kids is doing something right. And they did for two sold-out nights in a row.

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