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Terror – Always The Hard Way

I used to have a science teacher that would tell me the anomaly proves the rule. Let’s accept that he was accurate for this piece. If that is the case then Terror proves that as a rule I do not like hardcore music.

Interestingly enough I made that exact same post with an mp3 on a message board I read and watched the next 30 posts go on and on how that was not hardcore music…..It basically became a huge circle jerk about what was and wasn’t hardcore and who could place themselves into the most relevant HC scene from back in the day and who could name the most obscure and now defunct/OOP HC band of the 80s or 90s or whatever. Really, it was pretty fucking embarrassing. I call the kind of music Terror does hardcore and if you don’t, so what. We are talking about Terror.

My first exposure to Terror came via the Fuse network one night when I was drunk and eating something before crashing after a long night at the bar. They played a video for a song off of Lowest of the Low and I was into it! Next morning I promptly downloaded the cd and fell in love. Two Weeks later it shows up in the mail. Since then they have released 3 other cds including the latest, Always the Hard Way.

So, as a rule, I do not like hardcore music and Terror is the anomaly that proves the rule.

I am not gonna bother to go into any efforts to describe Terror’s sound. Just hit play on one of the mp3s below and you will know what their sound is in about 30 seconds. It’s one of those things, you either like it or you hate it. I happen to dig it when these guys do it.

Terror - Always the Hard Way     

Terror - Dead End     

Terror - Smash Through You     

Terror’s Official Site, Terror on myspace, Buy Always the Hard Way

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  1. HSB HSB
    April 30, 2007    

    I explained why I didnt feel they fit that genre. I didnt think I embarrassed myself to much. If im going to describe it or try to place it in a genre I try to do so as if I were selling it.

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