I’ll be honest, any time I read “North Mississippi Hill Country style” to describe a band from the Northeast my “bullshit” alarm starts going off. By now you’d think the country music coming out of Brooklyn would have broken my prejudice of the Northeast, but I guess those judgments run deep. Honestly, had the band not provided a handwritten note with their cd, that description coupled with their location might have gotten Sterno Soup relegated to the big box of shit I need to eventually listen to. It certainly would have been my loss.

The trio of Jay Schefler (vocals/harmonica), Jim Chilson (guitar) and Dave Darling (drums) are indeed stuck in Boston, but they are also indeed playing some damned fine Hill Country blues. Despite being afloat in the land of the Irish bar band, their debut EP , Sterno Soup, has managed to catch a foothold in the community/indie radio market and it’s easy to see why. Recorded live without retakes and overdubs, it catches a hold of the primal blues power that you wanna hear on a Saturday night. So, check it out and let’s hope the full-length they’re in the process of recording carries the same energy as this brief intro to the band.

Ten Foot Polecats – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Ten Foot Polecats – Dead Shrimp

Ten Foot Polecats on myspace


  1. Like most bands, their live show is what will convince me of whether they’re any good. I’ve gone to too many shows where the recordings I heard were great, but the live sound was shit. I hope this isn’t the case for these guy.

    Oh, and I’m personally offended these days by any white band calling themselves a blues band. Even Luther has said that if a white boy is playing the blues then it’s called rock’n roll. The only acception to this rule, off the top of my head, is Jason Freeman(he’s scary good). http://www.myspace.com/jasonfreemanmusic The songs on his page don’t do him any justice, when I see him play his voice and slide guitar playing haunt me for the next 24 hours like a ghost. Plus, Jim Dickinson loves him, so that must mean something.

  2. On Friday July 17 at 2pm at Deep Blues Festival you will be able to see for yourself. Saw them at Palmer’s in MN in May….wow, they are crazy and unyielding.

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