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Tell Me What It Takes…

A new Lucero track has appeared on the One Tree Hill soundtrack. Originally, I was not going to post the track at all but then the it turned out the only way to get the track was to buy the cd….hell, even iTunes wouldn’t let you buy select tracks. So, here is a low bit rate version for people to hear. There is still plenty reason to buy the disc I suppose, there is a an until now unreleased Mother Love Bone song on there that I had not heard and you can get this Lucero track with out the lossy 112 kBPS encoding you are getting here.

Lucero - Tell Me What It Takes      

Autopsy Track Review: I tend to view songs that show up on comps as exclusive as b-sides that the band did not even wanna keep to themselves for exclusives of their own on singles or imports or something like that. When you view the song in that light it is not bad. A little too much reverb and the keys are too dominate but it is still a good song. Probably did not appear on RR&SB for the reasons stated but still better than most of the stuff on the last DBT album. Lyrics (courtesy of the Lucero message board) below the cut:

Lucero – Tell Me What It Takes

Cold, cold heart of mine
just let it all die
Started again the next day
so easy and so far away
More that the trail will fade(?)

Tell me what that takes
Tell me what it takes

Cold, Cold heart of mine
just watch you cry
There wasn’t much left to say
nothing heart felt anyway
So easy to just walk away

Tell me what that takes
Tell me what it takes

Cold, cold heart of mine
just let it all die


  1. April 3, 2007    

    Is there another Mother Love Bone track on the album besides Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns? Because that was released on the Singles soundtrack 15 years ago…

  2. April 3, 2007    

    you are correct…

    color me a dummy.

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