WHO: Black Diamond Heavies, The Mojo Gurus and The Beauvilles

WHAT: Concert

WHERE: Dave’s Aqua Lounge 10820 Gandy Blvd. St. Petersburg (727) 576-1091

WHEN: Tuesday November 18, 2008

DETAILS: Showtime 9:00pm, tickets $7. Doors are at 8PM, Beauvilles 9:00-9:45PM, Black Diamond Heavies 10:15-11:00PM, Mojo Gurus 11:30-12:15PM

This is a ninebullets.net sponsored show. We’re sponsoring this show cause we believe that The Black Diamond Heavies are an unstoppable force and we just wanna get on the fame train. Here’s what I said about these cats when I saw them at The Deep Blues Festival:

I was worried that I might have over-romanticized what actually getting to see the force that is The Black Diamond Heavies was going to be like, but the truth is I sold them short. I’d heard the hype, I believed the hype…I just didn’t understand the hype. Now I’ve witnessed the hype and I am a believer. BDH get down like no others, never miss a chance to see them live. They’ll rock the panties off your granny, believe that.

Now, I get to see them perform inside a club and do a full set. Suffice it to say I am on 100% hype mode for this show. But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what the Creative Loafing said about the last show BDH played in town:

Call me a convert. Call me a sinner. Call me what you will. I have witnessed the devil’s music of the Black Diamond Heavies and am ready to testify.

This is the first public show ninebullets.net has had anything to do with. Please come out and show some support.

Black Diamond Heavies – Smooth It Out
Black Diamond Heavies – Bidin’ My Time
Black Diamond Heavies – White Bitch


  1. If you missed the show at Dave’s then you better get in somebody’s car and head north becuase that’s where they a headin. They added a couple of AC/DC tunes for the Australian tour next month. If you think they sounded great then try standing behind the keyboards as the built in amp kicks your ass and twists your brain. You’ve heard this sound and that sound before but you’ve NEVER heard them strung together and whiplashed back at ya after being ground up and spit out like a jackhammer with a groove in there somewhere. It ain’t what it was but it is not yet what it will be. Hold on tight…

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