Tampa/St. Pete….To Do….Saturday night:

They blew me away when they opened for The Roots. Then the cd showed up and the awe from the show was reinforced by stellar track after stellar track. Now you have a chance to be blow away, too. I’ll quote from The Roots review:

a social hiphop act with (1) male rapper, (1) female rapper/singer, (1) female backup vocals and (1) guy on the drum machines. They sound sort of like The Black Eyed Peas if B.E.P. was still making descent music. With politically charged lyrics heavy on social and self awareness. Notice I did not mention a DJ in their lineup? They have this guy…he has 3 drum machines and he plays them things like pianos. It is truly awe inspiring to watch live as he plays 90% of the music live.

Solilla will be playing at The Crowbar this Saturday night. Doors are at 9:00 and tickets are a mere nine dollars. Whether you like hip hop or not, if you like good shows you should come see these guys.

Hope to see some of y’all there.

Sol.illaquists of Sound – Mark It Place
Sol.illaquists of Sound – Ask Me If I Care
Sol.illaquists of Sound – Black Guy Peace

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