Tampa/St. Pete…To Do: Saturday night

Stand Back

Who: Stand Back with Nervous Turkey & Blind Buddy Moody
Where: Dave’s Aqua Lounge (10820 Gandy Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL 33702)
When: Saturday night @ 9:30
Cost: $6.00

I got Stand Back’s EP in the mail a few weeks ago and have been listening to it on a pretty regular basis since it showed up. Local to Saint Petersburg, Stand Back is Joel Tatangelo (guitar/vocals), Joey Canfield (drums) and Thomas Stevenson (bass). They play what I would call a guitar-oriented version of rocking barroom blues, music meant for dancing and drinking.Recorded in one afternoon in Pinellas Park’s Zen Studios, I was surprised to find that all 6 tracks on the EP were originals. I had heard somewhere that the band was only 6 months old, but I found the songs to be much more mature than that. When I spotted this show on their myspace page a few weeks ago, I marked it on my calendar, since I have always wanted to go to Dave’s and I really wanna see these boys live. IMO, blues riffs are the best riffs for late night drinking, so if they come off as good in person as they do on the EP, I expect to become a regular at their St. Pete shows. You can check out the mp3’s below and more tracks on their myspace site, and I’ll bet by the end you’ll be dancing in your seat.

Playing with Stand Back is a band called Nervous Turkey. Honestly, I had never heard of them until a myspace bulletin started circulating this week about one of their guitars being stolen. The material on their myspace page has left me intrigued to say the least, especially the track Too Late For Romance. They kind of remind me of Chicken Legs Weaver, but more groove oriented. Check out their myspace site and see for yourself.

Rounding out the bill is a band called Blind Buddy Moody. I have never heard of him and can’t really find anything about him on the internet, outside of a mention on a Bluegrass site, but lord knows there ain’t nothing wrong with Bluegrass.

All in all it looks like it could be a nice little night of filthy-nasty-dirty-blues and rock with a little funk thrown in for the ladies. So, to quote Stand Back, “Let’s raise a glass and shake our asses”.

I hope to see a few of y’all out.

Stand Back – King Snake Crawl
Stand Back – I Hope You Freeze

Nervous Turkey