So, you saw my review of the Radio Moscow show and felt like you missed out (you did) and you don’t want it to happen again. I understand. It’s hard to get away from VH1…shit, I’ve lost many many hours to it…..but it’s time to break the vicious cycle. This is the perfect week. We got a lot going on in the Tampa Bay area this week so stop picking your nose and get out on town. Here are the highlights, per me:

Thursday night @ New World Brewery: The Weary Boys w/local favs The Diviners opening

Here we go. The moment of truth. What will The Weary Boys sans Mario be like? I haven’t seen any bad reviews from other shows. I imagine it will be a tad awkward for the crowd at first seeing as how most of them probably don’t know Mario has left the band yet. I am maintaining a positive attitude towards the whole deal. Plus, the remaining Wearies added a banjo player and there is nothing like a banjo to amp up the energy of a good show. These guys pull a huge crowd that drinks their fill and then dances it off every time they come to town. I would advise each and every one of you to not miss The Weary Boys when they come to your neck of the woods.

You can see my review of The Weary Boy’s last cd, Jumpin’ Jolie, here.

The Weary Boys – Jambalaya
The Weary Boys – Baby Have No Fun

The Diviners – Remember the Beatnicks

Saturday night @ Tampa Theater: Kenny Wayne Shepherd w/Bryan Lee

Kenny Wayne Shepherd brings his Ten Days Out tour to the Tampa Theater. He is also bringing Bryan Lee (sings Tina Marie) with him. This show promises to be a shit ton of fun and I know the ticket price is enough to scare some people off but if you got the money to spend you should go to this show. As a taste of what this is gonna be like I am posting a few mp3’s from Bryan Lee’s cd “Live at the Absinthe Bar” where he is performing with Kenny Wayne. I defy you to listen to these and not think this show is gonna be one of the best of 2007.

You can see my review of Ten Days Out here.

Bryan Lee w/Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Going Down
Bryan Lee w/Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Look on Yonder Wall

Kenny Wayne Shepherd w/Bryan Lee – Tina Marie (from Ten Days Out)

Saturday night @ New World Brewery: The Dark Romantics

Yes Yes Yes….I know, I am posting about 2 shows on a Saturday night. Basically, the plan for the wife and I is to bust ass to New World after the KWS show in time to see Lakeland art-rockers The Dark Romantics. The last time these guys played Tampa they basically played a show for me, my wife, ninebullets site master Trevor and his wife. To say it was embarrassing would be quite the understatement. So come on Tampa. Get out and support your local talent. You can see my review of The Dark Romantic’s debut cd here.

The Dark Romantics – Baby Boy Baby Girl
The Dark Romantics – So Confused (and we like it)

This weekend and all the events listed above are Autopsy IV approved and I hope to see some of y’all out!

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