Tampa/St. Pete…this weekend…To Do:

Looking for something to do tomorrow night? The Dark Romantics are playing Transitions Art Gallery.

I did a writeup on their new cd a few weeks ago. Check it out and come support local music.

The Dark Romantics – So Confused (and we like it)
The Dark Romantics – She’s a Fire
The Dark Romantics – Baby Boy, Baby Girl

The Dark Romantics Official Site, The Dark Romantics myspace site, Buy The Dark Romantics debut cd


Monday night @ The State Theater is Clutch…..THE CLUTCH!!! I am super excited about this show. I have been practicing my rock show devil horns for weeks and i’ve already got the cock out…all that’s left is the rock out. For those out of the know: Clutch is a rock band from Maryland. Sometimes lumped into the stoner rock label I would say they are a guitar, blues riff and groove heavy rock and roll band. Plus, they have big gnarly beards. Bearded dudes playing rock music on a Monday night. Can’t beat that with a wiffle ball bat. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Watch the video for “Burning Beard”