In the hours after penning my little fuck you to the Tampa/St. Pete music fan base I got to thinking. There’s a line in the Outkast song, “Git Up, Git Out”, that says; “You need to git up, git out and git somethin / Cuz you and I got to do for you and I.” I started thinking, instead of bitching about how lazy the Bay Area music fan has become, instead of railing against the DJ culture of Tampa, instead of being a whiny bitch about it, why not try and help the people who are trying to change things in the area. And we’re going to. Just as soon as we finish this other thing…. None of this has anything to do with the Thx Mgmt show Friday night @ New World Brewery except that they’re in the same spirit…

So, on with the show.

Following my rant, Shawn Beauville from the Beauvilles emailed me to inform me of a little tour his band was taking part in. The idea was to get a collection of bands together who can pull within their own markets and put them all on the road together with the “home band” headlining their respective market. In this case, the bands are; The Beauvilles (Tampa), Thomas Wynn & The Believers (Orlando) and Shawn Fisher and the Jukebox Gypsies (Jacksonville). Joining them on the Tampa date is The Junkyard Kings. Not only is the spirit of this show something I can get behind, but the lineup has something for everyone who likes their music played live and loud right in front of them. Seems Thx Mgmt might be coming to the same conclusions as I am, cause right on the tails of this show comes The Citrus Circuit Tour featuring a whole other slew of Florida bands.  But more on that later this month.

Anyhow, come on, Tampa. Come on, St. Pete. Get out to New World on Friday night and celebrate/support your local musicians. Till then, here is a sampling of what you’ll hear:

The Junkyard Kings – Just Enough
Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies – Wandering
Thomas Wynn & The Believers – It’s Alright
The Beauvilles – Snow


  1. I think that frustration is something anyone involved in the music scene has experienced at one point or another. And, you’re totally right. . . all you can do is do your best to work with like-minded people towards a common goal, and not let the apathy of others keep you down.

  2. def appreciate the love. plan to see a whole lot more of this being routed throughout the state.

  3. more people would support local bands if said bands played more music people liked. just sayin’.

  4. Bullshit.

    That does nothing to explain the sheer volume of people that show up to shows that they clearly are not interested in (you know the talky bastards in the back) just because it’s a “cool” band.

    Nor does it explain the phenomenon of having a great band (DTR for example) play your town repeatedly and get little to no love despite your best efforts, and then suddenly when they open for someone “cool” (Joey Cape for example) all the dicks you’ve tried to drag out to shows before say how great they were and now want to see the next show they play.

    Local scenes, from the local bands to the ‘zines to the venues themselves, can be one of those things that people take for granted right up until they disappear. And then suddenly the very people who never made it out to shows are sad that it isn’t an option anymore.

    If it was simply a matter of “give ’em what they want” then you’d see local scenes comprised solely of cover bands and tribute bands. This does not happen except for in tourist traps.

    Bitching about ones disappointment with the local scene gets other true believers fired up and hopefully leads to people pushing harder to keep a good thing going. Laying the blame at the bands feet for not playing what people like is shorsighted.

    Just sayin’

  5. I’ve never seen Shawn Fisher or the Junkyard Kings but am looking forward to their sets. I always try to catch Thomas Wynn when they are in Tampa, those folks can rock! The Beauvilles are always entertaining as well.

    I guess when you grow up with your father and his friends in local bands and are raised next to the sound boards at different local bars it makes you appreciate local acts more. Tampa, St. Pete, Bradenton, and Orlando have a TON of GREAT local acts that put on amazing shows every weekend. 3 cd’s that are in constant rotation right now are Matt Butcher, Thomas Wynn, and Will Quinlan. I was at all 3 cd release parties. I love to support local acts that are worth a damn.

  6. Smokey: Something tells me you went to one show at New World, spent the evening drinking beer and talking to your friends & when nothing really caught your attention you concluded that local music sucks.

    Whiskey: Drop the mic and walk away. You won.

    Catie: I agree. Right now this area is so rich with talent it’s ridiculous.

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