Tampa/St. Pete, This Weekend: Those Legendary ShackShakers

Who: Legendary ShackShakers
Where: Orpheum
When: Sunday, November 18

Damn it man. This show is exactly what the doctor ordered for your ol’ Autopsy IV. I work in the engineering field and over the past two weeks I have been under the gun and haven’t even had time for lunch or dinner much less blogging. Hence the sporatic posting around here. Well, the wave finally broke yesterday, life has calmed down and I am in the mood to blow off some steam. So, put on your special underwear, bring your drinkers stomach and let’s have a little fun. Because:

Those Legendary Shack*Shakers are coming to town! Snot rockets will be launched, pubes will be thrown, beers will be drank and howdy’s will get doodied. You may hate the music but you’ll love the show and I guarantee it. Jello Biafra called the good Colonel J.D. Wilkes “the last great rock and roll front man” and I ain’t yet to see someone prove him wrong. It’s Iggy Pop fronting Southern Culture on the Skids….the southern gothic, rock and roll version of the Sex Pistols but with more talent…

From my review of their last show here in town:

Look, have you ever tried to tell someone a really funny story and when you were finished they just looked at you, so you drop the “you had to be there” gimmick? That’s what trying to explain a Shackshaker show is like. You should have been there. An LSS show is part rock show, part circus side show and part tent revival and, for those lucky enough to witness them, they are never forgotten. This show was no different.

Next time, be there.

This is next time…Three tracks from their new cd Swampblood:

The Legendary Shack Shakers – Old Spur Line
The Legendary Shack Shakers – Swampblood
The Legendary Shack Shakers – Hellwater