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Well, I am about to leave work to pick up our new dog, Oscar. As anyone whos has ever had one can attest…puppies are a royal pain in the ass and require constant supervision. So, I’ve decided to take next week off from ninebullets so we can all get used to one another without me trying to find time to work on pieces for the site. I’ve lined up some guest posters for the week and I’ll see y’all on the 22nd.

Wish me luck.

Take it easy,
Autopsy IV


  1. December 12, 2008    

    Good luck with the puppy. It’s a stressful time but well worth it once you get through those first couple months. My puppy turns 1 on Xmas day and she is 65 pounds of “fun” ya right!

  2. Lerjoy Lerjoy
    December 14, 2008    

    More pictures of the pup, please!!!!!

  3. Cap Cap
    December 14, 2008    

    he looks stoic.

  4. December 15, 2008    

    More pictures of the pup, please!!!!!

  5. StpeteAustin StpeteAustin
    December 17, 2008    

    That is a good looking pup you got there. It was good to run into you the other night. Keep up the great site and I will see you around.

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