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Below is the playlist for November 17, 2011.

01. Glossary – Little Caney
02. Merle Haggard – Working Man’s Blues
03. Drive-By Truckers – Outfit
04. Chris Knight – Enough Rope
05. Doop & The Inside Outlaws – What Am I Supposed To Do
06. Hellbound Glory – Bastard Child
07. Chuck Ragan – Nomad By Fate
08. Two Cow Garage – Alphabet City
09. Whitehorse – Emerald Isle
10. Sassparilla – Same Old Blues
11. Kingsley Blues – Mannequin Man
12. Have Gun Will Travel – Dream No More
13. The Decemberists – E. Watson
14. Jo Wymer – Dirty Secrets
15. Dan Bern – Wasteland

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Episode 46: aired 11.17.2011


Whitehorse is the duo of Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. They each have hot-shot solo careers adorned with Polaris Prizes. Doucet also fronted the Vancouver rock band Veal. Whitehorse is like the mud-covered twins that live across the street from She & Him and they seem to always be drinking soda and eating Push Pops and She & Him’s mom is always like, “Tssk tssk, poor kids, so unhealthy.

The album is only eight songs long, and two of those are a prelude and a coda, so I’ll let the three songs sampled below do most of the talking as to what the album is like as a whole. In addition to those three songs, Whitehorse features an adaptation of Doucet’s “Broken” from his second solo album, and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire,” which sounds fucking fantastic as a gal-guy duet. They take Bruce’s little nightmare and run it to a flirty trot. You can hear “I’m On Fire” on their website.

Whitehorse grows better than it plants, it takes a couple listens to recognize what sticks out (the guitar, the fucking guitar). Doucet’s hooks are broad-backed, dug-in, able to carry the song. McClelland’s voice does mean work in lead and harmony. Together, and with this guy Barry Mirochnick keeping mad beats, they cover a lot of ground on these few tracks. It’s a formidable collection of songs–like their Hey Buddies. Their solo stuff is Essential (especially Doucet’s Blood’s Too Rich), but Whitehorse, because it’s short on new material, is Formidable.

Whitehorse – Killing Time Is Murder
Whitehorse – Emerald Isle
Whitehorse – Passenger 24

Whitehorse’s Official Site, Whitehorse on Spotify, Buy Whitehorse