The title We Kill Computers sums up this band in more ways than you know. Ninebullets has been big supporters of these two girls ever since catching them at Deep Blues Fest (pour out a little liquor…RIP DBF) back in 2k8 and we’ve never been shy about addressing the elephant in the room, so this time I’ll just quote from a past piece I wrote about them:

“[They] vocally and musically sound like The White Stripes…this is their albatross. There is no avoiding it…They’re like the White Stripes minus all the Jack White self-indulgent pretentious bullshit and genre bending, with pure blues-rock added to fill the void. Less commercial, more powerful.”

While We Kill Computers backs off that sound just a little (very little), that pure power chord garage rock is even more amplified this time around. If pressed to give them a genre label, I’d call them Garage Rock Proper. While We Kill Computers isn’t gonna break any new ground it is, IMO, a great album that deserves your attention, and if they ever some to your town do yourself a favor and go see them! Live is where it all comes together and makes believers out of people….myself included.

The Pack A.D. – Crazy
The Pack A.D. – K Stomp
The Pack A.D. – Cobra Matte

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