Alright, I’m new here so let me introduce myself. My name is Andy Brey and I have a hobby. I like to record live music. Call me a taper, if you will. So, Mr. AIV and I hatched a crazy idea. We are going to embark on a collaborative effort here wherein I occasionally will “guest-post” some live music from around the Tampa Bay area. One caveat before we get started: with a live recording there will be a few gremlins here and there, so I make absolutely no claims with respect to perfection. After all, I am an amateur and also like to drink beer when I go to shows.

Have Gun, Will Travel
June 27, 2009 – Saturday
New World Brewery, Ybor City, Florida
Citrus Circuit Tour

Source: Peluso CEMC6 (stereo pair, x/y, cardiod caps) > H4

The Citrus Circuit tour rolled into town on this fine, hot Saturday night in Ybor. The other bands that played that night included Truckstop Coffee, The Takers and Lauris Vidal. I pulled a few songs from the HGWT set because I think this is a good representation of what they sound like live. Additionally, Mark at the New World does a great job with the sound. I recorded the show with a pair of Peluso CEMC6 cardiod capsules put up at the back of the room. For the posting here, I’ve converted to MP3 from hi-fidelity wavform files (this is just to save on bandwidth). There’s more to this set, but here are a few songs played from the Postcards album prior to its release and two classics.

1. Tuning/Banter
2. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
3. Sons and Daughters
4. When We Were Kings
5. Salad Days
6. Come All Ye Sinners

I’ve got lots of other recordings that I hope to put up here to share with everyone. Maybe some Will Quinlan, Thomas Wynn or Lauris Vidal will be next. Let me know in the comments what you think. As always, please go out and support live, local music.