What not to buy: Hank III – Ghost To A Ghost
Why?: You put more effort into forming that question than he did in the entire cd.
Okay, that’s pretty bad but seriously; why?: No, seriously. Ghost To A Ghost is, in a word, lazy. In another word, bad. In a stream of words: It’s disrespectful to our little underground scene that this album was released in any form that requires money for you to hear it.

I was going to launch into a huge rant about Ghost To A Ghost after hearing it for the first time. I was, honestly, angry that Hank would give us this pile. After all the talk, all the speculation of him holding songs for the post Curb era what do we get right out of the box? More of the same. More runnin’ and druggin’ and outlawin’ cliche. More juvenile lyrics. More laziness and I was ready to rail against it with all the bile and typographical acridity I could muster. Then, I thought, what’s the point? I’d put more effort into said rant than Hank did in the album I was railing against. Furthermore, at this point, I feel like I’d just be pissed cause I want something from III that he’s just not capable of giving me. Another Straight To Hell. Another great country album. At this point, I am resigned to just accepting that, as Hanks’s greater body of work suggests, Straight To Hell was just a flash in the pan. And it’s a damned shame.

It’s one thing to make a bad album. Hell, it happens every day. It’s quite another to not even try. To just push something out cause you have it. Don’t buy Ghost To Ghost. Hell, don’t even download it.

I know some people are gonna say, “Hey, he’s releasing 4 albums back to back. The others are better.” To which I say, “Well it should have only been 3 cause Ghost To A Ghost is complete crap.”

Hank III – Cunt Of A Bitch

Hate away in the comments, I don’t care cause deep down inside, you know I’m right.


What not to buy: Black Magik: the Best of Shooter Jennings and the .357’s
Why?: Because it’s as bad an idea as marrying Octopussy would be…
Okay, that’s pretty bad but seriously; why?: Okay, I am gonna go “old new school” SNL circa Fallon/Poehler here and we’ll play a game they called “Really?”

Really, Shooter, Really?….3 studio albums and you’re ready for a greatest hits album, Shooter? Really?
Have you really even had a hit yet Shooter……Really?
And take my advice, Shooter. When that stupid “Manifesto” song, “Busted in Baylor” and a subpar cover are in the running to be on your “greatest hits” tracklisting…you’re not ready for a greatest hits collection.


Look, I get it. Cash grab. I’m not an avid follower of Shooter but dude is obviously assimilating well into the mainstream country way of doing things and I can only guess that the Taylor Swift duet is already in the works. Some of Shooter’s best tracks **coughcoughHairoftheDogcoughcough* aren’t even included on this, his “greatest hits”, so I decided I would include them here, we’ll call it the Shooter’s Pretty Good Songs EP…and until Shooter writes a good song without Leroy Powell in his band I’ll consider him a fraud getting by on his Daddy’s name alone. Sort of like Dale Jr.

Shooter Jennings – Hair of the Dog
Shooter Jennings – Electric Rodeo
Shooter Jennings – Little White Lines

Shooter Jenning’s Official Site, Shooter Jennings on myspace


What not to buy: Big & Rich’s Super Galactic Fan Pak, Vol. 2
Why? Nothing says pile of fucking shit quite like, mixing traditional country sounds with hip hop, rock, and the occasional Native American yell.”
Okay, that’s pretty bad but seriously; why? *sigh* Because the fact that you come around here shows you have some decorum of taste?
I mean, I suppose Big & Rich could be your guilty pleasure…we all have those acts we like but don’t know why and try to keep it on the d/l bur seriously…it’s 2008, if it’s a guilty pleasure download it and refrain from rewarding hacks for pumping out lowest common denominator shit.

And if you wanna little band in your ying yang
If you wanna little zing in your zang zang
If you wanna little ting in your tang tang
Come along, come along, come along, come along

Yeah, “country” radio plays that with a straight face.

Big & Rich – Comin’ To Your City

I think I like these “What Not To Buy” pieces. I might make it a reoccurring piece here on ninebullets. What do y’all think?