[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 08.02.2014 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

Brand new Benjamin Booker, Gaslight Anthem, Justin Townes Earle and a Johnny Cash song you’ve likely never heard. Need I type more? Put your ears on the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for August 02, 2014 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Violent Femmes – Country Death Song (Hallowed Ground)
02. Johnny Cash – Down the Line (Unearthed Box Set)
03. Matt Woods – Real Hard Times (With Love From Brushy Mountain)
04. Dos Ringos – Long Time (Dos Ringos)
05. Adia Victoria – Stuck in the South (Stuck In The South)
06. Justin Payne – Gettin’ By (No Place Lower Than High)
07. Hellbound Glory – Why Take The Pain (Old Highs and New Lows)
08. American Aquarium – Casualties (Burn.Flicker.Die.)
09. First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (Stay Gold)
10. Caleb Caudle – Countdown (Paint Another Layer On My Heart)
11. The Gaslight Anthem – Stay Vicious (Get Hurt)
12. Root Jack – 30 Days (In The Pines)
13. The Great Unknowns – Homefront (Homefront)
14. Benjamin Booker – Wicked Waters (Benjamin Booker)
15. Shovels & Rope – Evil (Swimmin’ Time)
16. Willie Nelson – The Git Go (feat. Jamey Johnson) (Band Of Brothers)
17. Justin Townes Earle – Time Shows Fools (Single Mothers)
18. Kierston White – Alcohol
19. Have Gun Will Travel – Asa Dalton (Postcards From The Friendly City)
20. Travis LaBrel – Stage Lights (Gas, Food and Bed)
21. The Takers – Friends In Bottles (Taker Easy)
22. Lucero – Texas & Tennessee (Live From Atlanta)
23. Edward David Anderson – Son of a Plumber (Lies & Wishes)
24. Joe Pug – Speak Plainly Diana (Messenger)
25. Nikki Lane – Wild One (All Or Nothin’)
26. Uncle Tupelo – Whiskey Bottle (No Depression)
27. Bill Eberle – Memphis (Bill Eberle)
28. Parker Millsap – Old Time Religion (Parker Millsap)
29. Andrew Combs – Month Of Bad Habits
30. Michael Claytor – My Trepasses (My Trespasses)

Bold = Request

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Episode 187: aired 08.02.2014


Damnit. This podcast was supposed to be posted the last weekend of April but when I made the podcast apparently my microphone was messing up, so I had to go back and rerecord all the parts where I was talking. As a result, it’s a little late but the music in this episode makes it worth the wait.

This month’s podcast opens with what is, in my opinion, song of the year so far, “Highway 42” by Grayson Capps, and just keeps crushing from there on out. It features Matt Woods, The Only Sons, Have Gun Will Travel and Two Cow Garage, all of whom are playing my birthday party tonight. It also features brand new music from plenty of bands you know, as well as a few you might not.

I’ll leave y’all to the music after a quick request. If you like what you’re hearing on these podcasts, tell you friends about it. Post about it on your Facebook wall. Tweet about it. These bands are all pretty small so every new ear their music find counts, and you can directly assist them in that effort by telling people about this podcast and others like it. So, your challenge for the month of May, should you accept it, is to tell 5 people you think would appreciate this music about a podcast or website. I’d love if it was the 9B Podcast or ninebullets.net, but it doesn’t have to be.


  1. Grayson Capps – Highway 42 [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.03.48]
  3. Matt Woods – Days Of Walking [00.04.47]
  4. Old Man Markley – Lowdown Blues [00.07.45]
  5. The Urbane Cowboys – Here We Go Again [00.11.43]
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.15.15]
  7. Have Gun Will Travel – Kerosene & Candlelight [00.17.03]
  8. Fifth On The Floor – Distant Memory Lane [00.21.13]
  9. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.25.28]
  10. Two Cow Garage – Swingset Assassin [00.26.40]
  11. Austin Lucas – Sleep Well [00.29.33]
  12. Autopsy Iv Commentary [00.33.55]
  13. The Only Sons – Put Up A Fight [00.36.48]
  14. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Prove Me Wrong [00.39.12]
  15. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.40.57]
  16. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Poison Milk [00.42.46]
  17. Arliss Nancy – Abacus [00.46.18]
  18. Jon Snodgrass – Old Sad Songs [00.50.16]
  19. Violent Femmes – American Music [00.52.37]
  20. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.56.24]
  21. Frank Turner – Peggy Sang The Blues [00.58.21]

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So, I’ve decided to do this facebook 30 Day Song Challenge (you can see previous days here)thing and I figured I’d do it here on ninebullets. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section. So, without further ado:


This one is easy. When I turned 16 I was unleashed upon the world with a 1800 pound torpedo (car) and a license to man it. Well, as 16 year olds are prone to do, I drove it at high speeds while listening to music at high volumes. And, as 16 year olds are also prone to do, one night, whilst driving at a very high rate of speed and listening to music at high volumes, I attempted to occupy a space that was already occupied by another car.

The collision itself has been saved in my memory in as a collection of snapshots rather than a moving memory. Car, brakes, collision, other car’s rear wheels up on the hood of my car, broken brake lights, bloody hand, smoke from skidding tires and then stillness. I was in a complete daze and confused having never been in a car accident but I clearly remember that when I went back to get the keys out of the car the tape player was dutifully playing this song at very high volume. Now, whenever I hear the song I think back to that night and remember how amazed I was that the tape player was still playing like nothing had even happened.

The Violent Femmes – Add It Up

What song reminds you of a certain event?


Summer Blinked. For portions of the world, mid 80’s in the day and upper 60’s at night would be summer, but for a Floridian this is open the windows and wave farewell to the hellbeast that is a tropical summer.

For me, with fall comes an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. I’m not really sure what exactly it is about the break in the oppressive heat that makes me run for the music of my youth, but without fail, the first hint of fall finds me scurrying for Violent Femmes, The Smithereens, Thrill Kill Kult and Concrete Blonde albums to blast as I drive down the interstate with with windows down.

Anyhow, my good buddies that I’ve never met, Concrete Blonde, made this trip down nostalgia road even more awesome with the 20th Anniversary re-release of Bloodletting. First….HOLY SHIT! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE BLOODLETTING IS 20 FUCKING YEARS OLD? Fucking hell, me neither, but at least that explains all the knee pains I have when I bend down.

Twenty years or not, driving across the bridge in the upper 60’s with the windows down and “Days and Days” at full volume makes me want a cigarette and a notepad to rail against society in, but then I guess the kids use Livejournal for that these days.

I you’re a Concrete Blonde fan, I’d advise picking up the 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (wtf?) remastered release of Bloodletting (buy here), ‘cause “Tomorrow, Wendy” is even clearer, crisper, more angry. Perfect for chilly mornings.

Concrete Blonde – Tomorrow, Wendy
Concrete Blonde – Days and Days
Concrete Blonde – I Don’t Need A Hero

The Smithereens – Blues Before and After
The Smithereens – A Girl Like You

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler Than Jesus
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Sex On Wheelz

Violent Femmes – Good Feeling
Violent Femmes – American Music

What do you reach for when you’re chasing a nostalgia high?


Today’s Top 5 wouldn’t have happened at all had it not been for the bad asses I converse with on Twitter. When the idea was pitched I didn’t think I’d be very good at it (I don’t normally buy soundtracks) but it turned out to be pretty easy for me. So, today’s Top 5 is Movie Soundtracks and here are mine:

Pump Up The Volume: This movie was my version of everyone’s Breakfast Club and it was my first exposure to the greatness that is Leonard Cohen. As I side note, I had quite the crush on Samantha Morris for a few years after seeing this movie.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (played in the movie)
Concrete Blonde – Everybody Knows (actual song on the soundtrack)

Singles: In hindsight, the movie doesn’t carry much Lose Weight Exercise but at 19 this movie spoke to me man. The soundtrack was a virtual who’s-who of the Seattle music scene (sans Nirvana) and I think everyone I knew owned a copy.

Alice In Chain – Would?

The Crow: This movie came in with tons of momentum and went with a wimper. That is, unless, you moved within the Goth scene. Cause then, you could see loseWeight Exercisers wearing Crow makeup to the club some 10 years after the movie. That said, the soundtrack was the tits.

Violent Femmes – Color Me Once
Thrill Kill Kult – After The Flesh

Judgment Night: Truth? I’ve never seen this movie but I’ve owned the soundtrack as long as it’s existed. If that doesn’t speak to the quality of the soundtrack then I don’t know what will. When is was coming out our local “metal” station kept playing tracks from it and the mix between metal and aggressive hiphop had me sold from day one.

Slayer & Ice-T – Disorder

O’ Brother, Where Are Thou?: Certified 7 times platinum, Grammy award winner and a constant member of print and web “Best Country Album Ever” lists. To say this soundtrack was a beast is a complete understatement. It, ever so briefly, singlehandedly made the general population pay attention to mountain music again

Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Okay…..What Are Yours?


Well, well, well, here it is. The first themed podcast and we decided to do the dual (collab, if you will) themes of Murder Ballads and Beer. The murder ballads came from y’all’s emails and my admittedly shit memory, while the beer came from Rogue Brewery courtesy our Portland friend Lollyrae. I hope I did okay, but I have to admit I am lacking a little confidence on this one. I think the main problem is that I wasn’t too sure how I was gonna do it before I started it, then I realized midway through that I needed to cut it off due to file size and my podcast host. That said, a couple more of these and I think I could have it down to an art…not that it matters. This bad boy is done, so let’s talk about it.

As I said, this month’s podcast features murder ballads and devil songs. I had asked for people to email me their suggestions and got enough songs that I could have done a two hour show, and that’s before I put in the songs I wanted to include. THEN, to add more time, I had all that wonderful (and some not so wonderful) beer to talk about! I’m really curious to know if y’all think it turned out very good. If I didn’t include your song, it’s probably not because I didn’t like it, I just ran out of time. Hopefully, next month we’re gonna be doing another one of these featuring Florida bands and Florida craft beers.

Y’all have a happy Halloween and check back here tomorrow for a Strawfoot giveaway. Til’ then, here is the tracklisting for this month’s show, please tell your friends and Facebook/Twitter followers about it. I’ll greatly appreciate it.

~ Autopsy IV (twitter/facebook/myspace)

October 2009 Tracklisting:

  1. Bone Thugs & Harmony – Neighborhood Slang [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.01.29]
  3. Violent Femmes – Country Death Song [00.03.38]
  4. Gillian Welch – Caleb Meyer [00.08.35]
  5. Bob Frank & John Murray – Bubba Rose, 1961 [00.11.32]
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.14.39]
  7. The Eagles – Take The Devil [00.16.39]
  8. Jay Farrar – Devil In Disguise [00.20.26]
  9. Joan Osborne – Man In The Long Black Coat [00.24.02]
  10. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.28.52]
  11. Have Gun Will Travel – That Ol’ Death Rattle [00.30.24]
  12. Old Crow Medicine Show – My Good Gal [00.33.20]
  13. Okkervil River – Westfall [00.37.36]
  14. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.43.26]
  15. Scott H. Biram – I See The Light/What’s His Name [00.45.08]
  16. Strawfoot – Cursed Neck [00.52.15]
  17. Uncle Sinner – Shady Grove [00.56.39]
  18. Those Poor Bastards – A Bone To Pick [00.58.25]
  19. Sons of Perdition – Psalm of Retribution [00.59.33]
  20. Autopsy IV Commentary [01.03.38]
  21. Hank III – Cocaine Blues [01.05.09]
  22. Amy Lavere – Killing Him [01.08.57]
  23. Tim Barry – Dog Bumped [01.11.57]
  24. Autopsy IV Commentary [01.16.08]
  25. Chris Knight – Down The River [01.08.20]

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(ex-Violent Femmes singer) GORDON GANO AND THE RYANS – UNDER THE SUN

When I was a teenager the Violent Femmes had me wrapped around their proverbial finger. There were times that I thought they were the only people in the world who “got me”. They understood how complicated and complex life as a teenager was, they had all the answers and their lyrics were not only answers, but inspirations. As I’ve aged I’ve often (and quite seriously) said that if I were to ever have a child I’d give them the entire Violent Femmes discography on their 15th birthday. So, when Craig over at songs:illinois posted that Gordon Gano had a new solo album coming out I was rather excited.

Now, having listened to Gordon’s new project for a month or so I can say that it doesn’t really have the charm of the Femmes, but it certainly possesses a maturity that was generally missing from Gordon’s past. It probably wouldn’t be a part of my mythical 15 year old’s birthday collection, but I would recommend it to anyone who, like me, grew up with the Femmes.

Gordon Gano and The Ryans – Here As A Guest
Gordon Gano and The Ryans – Hired Gun
Gordon Gano and The Ryans – Oholah Oholibah

Gordon Gano and The Ryans Official Site, Gordon Gano and The Ryans on myspace, Buy Under The Sun


As much as the Violent Femmes spoke to me as an angst/hormone riddled teenager, August And Everything After spoke to me as a 20 year old manchild struggling to find my way in an adult’s world. Over the years The Counting Crows and I have grown & matured together, and as a result I’ve never been ashamed to admit that I am indeed a Counting Crows fan. That said, until Monday night I’d never seen the band live, so when Creative Loafing started looking for someone to cover the show I jumped at the opportunity.

The warnings were sent out weeks in advance, this show was structured differently and you needed to be in your seat by 7:00, else you’d be missing the show. My brother and I complied by getting there at 6:15 and pounding 6 dollar whiskey drinks until the loud speakers said we had 5 minutes till show time.

The curtains rose and we were greeted with 18 musicians all playing on a single stage. The structure of the show featured The Counting Crows, Michael Franti & Spearhead and Augustana all playing on stage together, with musicians flowing on and off stage all night. This made the show 3 1/2 hours of nonstop music, with each band getting miniature sets alone and also connected via multiband collaborations…almost a live mix from band to band to band, if you will. The flow really kept me engaged while still allowing for times to go grab a fresh whiskey drink where you knew you weren’t gonna miss what you came to see (me = crows, my brother = franti).

The Crows ran through a collection of the songs you expected to hear and some you didn’t. Being a subscriber to the Jimi Hendrix theory of “if you wanted to hear the album you should have stayed home and listened to it”, I appreciated the fact that each song was given its own treatment live instead of just playing it the way you’re used to hearing it on cd and the radio. Conspicuously missing from the Crows’ setlist was “Mr. Jones” and “Perfect Blue Buildings”. While I was surprised at the absence of “Mr. Jones” I could understand and respect why they omitted it from the show, but I was admittedly disappointed in not getting to hear “Perfect Blue Buildings” in a live setting.

Michael Franti & Spearhead’s contribution to the night was largely based in a hiphop infused reggae sound that, while engaging enough, isn’t really my thing and I largely used their mini-sets for my whiskey breaks.

Augustana was the great unknown for myself and it was difficult to get a gauge on their music based on what little solo time they got during the show, but their performances while on stage with Franti and the Crows did impress me enough that did download two of their albums today (yes, i admit it…god killed two kittens today because of me).

As Andy (my brother) and I left Ruth Eckerd with a tipsy heads and muffled ears we both agreed that The Traveling Circus and Medicine Show was, in a word (or so), A Fucking Awesome Show and I doubt I’ll be missing the next Counting Crows tour.

Unless it comes to that p.o.s. amphitheater.

You can see more pictures courtesy of Traci May here.

Augustana – 20 Years
Michael Franti & Spearhead – Hello Bonjour
Counting Crows – A Long December

Augustana & The Counting Crows – Just Like A Woman (Live From Ruth Eckerd Hall)