[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 10.19.2013 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

Probably one of my favorite shows I’ve done this year. So, try and find 2 hours for a listen to the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for October 19, 2013 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. James Keyes – Darkness Come Creeping (The Middle)
02. The Gourds – Gin and Juice (Shinebox)
03. The Whiskey Gentry – Colly Davis (Holly Grove)
04. The Urbane Cowboys – 30 days (Only Truth Tonight)
05. Possessed By Paul James – Sweet But Bitter Life (There Will Be Nights When I Am Lonely)
06. The Wells – I Had a Dream, Jesse
07. Have Gun Will Travel – Take Me Home, Alice (Fiction, Fact or Folktale?)
08. Todd Farrell – Pawnshops
09. Truckstop Darlin’ – Sad Sweet Songs (Hope and The Heart It Breaks)
10. American Aquarium – Saturday Nights (Burn.Flicker.Die)
11. Big Shoals – 12 Steps
12. The Bean Pickers – warrior (Potlatch)
13. Brett Detar – Too Free To Live (single)
14. Drag The River – The Other Side of OK (Drag The River)
15. Arliss Nancy – Vonnegut (Wild American Runners)
16. Lucero – The Other Side of Lonesome (Texas & Tennessee)
17. Dan Bern – Wasteland (Dan Bern)
18. Lissie – Mountaintop Removal (Back To Forever)
19. The Gaslight Anthem – Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (The ’59 Sound)
20. Becky Warren – Off My Back (The Iraq War EP)
21. Drive-By Truckers – Women Without Whiskey (Southern Rock Opera)
22. Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks – Apology With Every Song (12 Rounds)
23. Matt Woods – Deadman’s Blues
24. Jason Isbell – Elephant (Southeastern)
25. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby (Sweet Saint Me)
26. Left Lane Cruiser – Paralyze Ya (Rock Them Back To Hell)
27. R.E.M. – Orange Crush (Green)

Bold = Request

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Episode 146: aired 10.19.2013


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Below is the playlist for September 08, 2011.

01. Shooter Jennings – Outlaw You
02. Lenny & The Piss Poor Boys – Leaving In The Morning
03. Rosendale – Lord, Please Keep Me In The South
04. Chuck Ragan – Nomad By Fate
05. Glossary – The Flood
06. Brett Detar – Coasts
07. Possessed By Paul James – Shoulda’ Known Better
08. Backyard Tire Fire – Time To Go
09. The Horrible Crowes – Mary Ann
10. Lydia Loveless – Bad Way
11. Lauderdale – Torn At The Seams
12. American Anodyne – Wheels
13. Scorpios – Moonshiner
14. Frank Turner – Glory Hallelujah
15. The Urbane Cowboys – When It Rains

Bold = Request

P.S.: If you like this show, do me a favor and post about it on your Facebook/Twitter/Blog. It’ll do a lot to help these bands reach new ears…and in the end, that’s what this is all about. It’ll also help bring the existence of the radio show to more people’s attention & the more people there are listening/paying attention to the show the more likely it is to stay on the air.


Damnit. This podcast was supposed to be posted the last weekend of April but when I made the podcast apparently my microphone was messing up, so I had to go back and rerecord all the parts where I was talking. As a result, it’s a little late but the music in this episode makes it worth the wait.

This month’s podcast opens with what is, in my opinion, song of the year so far, “Highway 42” by Grayson Capps, and just keeps crushing from there on out. It features Matt Woods, The Only Sons, Have Gun Will Travel and Two Cow Garage, all of whom are playing my birthday party tonight. It also features brand new music from plenty of bands you know, as well as a few you might not.

I’ll leave y’all to the music after a quick request. If you like what you’re hearing on these podcasts, tell you friends about it. Post about it on your Facebook wall. Tweet about it. These bands are all pretty small so every new ear their music find counts, and you can directly assist them in that effort by telling people about this podcast and others like it. So, your challenge for the month of May, should you accept it, is to tell 5 people you think would appreciate this music about a podcast or website. I’d love if it was the 9B Podcast or ninebullets.net, but it doesn’t have to be.


  1. Grayson Capps – Highway 42 [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.03.48]
  3. Matt Woods – Days Of Walking [00.04.47]
  4. Old Man Markley – Lowdown Blues [00.07.45]
  5. The Urbane Cowboys – Here We Go Again [00.11.43]
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.15.15]
  7. Have Gun Will Travel – Kerosene & Candlelight [00.17.03]
  8. Fifth On The Floor – Distant Memory Lane [00.21.13]
  9. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.25.28]
  10. Two Cow Garage – Swingset Assassin [00.26.40]
  11. Austin Lucas – Sleep Well [00.29.33]
  12. Autopsy Iv Commentary [00.33.55]
  13. The Only Sons – Put Up A Fight [00.36.48]
  14. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Prove Me Wrong [00.39.12]
  15. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.40.57]
  16. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Poison Milk [00.42.46]
  17. Arliss Nancy – Abacus [00.46.18]
  18. Jon Snodgrass – Old Sad Songs [00.50.16]
  19. Violent Femmes – American Music [00.52.37]
  20. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.56.24]
  21. Frank Turner – Peggy Sang The Blues [00.58.21]

Hey everyone, just a reminder that if you enjoy these podcasts, we do a weekly radio show on Thursday nights here in Tampa/St. Pete on 88.5. WMNF. The show is on from 10pm – 11pm and can be heard live via the internet via wmnf.org. And should you miss the show, no worries! It’s available all week via the archives.

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All three of these bands are near and dear to 9b’s collective heart, so to have them all on the same bill is a pretty damned fine thing. Autopsy is the one who first convinced me that I could not miss an LSS show, and after seeing my first a couple years back, I couldn’t do anything but agree with him. Have Gun Will Travel have an incredibly fun chemistry to their sound that not only translates seamlessly to digital media in a way not many other bands can match, but is even more dynamic when you see them in person. Then you add The Urbane Cowboys, who are not only a phenomenal local band that doesn’t play live near enough for my taste, but they do some of the coolest covers out there. This was a show not to be missed.

The Urbane Cowboys started the night and got things rolling with some of their original songs, as well as my favorite cover of theirs, a dreamy, twangy, perfect version of The Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation”. Kamran said that it happened as an accident when he was playing with a chord progression and another band member picked up on it. It’s pretty amazing and if you happened to miss it, you can hear it on their album, Only Truth Tonight. I, however, suggest you try to hear it live.

Bradentucky boys Have Gun, Will Travel took to the stage next. We just saw them last week when they played Creative Loafing’s “Loafies” party to celebrate The Best of The Bay Awards. While there, they also picked up an award for Best Bay Area Breakout, which they richly deserve, and they proved that to us one again with their performance this night. Along with songs from the much lauded Postcards from the Friendly City, we also got to hear a new song, “The Living Dead Blues”, a tune about zombies.

Lastly, just as the place had finally started to fill in a bit and people were setting their drunk on cruise control, The Legendary Shack Shakers were up. Now I have to admit, I don’t own any of their stuff and this show made me wonder why. It also then immediately reminded me why- if I tried to drive while playing their stuff I would probably get a ticket for going 95 in a 45 and running a school bus full of orphans off a bridge. LSS do not fuck around. They put on one hell of an entertaining, high energy, hilarious show, and Frontman Col. J. D. Wilkes is one of the best performers I have ever seen live, gyrating, distorting his face, interacting with the audience. Basically, he’s more ringleader than band leader.

Another thing about an LSS show is the crowd. Most of them knew every word as clearly as they knew the risk they faced being in the pit, the risk of being hit with a snot rocket or a pube, courtesy of the Colonel. However, you also may get a microphone in front of your face so you can sing along, or a hand out to shake yours, so for many it’s worth the risk. The crowd pretty much got going right away, but during “Creek Cats” the thrashing went into full effect. In fact, there were so many bodies flying in and out of the pit as the show went on that the staff started removing tables from around the outside of the floor as beer bottles kept getting knocked down. I think this pretty much sums up the show, and if you didn’t make it out, you did a disservice to yourself that hopefully you will be lucky enough to rectify if they come around here again.

To see some of the madness, check out the pix at www.drunkcameraguy.com


I said this on both Twitter and Facebook and I think it’s worth repeating here; I’d pretty much figured The Urbane Cowboys had called it quits, and yet here they are. Simply having them on a bill with Have Gun Will Travel makes this show worth its door charge (10 dollars I think), but then you add the utterly ridiculous cherry on top in the form of The Legendary ShackShakers. Those who know, know. Those who don’t…well, what the fuck is wrong with you? Get your ass to The Crowbar and see what Jello Biafra called rock and roll’s best frontman, Col. J.D. Wilkes. Snot rockets will be launched, pubes will be thrown, beers will be drank and howdies will get doodied. You may hate the music but you’ll love the show, I guarantee it. It’s Iggy Pop fronting Southern Culture on the Skids. The Southern gothic, rock and roll version of the Sex Pistols, but more entertaining and with more talent.

See you at the show!

The Urbane Cowboys – 30 Days
Have Gun Will Travel – Blessing and A Curse
The Legendary ShackShakers – Hobos Are My Heroes

The Urbane Cowboys…only the truth tonight

Saturday night, Tampa’s Urbane Cowboys will be celebrating the release of their new cd “…only the truth tonight” with as many of their closest friends that they can pack into Skipper’s Smokehouse. Claiming influence from Hank Sr. to Social D and including the one I can *really* hear, Whiskeytown, the Urbane Cowboys pump out a pop infused brand of alt.country/y’allternative/cow punk/what ever the cool kids are calling it these days. Only the Truth tonight moves effortlessly from the rock and roll riffs of Here We Go Again to the pedal-steel infused country melodies of 30 Days and through the shit-kicking instrumental Saddle Up the guys have definitely put together a collection of tracks to be proud of. Hell, there is even a wonderful cover of The Pixies song, Wave of Mutilation that will make you wish the original had a pedal steel in it. If you are living in the Bay area try and get out to Skipper’s and share some whiskey, wine, and cigarettes with the guys and pick the cd up. You will not be disappointed.

If you do make it out don’t be an asshole like me. Always slumming around local bars watching bands you get used to a certain aesthetic. Beat up instruments, facial hair, stained clothes etc. etc. I’m sure y’all know the uniform. These guys come clean and have beautiful instruments. It is enough to make you (me) prejudge them as a country-rock boy band. As I’ve said before, I can be a judgemental prick. None the less, I tried like hell not to like them at first but after 4 songs they had won. I began tapping my foot, then I was raising my beer after songs, and then I was up front. Moral of the story, don’t be an asshole like Autopsy and you will enjoy the entire show.

The Urbane Cowboys – 30 Days
The Urbane Cowboys – All We Have
The Urbane Cowboys – Here We Go Again

The Urbane Cowboys Official Site, The Urbane Cowboys on myspace