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Below is the playlist for February 09, 2012

01. Todd Farrell – Ninebullets Radio Intro
02. Jason Isbell – Brand New Kind Of Actress
03. Austin Lucas – Run Around
04. Have Gun Will Travel – To The Victor Goes The Spoils
05. Matt Woods – Beer In Heaven
06. Arliss Nancy – Front Seat
07. Lauderdale – Torn At The Seams
08. Drive-By Truckers – Lookout Mountain
09. Lucero – Sixteen
10. Hellbound Glory – Why Take The Pain
11. United Steel Workers Of Montreal – Small Town Banks
12. Clutch – Cypress Grove
13. Otis Gibbs – Made To Break
14. American Anodyne – El Dorado, Dark Blue
15. Drag the River – Tired & Fired

Bold = Request

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Episode 58: aired 02.09.2012

The United Steel Workers of Montreal – Kerosene and Coal

What a neat little cd. I’ll bet, if you did not know, you could listen to this cd a dozen times and not realize that there are no drums. USWoM is a string band with an accordion. I know that could be read as “a bluegrass band with an accordion player”, but that seriously is not the case. They’ve labeled themselves “city grass”, and as they sound more dive-bar than blue and more country/blues than grass, I think it is a label that fits them just fine.

Their newest cd, Kerosene and Coal, was released in May of this year and features 12 glorious tracks of broken hearts, drunk friends and mistreated workers. Playing off the unique string band without a string band sound are three distinct vocalists. First, you have Gern F. sounding like Springsteen four days into a bender playing off Shawn Beauchamp’s Woodie Guthrie-esque delivery of working class anthems. Then those two are rounded out by one Ms. Felicity Hamer, whose sultry rasp adds enough grrr to the boys growl to make USWoM appealing to anyone.

I was holding on to this review for today. I wanted to come out of a week long hiatus with some awesome shit. Personally, I think Kerosene and Coal is just that. Most definitely taking up a spot on the Essential Listening list, I think the regular reader will really be digging these guys.

I bet they are awesome live as well….but living in Florida I’ll do not think I’ll be finding out anytime soon.

The United Steel Workers of Montreal – Small Town Banks
The United Steel Workers of Montreal – Ask Me To Stay
The United Steel Workers of Montreal – Tracie Dean

The United Steel Workers of Montreal’s Official Site, The United Steel Workers of Montreal’s myspace profile, Buy Kerosene and Coal