Today I’ve officially hit the wall. As of this writing, there is snow in Atlanta and the high in Central Florida is a mere 58. I am sick of winter and as I “tweeted” today, “Gimmie some sun and sweat please.” Given my mood this evening I thought this would be a perfect time to write about The Sweetheart Parade.

The Sweetheart Parade come from the despicable town of Philadelphia and consist of; Joshua Britton (vocals, guitar), Johnny Bee (upright) and Daniel Harvie (drums). The Sweetheart Parade describe their music as “broken lullabies” which I thought was a pretty witty term (especially for some people from Philadelphia). It only takes a moment of listening to them to start drawing the Jason Molina project references. Joshua’s voice not only sounds similar to Molina but the overall sound/feel of the cd is pretty similar to that of a Molina album. None of this is a bad thing mind you…well, none of it except for that whole Philly thing.

So check out Sings Like A Priest. It’s a perfect soundtrack for the waning days of winter.

The Sweetheart Parade – Crooked Crow
The Sweetheart Parade – Wren

The Sweetheart Parade’s Official Site, The Sweetheart Parade on myspace, Buy Sings Like A Priest