To Do: Summerbirds in the Cellar @ Czar Bar, Ybor City

What are you doing Friday night? If you are shrugging your shoulders then allow me to make your decision for you. Orlando natives by way of Athens, Summerbirds in the Cellar are playing Czar in Ybor.

As I said in December of 2006, I was gonna make a concentrated effort to see/discover more local music this year and use ninebullets as a medium to bring the deserving (and ready) one’s to you. Summerbirds in the Cellar are definitely ready. I stumbled upon Summerbirds while following myspace links from other local bands. The demo track “Wicked World” grabbed me immediately! As of this typing, Myspace shows that the track has been played 881 times. I would venture to guess that I am responsible for 50 of those plays. I was surprised to find a local band with such a refined and mature sound.

As with many other local acts I sent them an email explaining the web site(s) and my interest in covering them. Unlike most of the other bands, they actually followed through and got me a copy of their cd “With The Hands Of The Hunter it All Becomes Dead” and I spent the better part of my ski trip with it getting top bill on the iPod.

I have paced my living room for the past 20 minutes trying to come up with a way to describe Summerbird’s sound. Atmospheric and moody without coming off as detached. Dark and dramatic without coming off as pretentious? Jesus and Mary Chain meets Interpol with a splash of The Church. Does that make sense? Probably not so I’ll borrow from an Orlando Weekly review written by a professional:

Dark drones and thick, unidentifiable sonic swirls embrace abstract melodies and impressionistic lyrics, forcing the listener to focus on a complete picture that’s organic and wistful. Somber without being mopey and serious without being sterile, Summerbirds in the Cellar is psychedelic space-rock covered in dirt and rust.

As good as the material on With The Hands Of The Hunter it All Becomes Dead is, it pales in comparison to the demo tracks of the new material they have up for your sampling on myspace. The myspace tracks are from their upcoming album Druids, hopefully to be released in 2007.

Apparently their live shows can vary pretty greatly from their recorded music. To quote Curtis Brown, “Somebody once told us to worry first about making a good record and then figure out how to play it live later,” says Brown. “Why not make a record that sounds totally different than our live show? I think it makes it more interesting.”

Interesting is good. So, come out to Czar and show the Orlando kids that Tampa can appreciate local talent as well.

Summerbirds in the Cellar, Czar Bar, 9:00

Summerbirds in the Cellar – Beware of False Prophets
Summerbirds in the Cellar – Ghosttown
Summerbirds in the Cellar – Behold the Wolf

Summerbirds in the Cellar’s Official Site
, Summerbirds in the Cellar’s myspace site, Buy Summerbirds in the Cellar’s cd

a note from Autopsy IV: The Plight of Mildred

Dogs are simple…but they still have their hopes and dreams. Midred is my dog….and being a bulldog, she is more simple than most but she still has dreams. Mildred’s dream is to be on a Jones Soda label.

Help Mildred achieve her dream by voting for her.

TO DO: Busy Weekend in Tampa

Man oh man….This weekend is pretty danged cool if you are a fan of beers and bands.

What is going on? Let’s take a look:

Friday 01/19/07:

Skatepark of Tampa‘s 14-Year Anniversary Party Featuring Dinosaur Jr. (original lineup) at The Cuban Club in Ybor City. Tickets are $10.00 and show starts at 8:00.

The SPoT 14-Year Anniversary Party is ALL AGES to get in and 21 to drink. Dinosaur Jr is playing! There’s free PBR while it lasts. Doors open at and Dinosaur Jr is on at . The whole things will be over by 1am. It’s an early party so get there on time.

Saturday 01/20/07:

Gil Mantera’s Party Dream @ Crowbar in Ybor City. Tickets are $8.00 and show is at 8:00.

quoted from aestheticized:

GIL MANTERA’S PARTY DREAM = although they’re known for their insane live show (dig around on their site for the evidence), this Synth-Pop / Indie-Disco / Mutant-Soul duo also brings some of the most infectious jams this writer’s heard in quite some time… think POSTAL SERVICE meets DEVO meets HALL & OATES meets JOURNEY, or something like that!?!? – their killer new album, “Bloodsongs”, was released in early ’06 on (the drummer of BLACK KEYS…) Patrick Carney’s Audio Eagle imprint – from Akron, OH

Also, over at New World Brewery we have:

mike dunn & the kings of new england
the nine volts

it’s $5, 21+up, and starts around 9 pm.

Sunday 01/21/07:

Bobby Bare Jr., The Heathens and The Diviners @ New World Brewery in Ybor City. Tickets are $8.00 and show is at 8:00.

quoted from aestheticized:

BOBBY BARE JR = straight up killed it several times locally this last year (incl. a nearly show stealing set opening for THE WALKMEN + a Ray J parking lot performance [i think?]) – “With a big-as-the-room persona, an ability to rock the doors off the most jaded of clubs, the heart to hold a room completely still with just his guitar, and a genius for arrangement, Bobby Bare, Jr. and his band of merry makers are one of the most unique bands around.” – “Bobby is a big, gregarious, good-natured fellow who will giddily talk music (from The Smiths to Roger Miller to Metallica to Dolly Parton –sometimes in one breath) until the bartender is tossing you both out.” – fantastic Roots-y Alt-Country / Indie-Rock business for fans of MY MORNING JACKET, CENTRO-MATIC, OLD 97’S, THE BOTTLE ROCKETS, WILCO, etc. – his latest record, “the Longest Meow” (recorded in a single day!), includes performances from mbrs. of …AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD, CLEM SNIDE, LAMBCHOP & the aforementioned MMJ.

Bobby Bare Jr. – Borrow Your Cape


Busy weekend! I am super excited about the Sunday show. It is probably the only one of the three I am gonna be able to make due to family being in town and in house. So, if you happen to be at the show come find me and say “Hi” or buy me a beer.


Here’s a helpful tip for checking out music on the web: Ever found yourself wanting to check out some tunes but not feeling like going through the hassle of downloading the songs? Well, here is a solution:

Browser button If you’d like to make all the mp3 links playable on any page, including those which you don’t own, you can use this bookmarklet button. Drag this link: playTagger up to your Bookmarks Toolbar (or right-click and choose Bookmark This Link or Add to Favorites) and when you’re on a page with links to mp3s, click the bookmark.

looking for something to do tonight?

Tonight…at The Emerald Bar.

Joey’s 30th birthday with Nessie, The Weapons of Ass Destruction, Rob Coe and the Diviners
Cost : $4.00

Show is supposed to start at nine and if you know The Emerald that means it will start at ten but I have it on good authority that they are trying to get going at 9:30 at the very latest.

The Diviners are worth four dollars alone. I have never seen any of the other bands but after a quick run through the myspace sites I am really looking forward to seeing Nessie. So come out and support local music….while you are at it buy me a drink. I’m kidding. Sorta. I mean, I’ll take it if you hand it to me. Order of the bands:

Rob Coe (acoustic)
The Diviners
The Weapons of Ass Destruction

See you at the rock show!

Tampa/St. Pete….To Do….Tonight!

Lucero Tickets

The State Theater is the place to be tonight and at 10 dollars a ticket I can not think of a good reason for y’all to not be there.

Lucero brings their sad songs and drinking anthems to us and we should thank them with half-empty cups of beer raised in the air.

What’s that? You have plans tonight? Well call them up and leave this song on their answering machine then get your ass to the show.

Lucero – Slow Dancing
Lucero – Hate and Jealousy
Lucero – Sing Me No Hymns

Also, get there early because Drag The River are the first band on the stage tonight. I have never seen them live but I have heard they are really really good. I can vouch for their awesome cd “It’s Crazy“.

Drag The River – The Cause & The Cure

To Do: The Weary Boys @ New World Brewery

Saturday night Austin’s own, The Weary Boys will once again bring their rough and tumble version of honky-tonk country/bluegrass to the New World Brewery….and it is a Saturday night so you know things will get nice and rowdy….and rowdy is good for these guys…If you have never seen The Weary Boys then the 5.00 door charge will be the best Abraham Lincoln you can spend. Trust me, as I speak from experience…me and the wife went on saw these guys after a fella on the Hank III message board emphatically told me to go….so we did, having never heard a single note of their music….We have not missed a show since and own every cd they have released…as well as a few live bootlegs. This year has seen the release of a new Weary Boy cd “Jumpin’ Jolie” as well as a solo release by the main weary singer Mario Matteoli “Hard Luck Hittin‘”. While Jumpin’ Jolie has a more lazy feel to it than their previous releases it is still a signature Weary album full of foot tapping rhythms, loose grooves and lonesome characters. Brian Silvi’s fiddle playing takes it’s usual seat at the top of the mix while Mario and Darren share the vocal duties. While I say it is classic Weary Boys there are some surprises on this release. “Baby’s Got a Hold on Me” sounds like a classic 50’s surf rock song…and a really fucking good one a that. There are also plenty of material Weary fans have come to know and love…like the stand out track of the cd “Drink on it”, a lazy trip through alcohol assisted escapism. Mario’s solo cd features a slightly more stripped down sound. I was wondering why Mario would release a solo cd until it arrived. The lyrical content seems more personal and, at times, more cynical than you find on the Weary releases. Even through the darkness and the cynicism there seems to be the underlying confidence that everything will turn out fine by the end of the disc. The track “Sun Keeps Beating Down” is the stand out track on this disc w/o a doubt. Every Time is comes on the cd player I have to listen to it twice.

So, as I mentioned earlier, The Weary Boys are playing New World on Saturday night with the best band in Tampa The Diviners pulling the opening slot so this is guaranteed to be an awesome show. For all of the talk of lazy sounds there is no need to worry…Live, The Weary Boys pull an Emeril and *BAM* they kick it up a notch…everything is played a little faster and there is an added hitch in the giddy up. A few weeks ago Mario and Darren were kind enough to take some time out of their day and answer some questions for me. One of the questions I asked them was to describe their live show to someone who has not seen it…..I think that was me showing my lack of experience as an interviewer and I regret the shit out of asking it. Really I feel like that is my job….so I will. A Weary Boy show at New World is, quite simply, a good fucking time. There will be no shortage of people there that love the band, know the songs and wanna dance. Honky Tonk swing with drunk people smiling and having a good time….no attitudes. So, come out and see the guys for yourself and if you do not have a good time I’ll buy you a beer as an apology. If you make it, look for me…I am the mostly drunk fella w/a shaved head up front singing along. Here are a few tracks and the interview they did for the uninitiated and fans alike:

The Weary Boys – Baby’s Got A Hold On Me
The Weary Boys – Drink On It
The Weary Boys – Freight Train Blues
The Weary Boys – Cruel Corrine
The Weary Boys – Can’t Keep Me Down

Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps Beating Down
Mario Matteoli – United Nations What’s going on and upcoming for The Weary Boys?

Darren: Same as always, lots of shows working up new songs,writing. Might do a live record and DVD in January but it’s still in the works.

Mario: touring november, december, and january and a live dvd hopefully out early 2007 I see that Mario has released a solo album. How did that come about and are there any plans for any other solo albums from you guys?

Mario: I just had a lot a songs I felt were good but wouldn’t really fit on a Weary album. I was kinda always doing some solo stuff anyway, but I finally decided take it seriously and make a record. Be on the look out for Sam Salvi’s Greatest Hits. What is getting heavy play on the ipod or in the RV these days?

Darren: The Raconteurs, Tom Petty’s new record “Highway Companion”. The Sonics, Clifton Chenier, The Hacienda Brothers

Mario: A lot of Freddy Fender, Tanya Tucker, Tom Petty, and our friends Ghostland Observatory.
If you had to describe a Weary Boy live show to someone who has never seen y’all, how would you?

Mario: First of all I hate doing that, and I guess I would say it’s an energetic, dancy, country/rock and roll show Has getting played XM radio helped you guys out much? I got the feeling at the last show here in Tampa that if you never had to play Ramblin’ Man again it would not bother you too much.

Darren: XM radio is great. It is hard to tell how much impacted it is having, but it’s cool that my mom hears us.

Mario: I just wish XM would play some of our damn originals. I don’t mind playing Ramblin’ Man, but I think we got some songs that could be some fuckin’ hits if they would just give them some airplay. Being part of the Texas scene are you guys anti-Nashville?

Darren: I think being anti-Nashville is stupid. Nashville has nothing to do with us so why would we bitch about it.

Mario: We are not anti-Legendary Shack Shakers or Leon Russell. Those guys play out of Nashville. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone with musical taste is pretty disappointed with the majority of what Nashville backs. The new cd Jumpin’ Jolie seems to be a little more laid back than your previous releases. Was that by design?

Mario: Yes and no. We weren’t trying to make a “laid back” record. We thought we gonna make a more rock and roll sounding record. But, y’know, nothing really had that Boom-chick Boom-chick up-tempo bluegrass feel so it sounds pretty laid back comparatively. What inspired you guys to release “Holy Ghost Power”?

Darren: We had been kicking around the idea of doing a Gospel record for a while. We had an off day on tour and our friend took us up to a little wooden church up in the mountains outside of Boone NC. Saint John the Baptist Episcopal church Built in 1864. I think once we got up there we knew it was the place to do it. So we had our friend contact the church to make sure it was okay and took a couple days off our next tour. Went up there and recorded all day for three days and we had a record. It was a great experience. You know, while seems like so many bands just ignore Florida all together you guys seem to roll through multiple times a year. Why is that? not that I am complaining mind you.

Darren: We all love Florida. We have great shows there and we have met tons of cool people. I try to tell every touring band I know to go down there.

Mario: Fine..we’ll never come back. We happen to love Florida. It just seems like we really click with fans there. People are friendly and like to have good time. You can’t really go wrong with that. Think you could ever bring Black Joe Lewis on your with you?

Darren: Joe kicks ass. He is the first artist signed to “Weary Records” He doesn’t get out of Austin too much but we would love to get him out to Florida some time.

Mario: It’s nice thought but I doubt it.

To Do: Two Cow Garage in concert – Monday Night

Two Cow Garage is labeled…they are described as country-punk and Two Cow is regularly compared to Uncle Tupelo. Two Cow would prefer you call them a rock and roll band. At the risk of sounding trite these guys are an american rock band in the classic sense…young, brash and loud traveling the country in a van and sleeping in it as circumstances require….as happy playing to 10 people as they are playing to 1000….okay, I probably got a little carried away there….nobody is as happy playing to 10 as they are playing to 1000…BUT…yes, but…they will play with the same energy and vigor no matter the size. DIY to the core, they are coming to us by way of Ohio with no tour support and no smug attitude to match. They are playing New World Brewery on Monday (10/30) and it is a show you should not miss. To quote Glorious Noise:

“You don’t get many second chances in life. Maybe you didn’t get to see the Who in 1965, or the Jam in 1977, or the Replacements in 1985, or Nirvana in 1990. No, you missed all the greats on their way up and now what can you do? Don’t let it happen again.”

So, Monday Night, New World Brewery….playing with local favs The Human Condition and Tennessee rockers Glossary, Two cow Garage will bring the rock show…with or without you…please let it be with you.

Support touring musicians Tampa. And we’ll see you Monday night. It’s a $6.00 cover….

Recently Shane from Two Cow was kind enough to agree to an interview with….I apologize in advance for my poor interviewing skills but I hope this will help y’all get to know the band a little bit:

Two Cow Garage Interview First things first for the uninitiated: Who is Two Cow Garage and how long have you guys been a band?

TCG: We are Micah Schnabel, Dustin Harigle, and Shane Sweeney. But just Shane right now. We actually just passed the five year mark back in sept. A lot of places describe Two Cow as Would you rather folks look at you as a straight forward rock and roll band or do you not mind wearing the label. any fear of it pigeon holing you guys?

TCG: We are a straight forward rock band. The alt country thing seems kinda silly to me. Its like, well, are you and emo band or a screamo band or whatever. And then people feel the need to stand by that, like hardcore bands hating pop punk bands when all it really is is marketing to people. Genres are created and then sub-genres, and the sub genres of sub genres and its all meant to compartmentalize music into something pre packaged and easy to sell. You wouldn’t call Springsteen Alt country but look at The ghost of Tom Joad or Nebraska or Devils and Dust. They’re pretty country sounding records. This is where the professional interviewer asks you who your influences are but I am just gonna say thank you for not fearing the guitar solo! It was an endangered species for a while there. so, who are your influences?

TCG: I can honestly say we’ve never intentionally written a part of a song specifically for a guitar solo. Most of the time we’re a three piece so guitar solos fill the void where some bands would have other instrumentation, but its really about whats appropriate for the song more than wanting to shred or something. There is no good way of talking about influences without sounding overly pretentious. I don’t think you can really say “hey they are influenced by this band…” without making people think that we’re trying to be that band. Though people will do that. Plus every record or song for that matter is influenced by different things. What you’re listening to at that moment, what book you just read, how the last six months have been going. That’s a really round about way of not answering your question. Sorry. What got y’all down to Tampa? The show just sorta sticks out there with nothing around it per your calendar. I mean, I am digging it but it is hard to get people down this far.

TCG: We’re really kind of laying low until our next record comes out but we were offered a slot at The Fest in Gainesville and it seemed like a good opportunity so we were going to be in the area. Actually its hard to get us down that far, we haven’t played in Florida in like two years and we’re typically always on the road. How is the new cd progressing? Does it contain any drastic departures in sound from your first 2 cds?

TCG: The new record is done and will be coming out in February. Its different but, I think it’s a natural progression. There are still flat out rock songs, but there’s some other stuff too. Where did the idea for your documentary “The Long Way Around” come from?

TCG: We had met the director John Boston several times at our shows in Chicago and we all became close friends. When he pitched it to us we were all really down with the idea. Has it helped get your name out there very much?

TCG: Its always nice to have something else to hang your hat on. That being said John had free reign to make the film he wanted to make, we had nothing in it except being the subjects, so it could possibly have hurt us. We don’t have a lot of drama but, he could have cut things out of context and made us look extremely bad. I need to thank him for not doing that now that I think about it. In between tours how do y’all make ends meet?

TCG: We don’t really that’s why we’re always on the road. Its hard to get someone to hire you when you can only be there for a week at a time and then you’re gone for a month and a half. But we don’t have any permanent residence either so bottom line is lower. The song “Burn in Hell” seems like quite the fuck you track. Was it written to someone in particular? While we are on that topic…was there an actual drunken saturday night behind “Saturday Night”?

TCG: We played a show in Lansing Michigan at this bar called Macs and Micahs amp caught on fire. It just went up and it was pretty scary. So I guess that song is more about living doing this or dying trying. And that amp. Micah could answer this more succinctly. I didn’t write the words. Saturday Night is about many, many drunken Saturdays. And repeating mistakes. Every word of it was true and unfortunately still is. What are y’all listening to heavily these days?

TCG: There are things that are constants that we listen to. Mostly friends like I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House, Centro-matic, and Grand Champeen. Micahs been pretty heavy into a Cursive record lately though I don’t know the name of it. I’ve been listening to Born to Run a lot. I’m not sure about Dustin, though Ophelia by the band is his ringtone so maybe that counts.

I hope that helps you get ti know the band a little….I also hope to see you at New World on Monday evening. Look for me, I’ll be the drunk guy.

Here are some Two Cow tunes for you folks:

Two Cow Garage – Burn in Hell
Two Cow Garage – Alphabet City
Two Cow Garage – Saturday Night

Also, here is a 10 minute trailer for the Two Cow Garage Documentary mentioned in the interview:

09.30.06 Unripe 2.0


from Creative Loafing:
Avant-Garde in the Now is a different class of art collective, one that welcomes up-and-coming visual artists as well as filmmakers, actors, musicians and other talented individual interested in pushing the creative envelope, introducing new ideas to mainstream audiences and making lasting changes to popular culture. This Saturday night, the group hosts its second public art event: Unripe 2. This venture into experimental culture includes performances by acts like Xingu (orchestrated noise), Uh-Oh Spades (film projections combined with electronic, rhythmic noise samples), Ironing (menacing electronica), noWhere, and Distraub (heavy, distorted drum and bass). Christopher Kelly, Angus Shafer and Tony Krol present original art installations alongside a display of works by Jen Moreno and Corie Staub, and in the midst of all the experimental madness, Aubrey Bramble and other area independent filmmakers premiere a selection of short films.

Sat., Sept. 30, 7 p.m., Transitions Art Gallery @ Skatepark of Tampa, 4215 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa, free admission, 813-621-6793.