You know what they say, “when it rains, it pours”, and such is the case next week with three shows in four days. While I don’t expect anyone else to adhere to such a rigorous schedule I do think you could find something you like in one (or more) of these shows. If you do make it out to any, find me and we’ll tell fish tales over a beer.


I am so excited about this show. Honestly, I just assumed Grayson Capps would never come to Florida. BUT! Here he is and he’s bringing his full band, The Stumppknocker’s, with him.  If the sound of Southern soul mixed with back-country stomp with a little road-house blues sounds like something that might tickle your fancy, you need to get to The Ritz on Thurday night for this show.

When I last wrote about Grayson I said, “I find myself drawn to the drunks, whores and vagabonds that haunt Grayson’s songs. They’re like old friends you keep up with via letters in the mail, and with a new album comes new updates.” It’ll be nice to finally meet this motley crew of characters in person.

Grayson Capps – Going Back To The Country
Grayson Capps – Ike
Grayson Capps – Mermaid
Grayson Capps – Junior & The Old African Queen


The following night, Joey Cape (Ladwagon/Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies), Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River/Arm Chair Martian) and Cory Branan will be playing New World Brewery. All three of these guys have crossed paths and shared stages at various times in their careers, but this is the first time all three have played together. This tour was engineered by Jon (and booked by the fine folks at AES Presents) and, as I understand, it will mimic The Revival Tour where the artists will all share the stage. Should make for a fun show.

Cory Branan – The Prettiest Waitress in Memphis
Joey Cape – Errands
Jon Snodgrass – Brave With Strangers
Cory Branan & Jon Snodgrass – Wild One (Thin Lizzy Cover)


After giving the liver a brief break on Friday, the musical week plans to knock us out with a right hook powered by another all-Florida band lineup brought to us by thxmgmt. This is the second all-Florida band mini-tour thxmgmt has done this month. Like the last, the idea is to get a collection of Florida bands together who can pull within their own markets and put them all on the road together with the “home band” headlining their respective market. This time we’re getting Tampa’s own Have Gun Will Travel, Lauris Vidal (Daytona Beach), Truckstop Coffee (Lake Worth) and the latest Suburban Home Records signee, Gainesville’s own The Takers.

To say this is a must-see show is a complete understatement. Everyone in the Bay Area should know how good HGWT is at this point (and if you don’t then shame on you), and the amount of love ninebullets has shown Truckstop Coffee over the years is still pitifully inadequate. In addition, I’ll finally get to see the *much hyped* honky-tonk outfit The Takers.

This will be one of the best nights of music of the year and it’s all homegrown. In addition, it’s a Saturday night so there’s no reason not to go.

Lauris Vidal – Good Years, Dark Clouds
Truckstop Coffee -Way Down South
Have Gun Will Travel -Blessing And A Curse
The Takers – Taker Easy


In the hours after penning my little fuck you to the Tampa/St. Pete music fan base I got to thinking. There’s a line in the Outkast song, “Git Up, Git Out”, that says; “You need to git up, git out and git somethin / Cuz you and I got to do for you and I.” I started thinking, instead of bitching about how lazy the Bay Area music fan has become, instead of railing against the DJ culture of Tampa, instead of being a whiny bitch about it, why not try and help the people who are trying to change things in the area. And we’re going to. Just as soon as we finish this other thing…. None of this has anything to do with the Thx Mgmt show Friday night @ New World Brewery except that they’re in the same spirit…

So, on with the show.

Following my rant, Shawn Beauville from the Beauvilles emailed me to inform me of a little tour his band was taking part in. The idea was to get a collection of bands together who can pull within their own markets and put them all on the road together with the “home band” headlining their respective market. In this case, the bands are; The Beauvilles (Tampa), Thomas Wynn & The Believers (Orlando) and Shawn Fisher and the Jukebox Gypsies (Jacksonville). Joining them on the Tampa date is The Junkyard Kings. Not only is the spirit of this show something I can get behind, but the lineup has something for everyone who likes their music played live and loud right in front of them. Seems Thx Mgmt might be coming to the same conclusions as I am, cause right on the tails of this show comes The Citrus Circuit Tour featuring a whole other slew of Florida bands.  But more on that later this month.

Anyhow, come on, Tampa. Come on, St. Pete. Get out to New World on Friday night and celebrate/support your local musicians. Till then, here is a sampling of what you’ll hear:

The Junkyard Kings – Just Enough
Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies – Wandering
Thomas Wynn & The Believers – It’s Alright
The Beauvilles – Snow


Man, it’s been a while since we had a To Do and, I ain’t gonna lie, the break has been nice. Having done one to two shows a week for a month plus, I was ready for some time off.  Now having had said time off, I need to go to a fucking show. Lucky for me and the rest of you Tampa/St. Pete-ians, we got a weekend loaded with the awesome. So let’s go through it:

Thursday @ New World: The Woodsboss

There is no shortage of people who’ve danced a shit-ton of nights away @ New World to the live blessings of The Weary Boys. Those were the kinds of nights that stories are made of. A band without a label relentlessly touring enough to build huge followings, in enough towns they could play packed houses in every state of the union. Then reality came crawling and The Weary Boys disbanded.

Wha? Why? What’s gonna? WTFingF?
Shock, rage, sadness.
Enter The Woodsboss. Which, fyi, is basically The Weary Boys minus Darren and add Brian’s wife.

So, all you Weary Boy fans needs to get your asses up off the couch and get out to New World Thursday night and we’ll dance again to the fine fine sounds of Mario, The Woodsboss and a few Weary Boys faves.

Mario Matteoli – Hard Luck Hittin’
Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps On Beating Down

The Weary Boys – Another Song, Another Drink
The Weary Boys – Cruel Corrina
The Weary Boys – Freight Train Blues

Friday @ The Garage: Tailgunner Joe, Nervous Turkey and Those Legendary Shackshakers

Tampa/St. Pete is in an interesting time because we have an utterly ridiculous level of awesomeness in our local scene, and two of the upper crest of that scene are coming together to open for the the stupidly awesome Legendary Shackshakers.

Really, Tampa. I know you’re lazy. Fuck, I get it. We live in Florida. People who don’t live here don’t get it, but I know that the notion of a “local” band in this state is like screaming “Oral herpes at the kissing booth! Three dollars”, so let me tell you something right now: Tailgunner Joe and Nervous Turkey are each worthy of a night out on their own. Put them together and it almost becomes necessary for you fuckers (that was a ‘you fuckers’ that includes me) need to come out. Now, WTF? You include them both with Those Legendary Shackshakers and I can not think of any reason what you can’t spend 12 dollars to see guaranteed awesome from beginning to end.

Tailgunner Joe & The Earls of Slander – The Street
Tailgunner Joe & The Earls of Slander – This is Your Brain

Nervous Turkey – Strang
Nervous Turkey – Too Late For Romance

For those that don’t know, let’s talk Legendary Shackshakers live for a moment.

It’s Those Leg-en-dary muthafucking Shack Shakers. Does anything more really need to be said? Those who know, know. Those who don’t…well, what the fuck is wrong with you? Get your ass to The Garage and see what Jello Biafra called rock and roll’s best frontman, Col. J.D. Wilkes. Snot rockets will be launched, pubes will be thrown, beers will be drank and howdies will get doodied. You may hate the music but you’ll love the show, I guarantee it. It’s Iggy Pop fronting Southern Culture on the Skids. The southern gothic, rock and roll version of the Sex Pistols, but more entertaining and with more talent.

Those Legendary Shackshakers – Blood On The Bluegrass
Those Legendary Shackshakers – Piss and Vinegar
Those Legendary Shackshakers – Old Spur Line

So, I hope to bounce into a few of ya’ll this weekend. Say hey to me ’cause, despite all your efforts to make it not so, I still love you Tampa and you can insure that by buying me a drink and complementing my new hat.


In an effort to take all of your drinking money this weekend Dave’s is following the Mojo Guru’s CD release party in Friday night with a double bill of magnificent proportions; .357 String Band and Deep Blues Festival. Enjoy it and come out to Dave’s…it’ll be a good time:”>Joe Buck. The last time Joe came to town I wasn’t really that much of a fan. I basically went to see the opening act and be a head in the crowd. By show’s end, Joe had won me over and I said as much in my show review:

Now, I’m gonna be honest. I’m not really a fan of Joe’s recorded material. I just can’t get past the muddy production and the songs really aren’t that interesting to me. That said, what fails to captivate on cd flourishes in a live setting. Turns out, Joe writes the kind of music you need to be in the same room with. Joe, hunched over a guitar, red uplight casting eerie shadows, his hyperactive left leg smashing out a back-beat on an old bass drum while he recites lyrics of murder and satan through gritted teeth. I started wishing I had listened to his cds more so I could join the crowd in singing along.

The .357 String Band comes looking like 1/2 an industrial rock band and 1/2 a country band. You would not expect lucking banjos, spinning upright bass and blended harmonies from these kids from Wisconsin but don’t let em fool you. Their Live show have been referred to as “Hoe-down meets Throw-down” by many a reviewer and their mix of old-school country/traditional mountain music and punk is sure to delight fans across a number of genres. The .357 String Band came through last November and damn near broke through the stage and unless they’ve gone back and fixed it’s floor I suspect they’ll succeed this time. As a favor to you guys I’m including the .357 String Band’s set from last years Deep Blues Festival. Enjoy it and come out to Dave’s…it’ll be a good time:

  1. Cluck Ol’ Hen
  2. Fire And Hail
  3. Milwaukee Here I Come
  4. banter
  5. One More Round
  6. banter
  7. Down On A Bender
  8. Shot Down
  9. Glory Amen
  10. Unknown Song
  11. banter
  12. Evil On My Mind
  13. banter
  14. Unknown Song
  15. banter
  16. Riot Act
  17. banter
  18. Rollin’ Down The Track
  19. Unknown Song
  20. Unknown Song
  21. Unknown Song
  22. Raise The Moon


Way back in the beginning of ninebullets I wrote a piece about the band Roxx Gang. There was a period in the late ’80’s I thought they were quite simply the bees knees.

Flash forward 20 years or so and former Roxx Gang frontman, Kevin Steele’s, new band, Mojo Gurus is celebrating the release of their new disc, Let’s Get Lit With. The Mojo Guru’s are, Kevin Steele, Vinnie Granese, Doc Lovett and Mark Busto and they’ve just signed a multi-album deal with True North Records. Along with Let’s Get Lit True North will be reissuing the Guru’s first two cd’s, Hot Damn and Shakin’ the Barn on March 24. To celebrate the occasion the Mojo Gurus are throwing a big ol’ party at Dave’s Aqua Lounge and you’re all invited. Joining them will be another one of Tampa’s shining lights, Tailgunner Joe and The Earls of Slander.

Let’s Get Lit features 13 tracks of straight forward southern rock meets a fifth of whiskey produced by Jody Gray at Pro Star Recording. The press release describes the music as “bourbon-soaked, gut bucket, glam meets twang” and I couldn’t really improve upon that. It’s rock and roll for the sake of sex, drugs and rock and roll. The world can be saved tomorrow.

So come out, get drunk, support your local music scene and buy some music.

The Mojo Gurus – (Just A) Couple of Kicks
The Mojo Gurus – Rebelene

The Mojo Gurus Official Site, The Mojo Gurus on myspace, Preorder Let’s Get Lit


Okay, I’ll be 100% honest. I’m not nearly as familiar with Malcolm Holcombe as I should be. He’s always been an artist I’ve meant to delve into but for what ever reason have never gotten around to it. However, after reading the following quote from leftofthedial I dunno how I could miss the chance to see him live:

Holcombe played with a scary intensity. I didnt want to take my eyes away for fear that hed sneak up behind me and pull out a knife. His voice sounds a thousand years old (I mean that in a good way), probably the result of decades spent smoking and singing. His acoustic fingerpicking was just as hypnotic as his crazy hobo stare. What stood out about his performance even more than the music was his semi-coherent rambling between songs. He just kind of lapsed into and out of stories – I now know all about his wife, his false teeth, and about the $23.50 he made playing in Georgia, among other things.

I mean, seriously…I think we’re in for something special. Join me will you?

Any other readers out there ever seen Malcolm? How was it?

Malcolm Holcombe – Goin’ Downtown
Malcolm Holcombe – My Ol’ Radio


This Friday the murdergrass outfit out of San Francisco, The Pine Box Boys, will make their triumphant return to the stage at Dave’s Aqua Lounge. The last time these guys came through town I partied a little too hard with my good buddies Beam and Ginger and was unable to write a decent review of the show…which is a good sign I had one hell of a good time, and I did.  The interplay of the band members as well as their faux-arguments even makes the between song innerband banter a complete riot.

You’re asking, what does the band sound like? You’re wondering, what exactly is murdergrass? Well let’s say you take Old Crow Medicine Show and Those Poor Bastards and you put them in a blender. Now, if you  were to puree them what you would get would be one hell of a mess, but if that mess could somehow make music…that amalgam of Old Crow and TPB would be The Pine Box Boys. If Old Crow are Dr. Jekyll, then The Pine Box Boys are their Mr. Hyde.

So, come join me at Dave’s Friday night and listen to Mr. Lester T. Raww confess to more murders than the Green River Killer. Try not to think too ill of them, though, as they said a few years back, ““We never wanted any of them ladies to get killed. But they kept on bleeding and Willie kept on stabbing, so, well, I reckon we HAD to write a song about it.

Flawless logic if you ask me.

The Pine Box Boys – I Had To Cut Her
The Pine Box Boys – Just A Crush
The Pine Box Boys – Hair Of Gold
The Pine Box Boys – The Pallbearers

The Pine Box Boys Official Site, The Pine Box Boys on myspace, Buy The Pine Box Boys’ music

9B editor and guest contributor Marci also wants to make sure you all know about Dr. Dog coming to the Crowbar this Thursday night.  When she saw them at Lollapalooza last year, this is what she had to say about their show, “These guys are 100% pros and fit all the energy and music they could into the hour allotted to them on the little MySpace stage.  Much of the crowd knew the lyrics to every song, and as the five guys gave their all, for a little while it felt as if we’d been transported from this sunny public park to a little local gin joint.  If you get a chance to see these guys, do it, you won’t be disappointed.”  She tells me that this time they’ll be playing a place that should far better enhance their raw, blues-filled harmonies and they should not be missed.

Dr Dog – Army of Ancients
Dr Dog – The Beach

Dr Dog’s Official Site , Dr Dog on myspace


Who: Smokestack and The Foothill Fury
Where: Dave’s Aqua Lounge
When: Friday, January 16, 2009

Smokestack and The Foothill Fury caught me entirely by surprise at The Deep Blues Festival this past July. He’s played the area a few times since but I’ve not been able to make it to the shows. That mistake will not be made Friday night.

Here’s what mountainfreak.net said about him:

I wandered a little south of my normal coverage area this month to Loco’s in Gainesville for some music by a fellow whose sound I had heard labeled “Punk-Country-Blues”. Hard for me to miss something with a handle like that. “Smokestack” is a one man band with enough energy for a quartet. Armed with a small arsenal of guitars, his foot driven rhythm section, and a knack for telling a story..he puts on a good show that is a little different but highly entertaining.

Here’s what I said in my Deep Blues Festival recap about him:

I would like to mention . SmokeStack and the Foothill Fury. This guy caught me by surprise. Having never heard of him, I was preparing to use his set as a chance to grab a beer and take a piss, but when he was done I found that I was still standing in the same place I was when he began, doing the “I gotta piss” dance. One funny thing, when he first took the stage he asked the crowd if anyone had a beer for him and suddenly it was like a parade of booze being passed up onto the stage. His set was probably the most frantic of the day.

Check out his myspace profile and I’ll see you Friday night for a rollicking good time.


That’s right kids. Drag The River is already back in town with Joey Cape performing at the Cigar City Tattoo Convention Friday night in Ybor City.

Details are as follows:

Who: Drag The River
Where: Cuban Club (part of Tattoo Convention)
When: Friday, January 9, 2008
Tickets: 10 dollars (available at the door)

It’s gonna be awesome. But then, you already knew that didn’t you. There is talk of a Lucero Message Board get together at Tampa Bay Brewing Company prior to this show so come by there beforehand and we can drink some beers.

See y’all then.

Drag The River – Get Drunk
Drag The River – Tired and Fired
Drag The River – Booze n’ Pills
Drag The River – Medicine
Drag The River – Lost Angel Saloon


Sure, plenty of shows come to town and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about each and every one of them. But, unlike people, all shows are not created equal. Some, such as the Black Diamond Heavies show last month, are just more worthy of your unbridled enthusiasm. Scott H. Biram falls into that category. When Scott comes to your town you need to lock up the womenfolk, drink a few whiskey shots and get your ass to the show. I think my card carrying status in Scott’s Church of the Ultimate Fanaticism Fan Club is well documented here on ninebullets, so I am gonna quote a Biram show review a friend of mine wrote after hearing/seeing Scott for the first time ever a few years ago:

“Finally it was time for Scott Biram. I had heard him earlier when he was doing his sound check and the amount of music he can generate all by himself is really staggering. He was really a great performer and musician. He was able to banter with the audience, tune his guitar, work a bass pedal to keep the beat, blow on the harmonica, and growl into his mic/bullhorn. You don’t really know what to expect when the little guy in the green trucker cap sits down on the stage. Biram looks like a guy you’d pass coming out of the bathroom at a Flying J truckstop on I-10. However he attacks honky tonk and blues with a vicious growl and doesn’t let you go until you are stomping your feet and screaming “Whiskey!”

I know the last show Scott played here in town was a drunken mess, but the good news is that Scott has stopped drinking whiskey so the show will be up to the standards he had set the first couple of times he came through town, and we’re all gonna be better for it.

Don’t miss this show, Tampa. Trust me on this.

Scott H. Biram – Been Down Too Long
Scott H. Biram – Spoonful
Scott H. Biram – We Shall Be Free
Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail
Scott H. Biram – Sweet Thing
Scott H. Biram – Whiskey