Dec 062010

Fresh outta rehab, Bloodshot recording artist, Justin Townes Earle has packed a suitcase full of stylish suits and set back on the road in support of his latest album, Harlem River Blues. This tour will bring Justin into Florida for what I am told is not his first time but it’s certainly the first time in a really really long time.

I was in attendance for a Justin Townes Earle show at SxSW last year and I can saw that it sounded pretty good. I couldn’t tell you what it looked like cause I was way too late in arrival to get close enough to actually see the Yard Dog stage. Normally, when an artist goes into rehab what emerges is usually changed. Some come out focused and better, some come out incomplete and lost. For Justin is seems rehab has done him some good. I’ll quote one of his more fair critics who caught his show the other night:

So how was the Justin Townes Earle performance?

It was fucking phenomenal. Absolutely unbelievable. It was the best live performance I have seen all year. Hell, it may be the best music performance I have seen, ever. It was genuine, it was pure, and outright magical. Justin Townes Earle is gifted beyond words, and it seems almost foolish to try and describe it. I’ve given careful, sober thoughts to my reactions to his performance Saturday night at The Parish in Austin, TX, and I can say with confidence that Justin Townes Earle is nothing less than a national treasure.

So there you go. It’s shaping up to be an epic close to a phenomenal year. I wouldn’t miss this one if I were you Tampa/St. Pete…..God knows when he’ll be back around these parts.

Justin Townes Earle – Lone Pine Hill
Justin Townes Earle – Mama’s Eyes
Justin Townes Earle – Move over Mama

Aestheticized Presents was kind enough to give ninebullets a pair of tickets to give away for the show here on the site. So, the first person to email me the name of Justin’s father as well as the person Justin was named for will win the tickets & if this text isn’t stricken out, no one has won. CONGRATULATIONS JOHN ALLMAN! SEE YOU AT THE SHOW.

Oct 222010

Looking for something amazing to do tonight? How about checking out some amazing music from some of the best bands Florida has to offer while sipping beers at one of the best beer bars in Tampa?

Lauris Vidal is celebrating the release of his new album, Better Part, down in Ybor City tonight along with ninebullets faves, Have Gun Will Travel and Devon Stuart. Devon will have Mr. Michael Claytor with him as well. So, come join me at New World and we’ll work on drinking enough that the ass whipping Cincinnati is gonna put on the USF Bulls doesn’t sting quite so much.

Lauris Vidal – Better Part

Saturday sees the 7th edition of the annual Carlsfest. Carlsfest is the annual celebration of Carl Granger‘s birthday and also happens to be the only day of the year Carl drinks. The festivities start early with everyone meeting at noon for a scavenger hunt. Tomorrow night everyone will gather at The Bar for some drinky drinks and music provided by Devon and Michael. The good news is that the gators aren’t playing so none of the party goers will be mourning a 4th straight defeat.

Sep 242010

This show has been incubating in twitter conversations between @Funky49 and myself for a few months and is finally happening. It’s well outside the comfort zone but I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Hope to see some of y’all out.

Emergency Pizza Party – Never Make The Airwaves

Emergency Pizza Party’s albums, Shine Ave. and Zombie Emergency Defense (and a whole slew of other artists) can be downloaded legally and freely over on Scrub Club Records.

Sep 212010

I said this on both Twitter and Facebook and I think it’s worth repeating here; I’d pretty much figured The Urbane Cowboys had called it quits, and yet here they are. Simply having them on a bill with Have Gun Will Travel makes this show worth its door charge (10 dollars I think), but then you add the utterly ridiculous cherry on top in the form of The Legendary ShackShakers. Those who know, know. Those who don’t…well, what the fuck is wrong with you? Get your ass to The Crowbar and see what Jello Biafra called rock and roll’s best frontman, Col. J.D. Wilkes. Snot rockets will be launched, pubes will be thrown, beers will be drank and howdies will get doodied. You may hate the music but you’ll love the show, I guarantee it. It’s Iggy Pop fronting Southern Culture on the Skids. The Southern gothic, rock and roll version of the Sex Pistols, but more entertaining and with more talent.

See you at the show!

The Urbane Cowboys – 30 Days
Have Gun Will Travel – Blessing and A Curse
The Legendary ShackShakers – Hobos Are My Heroes

Mar 102010

Friday night ninebullets and Aestheticized are teaming up to bring Jon Snodgrass and Cory Branan to The Emerald for a night of loud music and whiskey. For yours truly, I’m viewing this as my official SxSW primer, so expect ridiculousness and I hope to see some of y’all out there.

Scott Harrell is a regular writer for many a publication here in the Tampa area as well as a member of Nessie, one of the opening acts Friday night. When he offered to write a piece about his experiences with Drag the River for ninebullets I was beyond flattered. It was one of those ‘ninebullets is starting to make it’ moments for me. Anyhow, I jumped at the opportunity.

Please enjoy his piece and come out to the show Friday night. I’ll let you buy me a “have a good trip” drink.

Drag The River: Thanks, Guys

by Scott Harrell

The first time we played with Drag The River, back in–shit, what was it, the summer of ’05?–I didn’t know much about ‘em beyond the facts that Chad from All was in the band, and they played what some people were calling country. But that was more than enough to inspire us to connive our way onto the bill with them at the Uptown Bar, a place we weren’t convinced we wanted to play again unless we were pretty sure it was going to be a good night.

It was a good night.

Sold out. No AC. What had to have been 150 people crammed into a space only slightly larger than your average walk-in closet, sweating out the beer faster than they could get it into their systems. But it was one of those nights where everything came together, the people and the mood and the music creating a vibe that just absolutely defied everything boring and ordered and responsible about being an adult, just completely negated it.

I remember running outside to throw up from the heat the second we were finished playing. I remember helping clean Will Quinlan up in the ladies’ room after some lady punched him in the face. I’m pretty sure I remember Gainesville’s Enablers killing it–was that that night? But what I remember most is being mesmerized by Drag, who weren’t anything so conceived or put together as a bunch of punk dudes playing country music. It was so much simpler than that, it might as well have been elemental. They were just expressing themselves; they were just doing what they wanted to do, and getting off on it, and everything else in the world could’ve fallen away and it wouldn’t have changed a note.

A few of us rode to the after-party in the customized furniture truck that took the Descendents and All through God only knows how many miles of touring, and everything was perfect.

In the four and a half years since that night, we’ve had the honor of supporting Drag, in whatever incarnation happened to be hitting the road at the time, on a handful of other occasions. (The second most memorable involved Ybor City’s New World Brewery, Columbus, Ohio’s marvelous Two Cow Garage, and about 20 folks ganging up on the mics to cover “Can’t Hardly Wait.”) I wouldn’t say we’re tight or anything; maybe a few e-mails here and there during the months between shared bills.

Every time Jon or Chad or the whole band comes to town, though, they remember. They ask after common friends, joke about common experiences. As someone who’s opened for everybody from cult heroes to arena has-beens, I know exactly how rare that is, how easy it is to forget that opening act they played with in St. Pete, how all the past bills can run together unless you’re careful not to let it happen. And I appreciate it. It expresses the loveliest side effect of playing original music: the communities of lifers that coalesce around the love of tunes and bars and beers and laughter and drama. It reminds me that, while I write music because I’m driven to, the friends and times that come with it are often every bit as important to me as the words and the chords.

And it makes me love and respect Drag all the more–after all, they could’ve been assholes, and I still would’ve been blown away by the tunes.

Scott Harrell plays in Florida bar-rock act Nessie. They’ll be supporting Drag The River’s Jon Snodgrass and Cory Branan at downtown St. Petersburg’s The Emerald Bar this Friday, March 12 along with Pensacola foursome Deadly Fists of King Fu.

Jon Snodgrass – Brave With Strangers
Jon Snodgrass – Br00tal
Jon Snodgrass – Old Sad Songs (Lucero cover)

Cory Branan – Skateland South
Cory Branan – Daddy Was A Sky Writer
Cory Branan – Yesterdays