LOL. The other day I said it was policy not to write about EP’s, only to then write about an EP. Well I am gonna follow that up by, less than a week later, writing about another EP. I mean, wtf is policy for if it’s not to be blatantly disregarded, right?

Anyhow, Frank Turner was someone whose name I read and heard a lot, but whose music I’d never heard. Matter of fact, it reached a point where I was hearing his name so much and hearing his music so little that I began to wonder if it was a case of the reality not matching the hype. When I saw that he was opening up the Lucero/Social Distortion tour I decided that I was gonna avoid listening to any of his recorded material and let his live show be my initial point of reference.

He took the stage that night and opened with a song I disliked so much that by the end of it I had moved from the front of the venue to the very back. I was lost, and it was gonna take something pretty epic to win me back. Frank and his band took that challenge and pretty much maintained awesome for the remainder of their set. By the end of the third song I was back in the front, and somewhere in the middle of the set I was tweeting about how Frank Turner is the perfect mix of Tim Barry and The Gaslight Anthem. Was I drunk? Well, of course, it was a Lucero show, but the comparison has held up under the careful examination of this here EP.

Now I’ll be honest, after that show my intent was to starting acquiring Frank Turner albums like a dog does fleas, but it just hasn’t happened. That said, this EP has reignited that fire. As an added bonus, only one song on the EP will appear on the new album, which is due sometime in the future.

Frank Turner – I Still Believe
Frank Turner – To Absent Friend

Frank Turner’s Official Site, Frank Turner on Facebook, Buy The Rock And Roll EP


It’s not very often I write about EP’s. Matter a fact, it’s sort of ninebullets policy NOT to write about EP’s but this EP from Arliss Nancy begs to be written about.

Arliss Nancy come out of Colorado and it was our good buddie Virgil from Colorado that brought these guys to our attention (many many thanks). Soundwise, some folks call them a country/rock band but I really don’t hear it. To me, they’re a perfect blend of the raw pure rock fury of Two Cow Garage and the polished retrospect of The Gaslight Anthem.

You heard them on the podcast, now check out a few more tracks.

Arliss Nancy – Paul Revere
Arliss Nancy – Abacus

Arliss Nancy on Facebook, Buy Truckstop Roses 10″ Vinyl, Download the .mp3’s (for free)


American Slang

I first got into these boys from Jersey with a recommendation from a friend and didn’t listen to The ’59 Sound all that much at first. Over time it grew on me and became a staple of my playlist and quite the repeater on mix tapes. The release of American Slang was one of the first to get me looking forward to summer and it hasn’t let me down. I didn’t put this one on the back burner like I did with their sophomore release. Instead I queued it up and it has been on repeat for my drive to and from work for a while now. I’ll skip the comparison to their other work and cut right to the chase. American Slang is straight up rock n roll with absolutely no apologies.

Horowitz provides a driving beat that makes it hard not to tap your feet even when you are desk-bound like I am most of the day while Fallon belts out lyrics that are the heart and soul of what rock n roll should be over the big guitar of Rosamilia with Levine’s bass holding it all together. American Slang is not alternative rock, it’s not post punk, it’s not any sub-genre. It is simply what every rock n roll band in America should be trying to do. I know I sound like a fan boy extraordinaire and to be be frank I don’t give a damn. I love music and there’s been some amazing music this year but this one is the best rock album I have heard in a damn long time. Yeah it’s Essential Listening without a doubt and it could be a contender for the album of the year top spot as far as I am concerned. I guess I had better give up some tracks for you all to enjoy before I launch into a track by track diatribe complete with my favorite lyrics from each one because I really want to go on about this one…

The Gaslight Anthem – Stay Lucky
The Gaslight Anthem – Orphans
The Gaslight Anthem – We Did It When We Were Young

The Gaslight Anthem’s Official Website
The Gaslight Anthem on Facebook


When I heard this song by The Gaslight Anthem for the first time it was at their show at The State Theater here in St. Pete. When it first started I was sure they were doing a cover of Drag The River‘s song “Having A Party”. Turned out that wasn’t the case but I made a mental note to compare/contrast the songs when I got home.

Well, Mr. Beam made that mental note get lost in the annals of shit I think about when I am drunk until today.

Today, I was finally getting around to checking out the back catalog of The Gaslight Anthem and I heard the track again and everything came rushing back.

Now, I am not gonna say The Gaslight Anthem stole anything…but I will say I imagine there are some Drag The River cds on someone in the bands iPod. Perhaps it’s just a tip of the cap to Drag. Gaslight Anthem made liberal of such things on their latest effort, The ’59 Sound.

Listen and tell me what you think. Tip of the hat to Drag, coincidence? What say you?

The Gaslight Anthem – Say I Won’t (Recognize)
Drag The River – Having A Party

Edit: Or, as Kevin pointed out in the comments….they could both be related to Sam Cooke’s song.

Sam Cooke – Having A Party

So yeah, now I look like a dummy….but sticking to my steadfast rule of never deleting anything I’ve posted no matter how wrong I am this post will now hang out as a testimate to the fact theat I indeed, do not know everything.