Do you remember a while back when amateur photographers were climbing onto their roofs and SciFi geeks were drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew? All with the hope that they would catch something called “The Blood Moon”. Well, instead of embellishing in frivolous acts of astronomical proportions Dinero chose this night to release their long-awaited and eagerly anticipated second album, The Blind Owl, into the world.

I hope you remember Dinero’s previous effort, Sheep, because it is monumental in northern Colorado garage-rock lore and The Blind Owl continues the tradition of poking you in the chest while making you rock your neck over and over again. The Blind Owl finds Dinero recording with the live line-up that I have seen over the last few years. They have Mike on ‘high-end’ guitar and vocals, Colin plays ‘low-end’ guitar and Dave bangs on the drums like nobody’s business. (Sheep featured bass and I do miss that instrument here)

The Blind Owl is a little less RL Burnside and a little more Meat Puppets than Sheep was but this album is full of furious guitar jams overflowing with attitude and social consciousness. Songs like” Boogie Woogie On The Backs Of The Working Poor” might come off as self-righteous or preachy if you don’t agree. But I do agree, so fuck off if you don’t. The Blind Owl probably isn’t for everyone but if you had a Minutemen phase or were into Thin Lizzy before all the hipsters were into Thin Lizzy then pluck down FIVE BUCKS for some kick ass shit that will impress your friends and get you dates with the right kinds of girls.

Dinero has a Facebook page, Buy The Blind Owl