When I wrote about the Alabama Shakes debut EP toward the end of last year the big question was would the success of the songs on the EP translate into a successful first album.  As I pointed out, there was a heap of praise already on the band and I loved the four songs they had released.  So the answer to that question probably depends on how high your expectations were.

To these ears my mother gave me Boys And Girls is the bomb.  In interviews the band talked about how the full length would expand on some sounds and possibly surprise some listeners of the EP.  Thankfully they didn’t lose the soul influence those first songs had while they were still able branch out and infuse more garage rock hints.  (Wow, that sounds really suspect, but oh well)  “Hold On,” “I Found You,” and “You Ain’t Alone” may still be the three best songs on the album, though it’s entirely possible that I’ve just heard them way more than the other songs.  But there are still plenty of rad new songs on Boys And Girls, it’s not like they stuck some filler on there and charged you more for it.

It seems stupid and cliché to talk about a soulful band and use words like raw, primal, heartfelt, guttural, emotive, etc but these words work.  And even as how Brittney Howard sings is as important as what she sings it’s still important to point out that she can turn a phrase.  I’m thinking of the line in “Rise To The Sun” I feel so homesick/where is my home/where I belong/or where I was born.

As much as Ms. Howard receives much of the praise, which she fairly deserves, the band behind her also deserves a tip of the cap.  They know when to be restrained and when to just let the shit hit the fan, all while maintaining a smooth swagger and impeccable timing.

Not that this has anything to do with the enjoyment of the album but:  ATO has done a really good job of promoting Alabama Shakes and if you follow them on facebook you read all the time about selling out shows, here and overseas.  I’ve got a hunch that when next year’s Grammy nominations are announced we’re going to see Alabama Shakes in the best new artist category.

Hey Autopsy IV, this is the point in the blog post where you should tag it as Essential Listening. (AIV NOTE: Very well. Ladies and Gentlemen. This album, it is Essential Listening.)

The Alabama Shakes – Rise To The Sun
The Alabama Shakes – Be Mine
The Alabama Shakes – I Ain’t The Same

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It’s been one heck of a week. Between traveling for work, traveling for family and a whole myriad of other things, I’ve barely been around a computer for the beginning of this week. I think things are gonna calm down as of today so let’s recap some of the awesome that happened this week.

Last night I got off my 2012 show snide by catching Lydia Loveless and Scott H. Biram over in Tampa and rushing across the bridge afterwards and catching Mr. Austin Lucas in St. Pete. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Speaking of a Tuesday night. The Alabama Shakes continued their staggeringly rapid ascent last night by appearing on Conan. Let’s check that out:

Speaking of staggering….Joe Pug has a new album coming out soon called The Great Despiser and Paste Magazine debuted the lead single this week. The track is called “Hymn #76” and it is quintessential Joe Pug. Hopefully, I found the right code to copy/paste that bitch below:

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Below is the playlist for January 12, 2012

01. Lydia Loveless – Bad Way
02. The Alabama Shakes – I Found You
03. The Record Company – Don’t Let Me Go Lonely
04. Low Cut Connie – Johnny Cool Man
05. Jenny Owen Youngs – Hot In Here (Nelly Cover)
06. Lissie – Pursuit Of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover)
07. Hugo – 99 Problems (Jay-Z Cover)
08. Jerry Reed – Eastbound & Down
09. Waylon Jennings – Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Don Gotten Out Of Hand
10. C.W. McCall – Outlaws and Lonestar Beer
11. Scott H. Biram – Wreck My Car
12. Sinful Savage Tiger – Still Waiting In Line
13. Amy Lashley – Livin’ On Beans & Cornbread
14. The Coloradas – 8 Ball Blues
15. The Drive-By Truckers – Gravity’s Gone
16. John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls – Christian Rock
17. Micah Schnabel – American Static
18. Shelby Lynne – Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road

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Episode 54: aired 01.12.2012


The Alabama Shakes have had an impressive year.  Shit, in July they weren’t even known as The Alabama Shakes.  Chances are you’ve probably heard some of the hype that been surrounding the band but thanks to a recent radio interview I thought I’d give you a brief timeline of the bands life.

Around July they were playing in Nashville for Record Store Day, that show got the attention of someone at the blog Aquarium Drunkard.  That led to a write-up, the band was still known as The Shakes.  Shortly thereafter they played a show in Florence, Alabama.  Patterson Hood was at the show and afterwards offered them a few opening gigs and hooked them up with connections to managers and booking agents.  More shows were played, a record deal with ATO Records was signed, dates booked in Europe, and now their song “You Ain’t Alone” is featured in a jewelry store commercial.  They were also the most talked about band at this year’s CMJ Festival in New York.

Consider that this was all done with only 15 minutes of recorded music.  All for songs on this EP are excellent but come early spring we’ll find out if they can parlay this success into a full album.  In the radio interview I heard they said that with the full album they’ll prove that they are more than just a neo-soul band.  Here’s hoping they don’t stretch too far from this EP because this thing is great.

The Alabama Shakes – I Found You
The Alabama Shakes – You Ain’t Alone

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