As I speed-walked down 7th Ave I was a little stressed out.  My boyfriend and I had gotten distracted by the Skatepark show…and the vodka…at Czar and I thought for sure we had missed the opening bands, and possibly part of Dr. Dog.  I had seen them before, at Lollapalooza last year, and even on a little stage set way back from the crowd in the middle of an August afternoon they were amazing. Needless to say, I was stoked to find out that that were going to be in town at the Crowbar, a cool, unpretentious little local venue that they seem to have a liking for, having played there twice before.  Having been late to get on the Dog-wagon, I missed them the first couple times they came through Tampa so I was not going to miss them this time, damnit!  As we rounded the corner and headed down 17th I was instantly relieved to see a dog in a lab coat standing outside the club.  Actually it was a dude in a dog costume wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope.  Still, it clearly meant that Dr Dog was not on yet, so after getting some pictures (turns out the dog and his friends in scrubs and stethoscopes were doing some sort of class project), we headed in.

Turns out the first opener hadn’t even gone on yet.  This delay in starting things may have led to a crowd that was more restless than usual.  It also may have led to the first opener, local band Win Win Winter, being a little agitated.  Or both.  Either way the crowd was restless and bustling when this first band took the stage, so it was kind of understandable when lead singer Thomas asked the crowd to act like they were in a library and stop chatting…and equally understandable that not too many of the aforementioned chatters actually did. Still, they plugged along and I thought they were pretty good all things considered. The standout moment for me was a cover of the Beatles’ “Something in the Way She Moves”, which was enhanced even more by the fact that Thomas’ voice kept reminding me of Billy Corgan before he shaved his head.

Next up was Drug Rug from Massachusetts, a five piece that includes a boyfriend/girlfriend team on vocals that I thought were fantastic.  They did just what I want an opening band to do- introduce me to something new that I may like and get the crowd revved up for the main act.  Plus, I am an utter and complete sucker for sugary vocal harmonies and they delivered in spades.  As the wooden planks of the stage bowed and popped under the band bouncing through “For The Rest of Your Life” I decided that I had to remember to check these guys out when I got home.  A couple songs later I found myself singing along to a song I’d never even heard before.  These guys are good!

Finally, not too long after Drug Rug left it, Dr Dog took the stage to plug in their shit, did a quick sound check and then it was down to business.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  The whole damned thing.  They played every song like it was the encore, from “The Ark” through “My Old Ways”…17 songs of Blues Brothers-esque high stepping, unhinged-jaw belting out of lyrics, and sweating through little white towel after little white towel.  Which song was my favorite?  I can’t even tell you, I stopped taking notes about 30 seconds in and just sang along.  I can tell you, however, that I laughed my fucking ass off when the guy in the dog costume got invited up on stage and hung out for a whole song, dancing and jumping in that heavy, hot rental.  Note to Tampa readers…do not rent the costume in the above picture, it will never, ever be the same.  And I will never, ever miss Dr Dog @ The Crowbar again.

If you want to see more pictures from the show, you can check out the album here

Win Win Winter on MySpace

Drug Rug on MySpace

Dr Dog on MySpace

Dr Dog – Army of Ancients
Dr Dog – The Beach

NINEBULLETS.NET PRESENTS: O'DEATH, FEB. 3 @ THE ORPHEUM is the official online presenter of the O’Death show here in Tampa on Tuesday night. While I’m not entirely sure what “the official online presenter” really means, I can also say I don’t really care. Anytime I have the chance to align the site with the Appalachian Apocalypse from New York that is O’death, you best believe I am gonna do it. What this does mean for the local reader is that I have a pair of tickets to give away to the show and what this means for both the local and non-local reader alike is that I have (3) (1) copies copy of their latest cd, Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, to offer to you, the loyal reader. CDs have been won. What do you have to do for the loot, you ask? Well, go to O’death’s myspace profile and then email me what the fourth song on their music player is. First local person gets the tickets and I’ll give the cd’s to the first 3 local or out of towners to email me the same answer.

If you don’t win don’t let that deter you from this show, Tampa. It’s definitely gonna be a show of the year candidate. Here is what I wrote about them last time they came to Ybor City:

Drummer David Rogers-Berry lived up to his advance billing; screaming, howling, beating trash cans with chains, hyping the crowd, and just generally beating his floor toms so hard you could almost see them wince in agony. Adding to the drum-abusive energy was fiddle player Bob Pycior stomping and dancing about while trying his damnedest to saw his instrument in half. Much like Berry, he plays with such an intensity that you get the impression he is punishing his instrument more than playing it. Balancing out these two was Gabe Darling’s banjo and ukulele and Greg Jamie’s guitar and sometimes woeful, always captivating vocals, which help give the band it’s dark sound.

If you are out and about, come holler at me. I’d love for you to buy me a beer and listen to you tell me how awesome ninebullets is…or we can just talk music and sports. Either way, I’m good…just come out.

O’Death – Down to Rest
O’Death – O Lee O
O’Death – Only Daughter


The Tampa Bay area is not known for much. Sure, there’s professional sports teams, it’s the strip club capital of the Southeast, we have sandy beaches, can wear shorts in December and there may be a few other things I don’t feel like listing, but we aren’t really known for our musical talents. There’s our crown jewel from way back, The Outlaws, some junky who flamed out on American Idol, and Ronny Elliott. I may be missing one more, but I don’t think I am…well, there is the Smell Yo Dick chick, but she’s from Bartow. Anyway, my point is that we’re better know for our student-fucking teachers and goth scene than for our musical talents and it’s a real damned shame, ’cause there are a lot of really talented kids here busting their asses for little or no support. Today I am gonna talk about a group of those kids who just released a fantastic debut album.

Have Gun, Will Travel is Matthew Burke (voice, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica), Daniel Burke (bass guitar, voice), Jean-Paul Beaubien (drums, percussion), Nathaniel Oliver (elec. guitar, lap steel, voice), and Joshua Hernandez (viola). It began as the solo acoustic side project of Matt Burke, releasing an EP that managed to produce a few national ripples. Somewhere between that EP and Casting Shadows Tall as Giants, Burke dropped the “solo” and (I believe) the “side”, making HGWT a full-fledged effort. The result is a solid debut of 12 seemingly death-obsessed tracks. Don’t let that turn you off though, this is an album that can hang with anything on Miles of Music’s It’s A Cracker list, so check them out.

Have Gun Will Travel – Blessing and a Curse
Have Gun Will Travel – Come, All Ye Sinners
Have Gun Will Travel – Pins and Needles

Have Gun Will Travel on myspace, Buy Casting Shadows Tall as Giants