Last week we debuted the video for “Lydia”, the lead single from Two Cow’s new album, Sweet Saint Me while Punknews debuted the song “Sally I’ve Been Shot”. In other words, all sorts of Two Cow Garage awesomeness was occurring last week. This week has been a continuation of that momentum with Suburban Home’s announcement of the Sweet Saint Me preorder as well as Farce The Music dropping a review of the album. Ninebullets is nothing short of ecstatic to a be a continuing part of the lead up to Sweet Saint Me’s release with the debut of the song “My Great Gatsby”.

Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby

I have to thank Virgil and the band a million times. When I was approached about debuting a song here I specifically asked for “My Great Gatsby” because it’s my favorite song on the album. I wouldn’t have blamed them for wanting to keep this one under wraps until Sweet Saint Me dropped but they told me to go for it without a moments notice. I hope y’all love it as much as I do. I feel the song acts as a Two Cow Garage mission statement and have sort of adopted it as my own. Sweet Saint Me officially drops on October 26th but the preorder is available tomorrow and everyone who preorders the album will be granted an immediate digital download of the entire album. Order it! These guys deserve as much as our hard earned money as we’re able to give them. Hell, I’ve had the digital album for months now and I’ll be ordering a copy or two later this afternoon.

Tampa/St. Pete folk: Two Cow Garage will be coming to New World Brewery in support of Sweet Saint Me on Monday, October 11th. Cover will be $8.00. I hope to see some of y’all there.


This show has been incubating in twitter conversations between @Funky49 and myself for a few months and is finally happening. It’s well outside the comfort zone but I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Hope to see some of y’all out.

Emergency Pizza Party – Never Make The Airwaves

Emergency Pizza Party’s albums, Shine Ave. and Zombie Emergency Defense (and a whole slew of other artists) can be downloaded legally and freely over on Scrub Club Records.


Coming out of Philly, Dr. Dog is a five man band with everyone not only playing an instrument, but also singing. It creates a fun, full, old-timey sound that is unlike much of anything else I’ve heard. They’re one of my top favorite bands, and one of my tippy-top favorite live acts, so when I saw a new album was coming out, I hoped that would mean another Tampa show would be here soon. They’d played as close as St Augustine last March, but I had to miss it because of a friend’s baby shower. There are no Tampa dates on their website, but I’m staying optimistic and using this time to learn every fantastic lyric.

You know how when you love a band and you get their new album, you’re hopeful and excited, but also just a little bit nervous to listen to it? Just a little anxious about having your heart broken when you find that while you’ve been apart they’ve changed and now you have nothing in common any more? Well as soon as I worked up the nerve and pressed play, “Stranger” came on and I knew our reunion would be just as I’d hoped. I instantly loved the lyrics, like the line, “Well I plan to hit the bottom, the bottle, then the top.” Their songs always have great lyrics that are cleanly poetic, without a hint of pretentiousness. And the harmonies hadn’t gone anywhere, either. Happy as a clam, I settled in for the ride and I think I played the album at least 3 times in a row.

Listening to the album, I couldn’t help but think at times of how great some of these songs are going to sound live if/when they head back my way. Songs like “Mirror, Mirror”, with its simple chorus so perfect for singing along to and its frenetic ending that puts an image in my mind of all five of the guys jumping around the stage. Another standout track for me is “Someday”, which caught me off guard at first with how much the crooner-style singing at the beginning reminded me of Jamie Cullum, and then it quickly picked up and got to business.

I also have to mention “Jackie Wants a Black Eye”, which has some of the heaviest lyrics on the album. McMicken discussed it on their site as follows, “I had this one particular night where I was particularly depressed, to the extent that I realized that I needed to get out of the house. So I walked to this bar about four blocks from my house, and I don’t even drink, but I knew I’d run into people that I know, and I ran into my friends Jackie and John, who are both the main characters in the song. It turned out that Jackie and John had arrived at the bar that night in a very similar position, where they were both really bummed out about stuff in their lives, and I stumbled into this situation with two people that I could really easily commiserate with. We sat and talked for a couple of hours, and the way I felt upon leaving there versus how I felt when I showed up was such a radical shift that I couldn’t help but feel like there was some greater significance or something to be incredibly thankful for. I went home that night and I wrote that song.” I don’t know how anyone could resist listening to a song after reading that, so check out the mp3 below.

There’s not really any new direction being taken on this, their sixth full length album, but that’s not a bad thing. Not in the least. Dr. Dog has this classic bluesy, poppy, and super soulful vibe that has one foot in today and one in the 60’s, and they are one of my foolproof go-to cures for a shitty day. This one goes on my personal essential listening list, and if these guys come anywhere near you, don’t walk, run to the show…and tell them to get their asses back to Tampa.

Dr. Dog – Jackie Wants A Black Eye
Dr. Dog – Strainger

Dr. Dog’s Official Site, Dr. Dog on myspace, Buy Shame, Shame


Passion Pit is a band that started as one man’s Valentine’s Day present to a girl and has evolved into a 5-man band whose sweetly hypnotic song “Sleepyhead” found its way into a Palm Pixi ad and whose current tour has been selling out left and right, including the Tampa stop.

I personally have the worst luck getting into the Ritz smoothly. Don’t get me wrong, I love this venue and all the people there, but lemme tell you, if you have a ticket with will call or are supposed to be on a list, bring a receipt, a confirmation email, and a blood sample. By the time the cavity search was over (I’ll always remember our time together, Helga) I’d missed the first opening band, Brahms. A couple friends had seen the tour in Miami the night before and had told me that they were great, so I went to their site and signed up for the 4 free mp3’s they were offering. After I close on my house this week I have promised myself I’d find some quiet time to listen to them.

Next up was the Canadian foursome Tokyo Police Club, the band that I was actually the most excited to see.  It’s been 2 years since their last effort, which I adored, so when I saw they were touring with Passion Pit I was thrilled. I honestly had never expected that they would come to my home town, so when they played almost the entire first album, I was ecstatic. The crowd was packed into the theater for most of their set, though you could tell many of them hadn’t yet heard TPC. While my friends and I were in the balcony bouncing to “Your English is Good”, much of the crowd down below were standing like statues, though there was definitely a loud, albeit still smallish, contingent of fans scattered about down there, too. The band didn’t give up on the crowd, though, and when they asked us all to clap during “Citizens of Tomorrow”, your classic song about robots taking over the world and enslaving all humans, there were waves of hands clapping along. They worked so hard, in fact, that singer/bassist Dave Monks broke a string right before the chorus of “Wait Up” and had to have another bass rushed out to him, which he promptly threw on and finished the song. I’ve only had a chance to give their new album a couple listens, but the new songs sounded great live and I can’t wait to get to spend some more time with them.

Now, if you’ve never been to a sold out show at the Ritz in the summer it’s kinda hard to describe. Unless, that is, you’ve been in a sauna with 1000 15 year olds. Then you know exactly what it’s like. The air was so thick from the humidity it was like they were running a fog machine filled with sweat and beer. The opening band hadn’t even hit the stage yet and I saw a girl already being carried out. Pffft, amateurs. Then Passion Pit took to the stage and the whole place officially went batshit crazy. Throughout all 14 songs, including a 3 song encore, lead singer Michael Angelakos sang his discotastic falsetto guts out and the crowd sang back at him as loudly as they could muster. Angelakos seemed genuinely touched by the crowd’s response and made a point of sincerely thanking them. I however, couldn’t see shit (insert Ray Charles meme here). The balcony where I’d watched TPC was now off limits and I couldn’t even see the drummer from the back of the venue, so it was pretty much like listening to the album in the shower, just with way better lighting. Not only could I not see the stage, but the ice-cold vodka at Czar right across the street was calling my name, so I was just about to head out a little early. Just then they started playing “Sleepyhead” and everyone in the front bar of The Ritz collectively put out their cigarettes (no smoking is allowed in the theater) and hauled ass to catch this song. That is one catchy fucking tune, and it lured me back as near as the entry to the theater, and standing there I watched the backs of hundreds of heads bob in unison. I’m glad I stuck around, but take it from me, if you get a chance to buy the balcony upgrade, DO IT.

You can see more pix from the show here.


One of the best things about the holidays is holiday parties and college bowl games. Fortunately there will be no football to distract you from the awesomeness coming to The Emerald tonight.

The Semis seem sort of like the odd band out on this bill, soundwise. I’ve made a pass through their new CD and it seemed a lot more on the “indie” side of things than the rest of the bill. I’ve never caught them live but I have heard great things from reliable sources, so I’ll be making a point to get there early enough to see their set.

I’ve caught Nessie three or four times over the past year or so and they never disappoint. Two things are for sure when you come to a Nessie show at The Emerald. First, it will be packed. Second, it will be loud. In other words, it will be pretty awesome.

Have Gun, Will Travel has just returned from a successful trip up to Atlanta where they opened up for the Slobberbone reunion show. If you don’t know who Slobberbone is, then shame on you, but to clue you in on how big of a deal it is — Patterson Hood from the Drive-By Truckers found the show worthy enough of a road trip from Athens. There was also a car load of our own Tampons who made the road trip as well (jealous, I am). Anyway, they’re not calling this a “CD release” party or anything, but they’ll have the new one with them and if you haven’t bought it yet, you need to be picking that bitch up. Tonight night is as good a night as any.

On another note, I don’t know if y’all have heard or not, since I‘ve been trying to keep it so quiet, but I recently had some shirts made and I’m selling them. If any of you local folks want one hit me up (I’ll be the dude in the shirt) and I’ll sell you one….and since you actually came out and paid a cover to support local music, I’ll sell it to you for a mere $10. So find me at the show or hit me up on email prior to the show.

See y’all tonight!

Have Gun Will Travel – Come, All Ye Sinners
Have Gun Will Travel – Kerosene and Candlelight
Have Gun Will Travel – Soles of Our Shoes


This weekend managed to prove once again that I am getting too old to party like a rock star two nights in a row. The whole thing began Friday night where I set out to, and I quote myself here, “get Lucero drunk”, and I am happy to announce that the mission was a complete success. The trade off of that is that recollection of the show is slightly hazy. A lot of the reviews I read leading up to Lucero’s show here were about the crowd. That frat boy concentration levels were reportedly getting dangerously high, but I didn’t really notice it being a problem here in Tampa. That said, the only complaint about the show would have to have been the crowd, but it was a completely expected complaint. See, as a bands popularity and attending crowds grow, the devotion level of the crowd begins to get diluted. While there was no shortage of people at Czar who where there to be seen rather than to see Lucero, they didn’t hurt the quality of what was happening on the stage, so let’s talk about that…and horns.

The band arrived in town in better spirits, shape, and sanity than I’ve ever seen them. That said, the band has a reputation to uphold here in Florida and as the band took the stage the whiskey river started flowing. The band ran through a nice mix of tracks from the new album (with their newly integrated horns) and songs from the new album, 1372 Overton Park. The first twenty feet off the stage were the usual suspects you’d see at a Lucero show, glasses raised, eyes a little glazed and singing every word as if they were the backup singers. My night ended with a stirring version of “Mom” ’cause my wife (and designated driver) had to be at work quite early the next morning, but I stumbled out of Czar drunkenly slurring about how good the band sounded and promptly passed out in the truck. For the uninitiated, that means the show was a complete success.

Lucero – The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo (from their Daytrotter Session)
Lucero – Can’t Feel A Thing (from their Daytrotter Session)


I am blessed with the inability to get a hangover. It’s a blessing and a curse, but I woke up Saturday morning no worse for wear and started getting ready for Have Gun Will Travel. The group I was supposed to be going to HGWT with slowly declined as the day wore on since most of my friends are not immune to hangovers, and by the time I needed to leave my group had dwindled to being just me. I worried that the Lucero show the night before was gonna have a similar effect on others, making HGWT’s show a sparsely attended event, but those worries we quickly put aside as the crowd continued to grow while Lauris Vidal and Whiskey Gentry played their sets.

I have to admit I missed all of Lauris Vidal and about half of Whiskey Gentry due to interviewing Whiskey Gentry and Have Gun over at Fuma Bellas (look for those to be posted next week) during the concert. I was very excited to see Whiskey Gentry, having known Lauren (singer) from her previous band, Missy Secret and the Gossip Keepers. Whiskey Gentry was way more uptempo, eschewing the “old time country” sound for a bluegrass element. I was told that they were trying to work out an arrangement with HGWT that would get them down this way more often and take HGWT up to Atlanta on a more regular basis. Hopefully that will work out, ’cause these guys had the vibe and energy that could make them become the new Weary Boys for New World. Anyone who ever came to a Weary show at New World knows what I am talking about.

Up next were the stars of the party, Have Gun Will Travel, and by now the crowd had reached the point where I was nothing short of proud of Tampa. The band noticed it too, managing to comment on how awesome it was multiple times throughout the night. Speaking of awesome, HGWT was nothing short of awesome on that Saturday night, playing every song off their new album, Postcards From The Friendly City (call me crazy but I think they played one twice), and all the crowd’s favorites from their previous album, Casting Shadows Tall As Giants. The band played well into the night and the crowd stuck with them through the whole show. I can honestly say that I was not ready for the show to be over as the band walked off stage, which is a rarity for me since it was two in the morning and I still had a 30 minute drive home. I think that’s honestly the highest compliment I can pay the show, that when it was over I wanted more. They’ll be playing around the area quite a bit in the coming weeks/months in support of the cd. You should make a point to catch them a couple of times, they truly one of Tampa’s treasures.

Have Gun Will Travel – Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothes
Have Gun Will Travel – Ol’ Death Rattle
Have Gun Will Travel – Soles Of Our Shoes



Sometimes I wish I listened to the people around me more often. If I had, I wouldn’t have missed the Greenland Is Melting show in Tampa earlier this month. Truth is, I was feeling worn out, a little broke and I didn’t even bother Googling the name when the show was suggested to me. About a week after that exchange, I was in my computer room putting on my shoes and I look over at one of the stacks of cds I need to be listening to and see the Greenland Is Melting cd. Having recalled the conversation about the show, I pulled it out of the stack and took it to the car. As luck would have it, the very next day Karl from the band dropped me an email asking if I’d received the cd.

Greenland is Melting is the Gainesville, Florida trio of Karl Seltzer, Will Dueease and Shaun Pereira and Our Hearts Are Golden is their sophomore release. Soundwise, the best way for me to describe this band would be to say that they sound like what I wanted to hear the first time I heard The Avett Brothers.  They play a ragged form of folk-country with a punk attitude that seems so loose and relaxed that it always seems like it’s on the edge of coming apart. The bands shares vocal duties on all the songs, and like the music the voices are so different that the harmonies seem like they could devolve into dischord at any minute. The thing is that the album never fell apart, and as it wore on I just kept getting pulled further and further in until what seemed strange and challenging on first listen became quirky and charming.

There is a line on “Kitchen Song” that goes, “No, no, no, we don’t have them songs for the radio. But we have songs for the kitchen that our friends know.” I seriously doubt you’ll find a more honest line on a record and I think it sums up Greenland Is Melting, as well as what Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue is all about. You can get this entire album for free over on GiM’s Bandcamp site and trust me, it’s worth the download.

Greenland Is Melting – Blood On The Banjo
Greenland Is Melting – No More Sorry Songs
Greenland Is Melting – The Kitchen Song

Greenland Is Melting on myspace, Download Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue


This time last year I was in total panic mode trying to get everything right for the wife’s 30th Birthday. This year we’re back to the annual Halloween Party and Erin has more help than she knows what to do with, so I am free to get my rock shows on. So let’s talk rock and roll this weekend….

Thursday night we have David Dondero, Whiskey and Co. and Christina Wagner kicking the Halloween weekend off at New World Brewery. David Dondero is probably best known to locals here for the following lyrics from “South of the South”; “so I jumped my pogo stick all the way to Ybor City where they burned up a couple blocks and to me seemed like a pity that was once a Cuban district and a center for the arts / was now a mall like atmosphere homogeneous and insincere they burned its heart right out down South of the South”. Fans of Bright Eyes will drop maps of Hawaii all over the place over this guy, while Whiskey and Co. have plenty of drug and whiskey-laden country songs to keep spirits high and heads higher. Oh, by the way…did I mention that this is a / thxmgmt collaborative show? Well, it is. In the interest of honesty I have to say we’re ( really just riding on the coat tails of thx, but I am really happy they offered up said coat tails. I’m telling you, I want 2k10 to be the year 9b takes the next step and I’m hoping thx is gonna help us do it.

Whiskey & Co. – Nightlife
Whiskey & Co. – One Man (too many)

David Dondero – Rothko Chapel
David Dondero – Twenty Years
David Dondero – We’re All Just Babies In Our Mama’s Eyes

Saturday night is Halloween night, and like I said earlier we’re throwing a big ol’ party. If you live in Tampa / St. Pete and wanna attend…holler at me, I’ll give you the particulars.

Sunday afternoon everyone’s gonna have the same thing on their mind….last night’s revelry, and I’m sure that shit is gonna hurt. Everyone knows the best cure for a hangover is a little hair of the dog, and a little rock and roll music just helps the liquor work its magic quicker. Well fancy that, one of the prides of the local music scene, Have Gun Will Travel, will be playing at Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe’ for Sunday brunch and BBQ. HGWT will actually be playing a lot around town in the coming weeks/months as they support their upcoming (released in Nov.) album, Postcards From The Friendly City. Have Gun deserves your attention, and that goes for every out of town reader of this site, too. These kids write great songs and it very well might become my personal mission to make sure every single one of you hear their new album. It’s on par with every other Americana album you’ve purchased this year. I promise.

From: Casting Shadows Tall As Giants:
Have Gun, Will Travel – Blessing and A Curse
Have Gun, Will Travel – Come, All Ye Sinners
Have Gun, Will Travel – Pins And Needles

From Postcards From The Friendly City:
Have Gun, Will Travel – Sons And Daughters Of The Gilded Age


Sure, plenty of shows come to town and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about each and every one of them. But, unlike people, all shows are not created equal. Some shows are just more worthy of your unbridled enthusiasm. Scott H. Biram falls into that category. When Scott comes to your town you need to lock up the womenfolk, drink a few whiskey shots and get your ass to the show. I think my card carrying status in Scott’s Church of the Ultimate Fanaticism Fan Club is well documented here on ninebullets, so I am gonna quote a Biram show review a friend of mine wrote after hearing/seeing Scott for the first time ever a few years ago:

“Finally it was time for Scott Biram. I had heard him earlier when he was doing his sound check and the amount of music he can generate all by himself is really staggering. He was really a great performer and musician. He was able to banter with the audience, tune his guitar, work a bass pedal to keep the beat, blow on the harmonica, and growl into his mic/bullhorn. You don’t really know what to expect when the little guy in the green trucker cap sits down on the stage. Biram looks like a guy you’d pass coming out of the bathroom at a Flying J truckstop on I-10. However he attacks honky tonk and blues with a vicious growl and doesn’t let you go until you are stomping your feet and screaming “Whiskey!”

I know Scott’s shows had started to get a bad rap as being drunken messes a couple of years back but the script has been flipped. Last years show in St. Pete (and all of Florida for that matter) were the best I’ve (or others who’ve seen him) seen. He played damned near all night and was 100% awesome from beginning to end. Don’t miss this show, Tampa Bay area. Trust me on this.

Who: Scott H. Biram
Where: Pasttimes Pub (Sarasota)
When: Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scott H. Biram – Spoonful
Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail
Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder
Scott H. Biram – Sinkin’ Down
Scott H. Biram – Judgment Day


After months of talk 1372 Overton Park will finally come out tomorrow. To mark the occasion the Lucero Social Club is holding listening parties across the United States and Tampa’s is gonna be at Vinyl Fever. There will be free beer, free pizza (courtesy of ninebullets) and some like minded folks hanging out and listening to the album. So, come join us and we can talk about major labels and horns.

Lucero – Hey Darlin’, Do You Gamble (live)