For as far out of the 9b scope the Amanda Blank album was, Sweet Six Bullets is exactly what the site was started for. On my first pass through the album I posted the following on Twitter, “Sweet Six Bullets….I love when a band takes me by surprise….” So let’s talk about them.

There isn’t too much information about these guys on the internet and the lone review was pinned by my good internet friend Johan from altcountryforum.nl, who is the guy that told me to check them out. The band features three songwriters, three guitars and an unapologetic Southern rock sound. If you’re thinking, “Damn, sounds like DBT!” you would be heading in the right direction. The band not only sounds similar to DBT, on paper they also sound pretty similar to early Truckers in action. Fortunately, the band embraces the comparison and even goes so far as to fill out their live sets with a small collection of DBT covers.

Skin, Wine, Sin is a fine debut for this sextet from Belton, South Carolina, and all DBT comparisons aside they’ve shown enough of themselves in their debut to make me wanna see what else they can come up with. Check out these samples and tell me what you think:

Sweet Six Bullets – Halfway Home
Sweet Six Bullets – Twenty-five for 5
Sweet Six Bullets – Georgia Rain

Sweet Six Bullets on myspace, Buy Skin, Wine and Sin