It’s been getting whispered in circles here in the sunshine state for a few months now and despite everyone hoping it wasn’t true, I am sad to report that it is. The Takers performance at Fest this weekend will indeed be their final show. There seems to be no real central reason for the split but speaking to Devon about it it just seems to boil down to the members having different visions for the band. Either way, it was a great run, there were some epic shows, a great album and lots of good times. If you happen to be up at Fest make sure you catch their final performance.

The Takers – Taker Easy
The Takers – Friends In Bottles

For those wondering, Devon fully plans to keep making music and has not shut the door on the idea of forming a new band. Last weekend I talked him into playing a song that hasn’t really been heard outside of Florida called “Narrow Road” for me. I really love the track and hope y’all enjoy it too:

As musicians are wont to do once the instruments are out Devon and Michael kept playing and I managed to get them to perform one more for me:

See y’all on Monday.