Jan 242012

I don’t wanna come off as whining too much but I did wanna talk about something I’ve noticed over the past year or two. There was a time where the blogging scene was kind of united, we read each other’s blogs, commented on each other’s blogs and once twitter took hold we retweeted one anothers blog posts. Really, that doesn’t happen too much any more. I am just as guilty as anyone else. Not sure why it happened but all the bloggers seem to have just perched up on their own little internet islands and became hermits. If I really marinated on it for a while I have a feeling Facebook plays some sort of role in it but so does competition, traffic hoarding and probably a sense of general burnout, an I’m posting my shit and going on with my life mentality if you will. I understand it all and am guilty of each and every charge I’ve levied at one point or another.

But I want to stop.

Over the past year I’ve found myself worrying less and less about who comes to ninebullets or how many people are visiting 9b a day to the point where I might look at my traffic stats once a week or less anymore. As that overall concern of 9b’s “status” wains the reason I started the blog, to bring attention to bands I love, is retaking it’s place at the top of my 9b priority list. One of the things I decided was that in the new year I was gonna renew my reading of other blogs, listening to other people’s podcasts and being an active participant in this little musical community beyond the 1 or 2 posts on ninebullets activities. And when I find neat shit on other people’s sites….tell y’all about it. And that other site. Will this reduce traffic to 9b? Perhaps. Will other site owners and bloggers reciprocate the good will? Hopefully. Either way, I’ll feel better about the role I am playing in this community.

With that said, I wanna point y’all to so cool podcasts that I’ve listened to in the past week or so:

My man Von does the podcast Americana Rock Mix and it is exactly what the title would suggest. Anyhow, Von has been maintaining and impossible regiment of posting a new show (almost) every week for about 127 weeks, and you ain’t gotta be a math major to know that’s a long fucking time. Anyhow, he’s finally starting to suffer from burn-out and floated the idea of stopping all together on his latest show. This is unacceptable. Head over and check out some of his shows. Maybe send him an email if you appreciate what you hear. As I said on Facebook the other day, you have no idea a simple email letting us know that you’re out there and enjoying what we do raise our spirits.

The Taco part of the Taco Podcast Radio Show stands for the Twang Alliance of Central Ohio and to be honest with you, I’d never heard of their show until they dropped a link to the latest episode on Ninebullets Radio’s Facebook page. The show is relatively new and it looks like there was an extended hiatus between the last episode and the one before that but none of that really matters cause I quite enjoyed Episode 7. The show features tunes from 9b.net vets John Schnabel and The Most Beatuiful Losers as well as jams from The Spikedrivers, Vug, Black Owls, Miller-Kelton, The Floorwalkers, The Regionals, and Hayseed. So head over here and get your listens on! If I could, I’d like to offer this sing piece of advise to the folks doing this site: Turn off the auto-start on the audio, please.

I just wrote about this site last week so I’m not gonna launch into any explanation of this site since you can read about it there. Damian has returned this week with another heavy hitter interview with Virgil Dickerson of Suburban Home Records and and I wanted to make sure y’all were aware of it. Not only is there an excellent in depth interview but Damian also managed to score the internet debut of some of that new Arliss Nancy album and I’d be a complete liar if I said I wasn’t more than a little jealous of that.

So there you go. That’s some really good shit happening in other places. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do. If you manage to get through all of those and you’re still jonesing for new music and material I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I have a monthly podcast available here and a weekly radio show available here.


Oct 142011

Did you miss the Suburban Home Records Anniversary Party this year? So did I. Having made the last two it was especially hard for me, knowing exactly what I was missing and all. Luckily, Denver music scene chronicler extraordinaire, SxPxDxCx of That’s The Thing About That did not miss it and he ran tape on the entire weekend.

While it’s not the same as being there, I do plan on pouring a tall glass of whiskey tonight and listening to this compilation loud enough to make the neighbors complain.

If you’re interested in doing the same, head over to That’s The Thing About That< and grab it for yourself.

Track Listing:

01. Two Cow Garage – No Shame
02. Lenny And The Piss Poor Boys – Lonely Days and Whiskey Nights
03. Have Gun Will Travel – Kerosene & Candlelight
04. Tin Horn Prayer – Alls Well That Ends
05. Joey Briggs – My Own Enemy
06. Michael Dean Damron – Angels Fly Up
07. The Evening Rig – The Steve McQueens
08. Micah Schnabel – Blame It On Geography
09. Arliss Nancy – Abacus
10. Lizzie Huffman – A Night In The Country
11. Lenny And The Piss Poor Boys – Can’t Take It Anymore
12. Alone At 3am – Sleep When I’m Dead
13. Two Cow Garage – Your Humble Narrator
14. Shane Sweeney – Promise Land Blues
15. Tin Horn Prayer – Crow Bait
16. Arliss Nancy – Stella Lovely
17. The Evening Rig – Goddamn, I Could Use a Drink
18. Alone At 3am – Mexico
19. Joey Briggs – All For Me Grog
20. Micah Schnabel – Throwing Rocks At The Sun
21. Two Cow Garage – It’s a Shame About Ray (Lemonheads)
22. Have Gun Will Travel – You Wreck Me (Tom Petty)
23. Lizzie Huffman – Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch)
24. Shane Sweeney – The Ballad Of Jamie Bee (John Gorka)
25. Two Cow Garage – Bit Part (Lemonheads)
26. Michael Dean Damron – Long As I Can See The Light (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
27. Two Cow Garage – Ruby Soho (Rancid)
28. Two Cow Garage – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Bob Seger)

Sep 232011

That there interweb is big and vast and sometimes it’s easy to miss some of the awesome that happens on it. So here is an attempt to link to some of the other awesome that’s happening out there:

  • R.E.M. called it quits this week and there has already been no shortage of homages to the band and their discography. Personally, I was never a huge R.E.M. fan but I did find these two articles interesting. They were the first two articles ever written about the band and that kind of history is fascinating to me. I also find the news a tad convenient as the band has “their first career-spanning retrospectivecoming out in November. Now, I’m not saying this is all a stunt to boost sales…I’m just saying I wouldn’t be exceedingly surprised to see a reunion tour in a couple of years.

And that’s it folks. Have a fun, safe weekend and try not to get hit by any falling satellites.

Sep 132011

Local boys turned awesome, Have Gun Will Travel, have a brand new album, Mergers & Acquisitions, coming out on Suburban Home Records on November 1st and if you listened to Ninebullets Radio (if you didn’t, listen to the archive now!) last week you heard us debut a brand new track from the album.

It is my pleasure to now be able to debut the track here on ninebullets.net as well. The track is called 13 Miles To Empty and features Devon Stuart sitting in for some guest vocals. I can’t wait for y’all to hear this complete album so be on the lookout for a complete album stream to pop up here sometime in the coming weeks. Till then, give this one a few spins and tell me what you think:

Have Gun Will Travel – 13 Miles To Empty

Sep 082011

My good buddy Virgil’s little record label is celebrating it’s 16th Anniversary this weekend and unfortunately my campaign to raise 500 dollars to get out to Denver for it fell about 500 dollars short so it looks like I’m gonna miss it.

As has become an annual tradition Suburban Home released a party themed mixtape last night featuring brand new tracks by Micah Schnabel, Have Gun Will Travel (featuring Devin Stuart of the Takers), Lizzie Huffman, and Arliss Nancy.

So press play and enjoy it even if you’re not going. If you are going please show my Florida homies, Have Gun Will Travel, lots and lots of Colorado love.

Suburban Home Records 16th Anniversary Mix by Suburban Home Records