As promised, this week’s Top 5 is for bands you would have loved to have seen but now the opportunity has been taken from you or wasn’t even an option by the time you were born. I don’t think much more really needs to be said about it, so let’s all get to listing!

Lynyrd Skynyrd: I know a tribute band currently tours under this name and by all accounts they put on one hell of a show, but man, what I wouldn’t give to have seen the original lineup in some hot, sweaty Jacksonville divebar back in the day.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Ballad of Curtis Lowe

N.W.A.: Scariest hiphop band to ever bust into the mainstream. Truth be told, back in the day I would have been afraid to have gone to one of their shows, but given the chance today, I’d be there with a cup of sippin’ whiskey and a faux-gangsta lean.

N.W.A. – Straight Out Of Compton

Jimi Hendrix: Jimi didn’t invent feedback, nor was he the first to successfully harness it, but nobody did it better. Fuck Jim and Janet. The true god of the hippie generation was Jimi.

Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing

Sex Pistols: I know, it’s cliche, Sid wasn’t even an important part of the band. It’s true, but he played an important part of my, albeit naive, childhood, and I’d love to have seen that live. I guess this could also have simply been called “Punk”. I would have loved to have seen the punk scene in the ‘70’s.

Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant

Robert Johnson: IMO he’s the father of damned near everything in music that makes my dick hard. I listed him last ‘cause he is the beginning and the end of this subject for me. If Doc Brown showed up in my driveway with that sweet, sweet DeLorean and said I could travel back to see one show in the past, it would be to the 1930’s for a chance to see Mr. Johnson play his guitar.

Robert Johnson – Terraplane Blues
Robert Johnson – Come On In My Kitchen