Admittedly, I’m not really a fan of Steve Earle, outside of his role as Waylon, Bubble’s N.A. sponsor, on the greatest television series ever, The Wire. So when Steve Earle’s newest album, Townes, arrived in my inbox I wasn’t expecting too much.

Townes is a tribute album to one of Steve’s greatest musical inspirations, Townes Van Zandt. There will be plenty of other far more knowledgeable publications writing about this album in the coming days/weeks, so I’ll leave the stories to them. I wanted to write about this album only to tell you that I am not a Steve Earle fan at all and I love it. The reverence that Steve brings to the songs is palpable. You’d almost have to be dead not to like this album.

Check it out.

Steve Earle – Poncho and Lefty
Steve Earle – Lungs
Steve Earle – Marie

Steve Earle – Way Down In The Hole (theme song from The Wire)

Steve Earle’s Official Site, Steve Earle on myspace, Buy Townes