I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard a single song from The Goddamn Gallows outside of last Friday’s show at The Local here in St. Pete. I’d probably never have heard of them if it weren’t for the fact that Jayke Orvis joined them (something confirmed by the internets but he wasn’t at the show), and I definitely wouldn’t have gone out to see them that night had they not been opening for the evil muthafucker from Tennessee, Joe Buck.

So there I sat at a table in the back of the venue as they set up and performed a sound check. The people I was sitting with were talking about walking down to another bar until Buck came on and I was contemplating joining them once it was confirmed that Jayke had not been seen. Finally, it was decided we’d wait and see what they were like but it was agreed upon that “they had better be rad as hell or we’re out”.

The band started playing without so much as a “hello”, just a moment’s silence after soundchecking and then BLAM, the entire band lurched forward and it was fucking on. I don’t think anyone at my table of smug lasted 30 seconds before they were up and walking towards the stage. Over the course of about an hour I watched these guys put everything they had into a show that was comprised of more spit than a Shackshakers show, plenty of theatrics, members swapping instruments, blistering rock and roll, and the occasional drummer moving parts of his kit into the crowd for a portion of the song. Above all of that, though, we watched a band honestly enjoy themselves for an hour or so, and for that I thank them.

If they’re coming through your neck of the woods, go enjoy the fuck out of them. If you’re already a fan, what cd should I start with?

The Goddamn Gallows – Born 2 Lie
The Goddamn Gallows – Everybody Dies


[Photo by: Jeff O’Kelley]

Saturday night, the wife and I braved the torrential downpour and ventured out to the State Theatre to see Hank III and his traveling band. Due to some issues with openers in the past few months, Hank is currently (and for the unforeseeable future) touring without any opening acts, which would normally make me pretty happy but III has a history of bringing some pretty good bands out on the road with him. Anyhow, due to the aforementioned rains, we arrived frighteningly late and worried about having missed the beginning of the show only to find ourselves standing around for a good hour, making the lack of an opener even more painful.

Some of you might be wondering, given my stance on III’s recent albums, why I would even bother going to a III show at all. Well, truth is, the fact that the wife and I would get in for free certainly aided in the decision, but there’s also the fact that I’ve never said the dude puts on a bad show. No. Redundant topics and tired material aside, Hank III live is still a show worth going to see and this especially rainy Saturday night was no different.

Once the band took the stage, the format was pretty standard: country, Hellbilly, country and Assjack. Hank took the stage and immediately took command of what had to be a capacity crowd. The opening country set came in pretty short, with the band only playing three or four numbers before being joined on stage by Assjack frontman Gary Lindsey [pictured after the jump] for the Hellbilly set.

Now, I gotta say, I’ve seen Hank III a lot of times, and this was probably the best Hellbilly set I’ve ever seen from him. The band was tight, the sound was great and Lindsey’s growls, screams and backing vocals were spot on and perfect. By the time the Hellbilly set was winding down the excessively drunk masses from the pits were starting to stumble their way towards the back, stepping on feet, spilling beers and being the nuisance I typically am, so the wife and I drifted towards the back / lobby area for the remainder of the country set. (I’ve seen III live enough to know what he looks like, I just need to hear him these days.)

Hank made up for the short duration of the initial country set with the second that stretched on for over an hour. They did a really good job of interspersing the newer (not as good/bad) material in with his older (awesome) stuff so that I, an avowed nonfan of his recent material, never started looking at my watch, wanting the set to be over. That said, as is typical for me, I left before the Assjack began. I love the fact that he plays the Assjack set, but I’m only lukewarm to it on CD and do not like it live at all.

In the end, the show really reinforced my overall opinion of III these days. You can see the talent in him, but the last two albums have just felt, in a word, lazy. The songs don’t even come off well in a live environment. As I said when reviewing The Rebel Within, hopefully the last two albums were put out to get off Curb Records and now that he’s free we’ll see a return to Straight To Hell form.


Hank III – Country Heroes
Hank III – Pills I Took


Since the show was an official ninebullets event I don’t think I am allowed to post a review of it. Aside from the whole being biased issue, there is the simple fact that I was also working the door for the bulk of the night. If someone who was at the show felt the urge to write a review or recap, I’d be more than happy to post it. I’d really hoped hundreds of people would flock to The Emerald, spending oodles of money on drinks, as well as buying every drop of merchandise the bands had for sale. That didn’t happen, and I have to say there are quite a few known Two Cow fans whose faces I never saw…not that I am bitching. The show was fun, the bands made some money and hopefully they felt it was worth their while to come down here. So instead of posting a review, I am offering you the photo above. That’s of one Mr. Branden Barnett milking every single bit of sexy out of that women’s large t-shirt, as well as the videos below.

The videos were shot earlier in the day live at the 88.5 WMNF studios. Enjoy:

Micah performing “American Static” from his solo album, When The Stage Lights Go Dim:

Micah performing “Lydia” from Two Cow Garage’s upcoming album, Sweet Saint Me:

Branden Barnett performing “History of the Radio” from Ghost Shirt’s album, Domestique:

Devon Vsalin performing “Curse of a Drunk” from The Takers album, Taker Easy:


Welcome to the November version of the podcast. This month, since it’s Thanksgiving, I decided to do an all Florida version as an homage to the bands that play week in and week out in my home state. You know, the bands we can see so often we take them for granted. Passing up their shows for whatever the current buzz band coming through town that weekend is, with the fleeting promise that you’ll catch their show next weekend. Well this month, on ninebullets, is their show. Thanks for all the drunken nights y’all have given us this year, and I look forward to more of it in the coming year.

In keeping with the Florida theme I reached out to Cigar City Brewing to sponsor this month’s show. They agreed and gave me IPA, Mocha Cubano, Brown Ale, Imperial Stout and some others. The idea was to drink them while I did the podcast like I did last month, but once we opened the first growler I knew that wasn’t gonna happen. While I took the entire month to work through the Rogue beers, we put down all of the Cigar City beer in two days. If you live in the Tampa area you should get over to their brewery and buy you some. Trust me, I’m a professional.

There is also a ton of free stuff for you listeners wrapped inside this month’s podcast. We have free cds from Have Gun Will Travel, Greenland Is Melting and Chuck Ragan. We also have a vinyl copy of The Takers album and a beautiful 7″ picture disc from Chuck Ragan. To find out how to win this stuff you’re gonna have to actually listen to the show.

That’s it. I hope y’all enjoy listening to this show as much as I did making it. I think it turned out really well and I am proud of it, as well as the bands that are featured in it. Do me a favor though, if you listen and you enjoy the show, please tell other people about it.

Thanks, everyone. ~Autopsy IV (web / twitter / facebook)


  1. Mofro – Florida (Jacksonville) [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.04.06]
  3. Truckstop Coffee – US-29 (Lake Worth) [00.05.18]
  4. The Takers – St. Johns Son (Gainesville) [00.08.54]
  5. Have Gun Will Travel – Soles Of Our Shoes (Bradenton) [00.11.49]
  6. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.14.50]
  7. Will Quinlan & The Diviners – Plastic Rosary (Tampa) [00.16.11]
  8. Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets – A Lot of Nothing (Tampa) [00.20.33]
  9. Jim Morey Band – Anything For Adventure (Tampa) [00.23.43]
  10. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.27.28]
  11. Greenland Is Melting – No More Sorry Songs (Gainesville) [00.32.07]
  12. Roppongi’s Ace – 1955 (Tampa) [00.35.07]
  13. Brahm Bones – Canoe (Tampa) [00.39.12]
  14. Tom Petty – The Last DJ (Gainesville) [00.43.06]
  15. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.46.33]
  16. Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe (Jacksonville) [00.48.58]
  17. Ben Prestage – Sloppy Drunk (Everglades) [00.53.43]
  18. The Nine Volts – Carolina Soon (Orlando) [00.56.40]
  19. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [01.01.13]
  20. Chuck Ragan – Rotterdam (Gainesville) [01.03.20]

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Oh, Tampa/St. Pete. Please, please, please don’t let me down. The DJ and his records and that theme night at [insert club here] will all be there next weekend, and every monotonous weekend thereafter, but Truckstop Coffee and Joe Buck are only gonna be here this weekend. Get out and see a show…


One of the bands routinely championed on and on the podcast is Lake Worth’s Truckstop Coffee (pictured above, photo by elawgrrl). Saturday night they’ll be at New World Brewery celebrating the release of their excellent new CD, For Dear Life. The album has been out for a couple of weeks now, and if I hadn’t been such a lazy bastard lately, there would already be a glowing review of it posted here for me to link to, but if you like your rock ‘n’ roll in the vein of Two Cow Garage and Lucero, you’ll dig the band.  If you wanna maximize your drunken sing-along opportunities, then head on over to their site, buy a digital copy of the album and listen to it nonstop from now until Saturday night (it’s offered on a pay-what-you-want basis). Then we’ll all raise a glass and sing them old sad songs together whilst buying lots of merchandise and supporting our Florida-grown talents.

The band has been running around the Southeast for the past couple of weeks in support of For Dear Life, and apparently the road decided to bite back. Larry, the drummer, fell head first into a campfire, which resulted in a couple of nights in a Georgia burn unit (for his hand, not his head). Bob, the bassist, managed to break a rib, and then Caleb and Pete witnessed a truck flipping on the interstate at 70 mph. In other words, the band could really use some support right now. I’m hoping you guys will come through.

Truckstop Coffee – Ghost Or An Angel
Truckstop Coffee – Laredo Skies


Some of you live on the other side of the water than New World (like myself) and don’t wanna drive across the bridge, drink beer and then have to drive back. I get that and it’s a valid reason to stay home. Normally. But this Saturday we’re blessed with shows on both sides of the Bay, ’cause the devil that is Joe Buck (former Hank III bassist) is back in town and will be preaching his tales of murder and Satan at The Emerald. I think this will be a much improved venue for Joe from the Dave’s Aqua Lounge shows of past. I think that getting him off that stage and down on the floor and into the mix will work wonders for his show. Trust me, I think you’ll enjoy Buck’s performance and The Emerald is the perfect place to see it.

Joe Buck – Devil Is On His Way
Joe Buck – Evil Motherfucker From Tennessee

So there you go. Two awesome shows, one on each side of the water, no fucking excuses. Come out, watch a rock show and drink beer with regular people…no Axe Body Spray or bedazzled Ed Hardy shirts required.


Suburban Home Records announced that Chad’s debut solo album, Smile Sweet Face, has been given an official street date of October 20th. You will be able to preorder the album on August 21st (no mention if you’ll get a digital copy then) and there will be the normal package options including tshirts, beer coozies, pint glasses and what not.

More importantly, this ensures that Chad will have the album when he rolls through Florida on the Revival II Tour:

11/20/2009 Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds
11/21/2009 St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
11/22/2009 Orlando, FL @ The Social

Here is the studio version of the lead single: Chad Price – Cursed


Seriously, I am not gonna fuck this post up with lots of words that cloud the point and I don’t want any stupid jump cut put it to increase clicks….Here it is. Cut and Dry.

Do you like Scott H. Biram?
Do you like Bob Log III?
Do you like The Black Diamond Heavies?
Do you like your blues with a punk lean?
Do you wanna see a great fucking show?

Wednesday night. The Garage. The deep blues juggernaut from Fort Wayne, Indiana that is Left Lane Cruiser is coming. You should too.

Left Lane Cruiser – Big Mamma
Left Lane Cruiser – Pork & Beans
Left Lane Cruiser – Set Me Down


You know the term “better late than never”? Well if ever it applied to anything, it applies to me finally writing about these guys. I dunno why, but I’ve managed to find more reasons not to write about this album than I could to avoid a prostate exam. It ain’t cause I don’t like the album either. Quite the contrary, I friggin’ love it and finally….I’m gonna tell y’all about it and then you, too, can love it and buy it and all will be right with the world.

Roppongi’s Ace are Alex Spoto (Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle), Max Norton (Drums) and Jesse Norton (Bass). They originate outta the Tampa Bay area, but life and school currently has them strewn out all over the Eastern seaboard. That said, Roppongi’s Ace are still alive and well, playing shows whenever they can all get together. Last year they all came together in the St. Petersburg based Zen Recording Studios and laid the framework for what would be their debut cd, Into The Night.

Into The Night was recorded live over the course of a week with local pedal steel guitarist Tommy Cooper joining in on the sessions to give the band’s sound a little more dimension.

And what about that sound?

Man, far be it for me to compare one unsigned local act to another local act in a completely different state, but god damnit…that’s exactly what I am gonna do. I am gonna say Roppongi’s Ace remind me of faves, Minneapolis based A Night In The Box, but with double the rock, half the blues and no hats. One might say it sounds like the material The Black Crowes were making before any of us knew who they were. A sort of fly by the seat of your pants Southern rock with just enough twang to make you wanna drink your beer from a can.

Into The Night is not only essential listening, it very well may be the best local album release this year…Check ’em out & buy their shit.

Roppongi’s Ace – Waiting For The Day
Roppongi’s Ace – 1955
Roppongi’s Ace – So It Goes

Roppongi’s Ace’s Official Site, Roppongi’s Ace on myspace, Buy Into The Night


Bob Log came. Bob Log saw. Bob Log asked us to shit down his leg.

To say that Bob Log kicked ass is an illustration of words not doing a show justice.

To say that you missed a fantastic show is less a declaration and more of a me pointing and laughing at you…the lazy scene that is Tampa/St. Pete.

So yeah, Bob Log came and, in typical fashion, Tampa/St. Pete didn’t.

You Suck.

Bob Log fucking ruled.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m gonna let James’ photos do the rest of the talking since all I wanna talk about is how shitty the Bay area’s music scene is and how sick I am of making excuses for it….It rained. Gasparilla is 278 days away…etc. etc. But before I go, lemme ask you Tampa, lemme ask you St. Pete: Why is it Orlando’s music scene can be so damned good and ours so freaking shitty?


Edit: I wrote this is a fevered pace 1/2 drunk an hour after the show. Sober, I thought about deleting it and moving on but then I decided it needs to be said. The Tampa/St. Pete music crowd has gotten so complacent it’s almost…no…is…it is embarrassing. So there. I said it and I feel better for it.
Bob Log III – Goddamn Sounds Good
Bob Log III – My Shit Is Perfect
Bob Log III – Boob Scotch


Legendary bad-asses, Those Legendary Shackshakers came to town last month to drop some snot, pubes and rock and roll on their loyal following.

I hadn’t written about the show yet cause, really, there’s nothing new to write about. I’ve seen so many LSS shows and I’ve written about so many LSS shows here on 9b that it’s starting to feel like I’m just writing the same review over and over. This show was like the others (awesome), if anything, it was a little tamer than shows past.

Then my friend, James Zambon, posted his pictures of the show and I knew I had to share them with y’all. I’ve been dragging him to quite a few shows with me as of late and he’s taken some fine pictures that I’ve shared with y’all but these might be his best effort yet.

Go check them out.

Those Legendary Shackshakers – Blood On The Bluegrass
Those Legendary Shackshakers – Piss and Vinegar
Those Legendary Shackshakers – Old Spur Line

P.S.: By popular demand I must say, like all others, I think John Rich is a gigantic douche.

P.P.S.: There will be no post on Tuesday cause I am on the road all day.