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I know the bulk of the Northeast and large swaths of the Southeast would have a hard time believing this right now but, spring is just around the corner. Warmer temperatures. Less clothing. Spring breaks. Summer flings. Broken hearts. Unplanned pregnancies and new loves are all on the horizon. All of this, obviously, needs a sexy ass soundtrack and St. Paul & The Broken Bones are the first band of 2014 to drop the sex on our earholes and that did it with such a ferocity that I am not sure anyone else should even bother. Babies will be made to Half The City, of that, I have zero doubt.

St. Paul & The Broken Bones are yet another band coming out of Alabama with a retro sound that never feels dated, stale or derivative. Lead singer, Paul Janeway’s voice sounds like it should be heard via the crackle of a 1960’s soul album and he looks like he could have been a supporting cast member in Office Space. That said, Paul’s voice (the real star in this band) pairs so perfectly with Allen Branstetter and Ben Griner’s understated but inignorable horn section that you pretty much have to be an asshole not to fall in love with this band inside of 3 songs. They’ve pretty much taken what the Alabama Shakes are trying to do and perfected it. Perfected. I did not misuse that word and it’s everything I envision Essential Listening to be.

Now. Stop reading this review. Buy this album and get laid to it a few times this spring/summer…

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