Glossary is preparing to release a new album and I thought today (following the Two Cow post) would be a good day to remind y’all that last year they released a FANTASTIC album and put it up for you to download for free.

Why after the Two Cow post? Well, you know the lyrics from Two Cow‘s song, Humble Narrator, “the one about a boy / who broke your heart / and brought you to your knees / it was a slow sad waltz / in 3/4’s time / by my friends from Tennessee“? Well, here’s an interesting piece of trivia: those friends are Glossary.

So there. Below is a reprint of the original post I did on the album. Read it. Listen to the samples and then go download the cd. It’s free…

Jesus H. Christ. I am ashamed of myself.

I have been meaning to post a piece about this fantastic album for months, but other than a passing mention that it was available for free (and legal) download, there has been nothing but radio silence from ninebullets. Tonight, when I opened my “shit you need to write about” document and stared at Glossary on top of the list, I decided that it was time to break my silence (to steal a line from Rick Saunders).

So, back in early October, Glossary made their fifth studio album, The Better Angels Of Our Nature, available for free download on their site (btw: it’s still there so you have no excuse for not listening to it). Another reviewer said this in closing about the cd:

I’d have to really start searching to find any faults on this record, and that doesn’t seem fair. Not when a band is doing everything they can to help you get to hear the songs. Not when every song channels and emotion and reminds you of days past, friends you don’t see and lovers you’ve burned through. If you can tell me a better free gift than that, I’d love to hear it.

I really think that covers my feelings on Better Angels of Our Nature. It’s a Southern rock album minus the obvious Southern references of the Drive-By Truckers. A Southern rock album that’s more Saturday afternoon than Saturday night. I think, if you listen to the album, that’ll make sense.

Two things are for sure though- with The Better Angels Of Our Nature, Glossary made the best album of their 10 year career, and it gets a seat on my Essential Listening list. Give it a chance, it’s free.

Glossary – Only Time Will Tell
Glossary – Almsgiver
Glossary – Little Caney

Glossary’s Official Site, Glossary on myspace


You know the term “better late than never”? Well if ever it applied to anything, it applies to me finally writing about these guys. I dunno why, but I’ve managed to find more reasons not to write about this album than I could to avoid a prostate exam. It ain’t cause I don’t like the album either. Quite the contrary, I friggin’ love it and finally….I’m gonna tell y’all about it and then you, too, can love it and buy it and all will be right with the world.

Roppongi’s Ace are Alex Spoto (Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle), Max Norton (Drums) and Jesse Norton (Bass). They originate outta the Tampa Bay area, but life and school currently has them strewn out all over the Eastern seaboard. That said, Roppongi’s Ace are still alive and well, playing shows whenever they can all get together. Last year they all came together in the St. Petersburg based Zen Recording Studios and laid the framework for what would be their debut cd, Into The Night.

Into The Night was recorded live over the course of a week with local pedal steel guitarist Tommy Cooper joining in on the sessions to give the band’s sound a little more dimension.

And what about that sound?

Man, far be it for me to compare one unsigned local act to another local act in a completely different state, but god damnit…that’s exactly what I am gonna do. I am gonna say Roppongi’s Ace remind me of 9b.net faves, Minneapolis based A Night In The Box, but with double the rock, half the blues and no hats. One might say it sounds like the material The Black Crowes were making before any of us knew who they were. A sort of fly by the seat of your pants Southern rock with just enough twang to make you wanna drink your beer from a can.

Into The Night is not only essential listening, it very well may be the best local album release this year…Check ’em out & buy their shit.

Roppongi’s Ace – Waiting For The Day
Roppongi’s Ace – 1955
Roppongi’s Ace – So It Goes

Roppongi’s Ace’s Official Site, Roppongi’s Ace on myspace, Buy Into The Night


Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again is the Athens, Ga. based Bloodkin’s seventh album, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of them. Bloodkin is; Daniel Hutchens (vocals, guitars), Eric Carter (guitars, backing vocals), Eric Martinez (guitars, backing vocals), William Tonks (guitars, dobros, backing vocals), David Nickel (bass) and Aaron Phillips (drums). When I first heard the album I was immediately drawn in by their similar feel to that of The Drive-By Truckers.

A shared home base, a vast array of guitar players and a common sound to DBT is not where the Bloodkin/DBT common road ends, though. I’d guess that the two bands are kindred spirits as illustrated in the liner notes by Patterson Hood himself when he writes, “This is music reflecting not just the pain and suffering that accompanies life but also the love and beauty that hopefully fights for it’s rightful place alongside it. Life affirming Rock and Roll in the finest tradition. This is music to LIVE with and it don’t get any better than that…” That could just as easily describe almost any Truckers album. The common path doesn’t end there, either, since the album was produced by veteran DBT producer David Barbe and the album features Mike Cooley sitting in on banjo on the track “The Viper”.

Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again is devoid of any of the trappings of the corporate rock sound. A Southern rock album that’s pure, honest and Essential Listening.

Bloodkin – Easter Eggs
Bloodkin – Place To Crash
Bloodkin – Little Margarita

Bloodkin’s Official Site, Bloodkin on myspace, Buy Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again


Way back in the beginning of ninebullets I wrote a piece about the band Roxx Gang. There was a period in the late ’80’s I thought they were quite simply the bees knees.

Flash forward 20 years or so and former Roxx Gang frontman, Kevin Steele’s, new band, Mojo Gurus is celebrating the release of their new disc, Let’s Get Lit With. The Mojo Guru’s are, Kevin Steele, Vinnie Granese, Doc Lovett and Mark Busto and they’ve just signed a multi-album deal with True North Records. Along with Let’s Get Lit True North will be reissuing the Guru’s first two cd’s, Hot Damn and Shakin’ the Barn on March 24. To celebrate the occasion the Mojo Gurus are throwing a big ol’ party at Dave’s Aqua Lounge and you’re all invited. Joining them will be another one of Tampa’s shining lights, Tailgunner Joe and The Earls of Slander.

Let’s Get Lit features 13 tracks of straight forward southern rock meets a fifth of whiskey produced by Jody Gray at Pro Star Recording. The press release describes the music as “bourbon-soaked, gut bucket, glam meets twang” and I couldn’t really improve upon that. It’s rock and roll for the sake of sex, drugs and rock and roll. The world can be saved tomorrow.

So come out, get drunk, support your local music scene and buy some music.

The Mojo Gurus – (Just A) Couple of Kicks
The Mojo Gurus – Rebelene

The Mojo Gurus Official Site, The Mojo Gurus on myspace, Preorder Let’s Get Lit


The fellas from The Beautiful Loser Society came to know of ninebullets.net in one of the worst ways possible. Having been a top ten seller on Miles of Music for August of 2008 and subsequently getting screwed out of a couple hundred dollars when M.O.M. shuttered their doors, they were trying to figure out exactly what happened. While doing their research they stumbled across my piece on the Miles of Music closing and decided to mail me a cd.

The Beautiful Losers Society began to take shape sometime in 2001 in the Four Corners region of Colorado when Chuck Barry (vocals, rhythm) and Kevin Chef (vocals, lead) began playing together. In 2006 when they added Danny Bankston on drums and Mike McCluhan on bass, the The Beautiful Loser Society was born. Now, flash-forward a couple of years and the band’s releasing their debut cd, Aim Low.

While Aim Low does occasionally sound and feel like an unsigned band’s debut cd, overall it’s a really strong effort that’s more than worthy of your attention. The band describes their sound as inhabiting the grey area between Hank Sr. and Elvis. Personally, I don’t really hear that at all. When this cd is hitting and I’ve got it cranked, I get the feel of a sound inhabiting the grey area between The Drive-By Trucker’s Southern Rock Opera and Decoration Day albums.

Not a bad place to be sitting if you ask me. Check ’em out and buy their cd if you like the samples. Hell, buy two to help them recoup the money stolen by Miles of Music.

The Beautiful Loser Society – Delta Shine
The Beautiful Loser Society – Muddy Bayou
The Beautiful Loser Society – Killing Floor

The Beautiful Loser Society on myspace, Buy Aim Low