To be honest, I was a little torn. I mean, I’d flown up for the Deep Blues Festival and I’d done a shit ton of hype for it, too, so to abandon one night of it to take a taxi to St. Paul to see Slim Cessna’s Auto Club seemed kind of wrong.  However, as my guilt ebbed and flowed, I knew I had to go. SCAC never comes to Florida, so the fact that they were in the same town I was in was the kind of fate that couldn’t be ignored, and my guilt faded before the taxi was a mile down the road.

I’d long imagined what a SCAC show would be like. I’d watched plenty of live videos on myspace and I was exceptionally jazzed to finally be seeing them by the time we got to the venue. With my SCAC shirt procured, I proceeded to have a few drinks while the opener played. In the downtime before SCAC’s show I refreshed my drink and took a perch up in front of the stage. The next hour and a half or so is a blur of hand-clapping, sing-alonging, whiskey-swilling, sonic orgasmic awesomeness.

Slim Cessna’s sound is just as big and robust live as it is on cd, while Slim & Jay’s back and forth banter is even more enjoyable in a live environment. They sang on the stage, they sang in the middle of the crowd and they sang at all points in between. Our friend said she felt like they were Pied Pipers and had they took off out the front doors the entire crowd would have followed.

I know I would have.

I also know that the competition for Best Show of 2009 is over. Slim has taken that crown and nothing short of Ronnie Van Zandt going zombie and Lynyrd Skynyrd going on a brains and reunion tour is gonna get it back.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This Is How We Do Things In The Country
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Port Authority Band
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This Land Is Our Land Redux
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Americadio

new Slim Cessna's Auto Club tracks:

The greatness that is Slim Cessna’s Auto Club has put 3 tracks from their upcoming cd on their myspace site. Go there. Learn them. Love them. The cd is scheduled for a Fall of 2007 release. I have heard nothing more of it than these three tracks but I can tell you this. It comes from Denver’s greatest export: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and that virtually guarantees greatness if you ask me.

As a side note: I just noticed I have never written about SCAC on ninebullets. This is an utter disgrace and I assure you this will be amended in the coming weeks.