Today’s Top 5 wouldn’t have happened at all had it not been for the bad asses I converse with on Twitter. When the idea was pitched I didn’t think I’d be very good at it (I don’t normally buy soundtracks) but it turned out to be pretty easy for me. So, today’s Top 5 is Movie Soundtracks and here are mine:

Pump Up The Volume: This movie was my version of everyone’s Breakfast Club and it was my first exposure to the greatness that is Leonard Cohen. As I side note, I had quite the crush on Samantha Morris for a few years after seeing this movie.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (played in the movie)
Concrete Blonde – Everybody Knows (actual song on the soundtrack)

Singles: In hindsight, the movie doesn’t carry much Lose Weight Exercise but at 19 this movie spoke to me man. The soundtrack was a virtual who’s-who of the Seattle music scene (sans Nirvana) and I think everyone I knew owned a copy.

Alice In Chain – Would?

The Crow: This movie came in with tons of momentum and went with a wimper. That is, unless, you moved within the Goth scene. Cause then, you could see loseWeight Exercisers wearing Crow makeup to the club some 10 years after the movie. That said, the soundtrack was the tits.

Violent Femmes – Color Me Once
Thrill Kill Kult – After The Flesh

Judgment Night: Truth? I’ve never seen this movie but I’ve owned the soundtrack as long as it’s existed. If that doesn’t speak to the quality of the soundtrack then I don’t know what will. When is was coming out our local “metal” station kept playing tracks from it and the mix between metal and aggressive hiphop had me sold from day one.

Slayer & Ice-T – Disorder

O’ Brother, Where Are Thou?: Certified 7 times platinum, Grammy award winner and a constant member of print and web “Best Country Album Ever” lists. To say this soundtrack was a beast is a complete understatement. It, ever so briefly, singlehandedly made the general population pay attention to mountain music again

Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Okay…..What Are Yours?


Well, well, well. Hellsongs are about to release a new cd and
I gotta admit, it’s ridiculous but it’s also ridiculously fun. What’s that? You don’t know who Hellsongs are? Well, if you enjoy giving the Richard Cheese discs a spin or two, then you need to keep reading…

Hellsongs fashion themselves as “LoungeMetal” and what they do is reinterpret metal classics as acoustic/electronic songs more fit for coffee shop waifery. Remember when Tori Amos released that cover album which featured a cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood”? Yeah? Well, it’s exactly like that, except that Hellsongs actually make it listenable while making the songs their own, a la Richard Cheese minus the Vegas lounge kitch. Over 10 tracks these Swedes manage to offer their own spin on Slayer, Guns -n- Roses, Skid Row, as well as a mom-approved take on Pantera.

Look, I’m not saying this is something you’ll put in heavy rotation, but it is a fun listen. It also makes for an entertaining album to put on when you have company and watch as they have an internal struggle trying to figure out just what it is they are listening to.

Hellsongs – Youth Gone Wild
Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
(tell me the Hellsongs version, with that chorus, wouldn’t have been a perfect song for an 80’s movie…maybe the fair scene in Lost Boys)

Hellsongs – Walk
Pantera – Walk

Hellsongs Official Site, Hellsongs on myspace

ninebullets interviews Slayer….sort of:

backstory: the guy who was lined up to interview Slayer for Reax Magazine isn’t exactly the biggest Slayer fan on earth. So I was asked if I could maybe come up with a few questions for the band. I did and they actually got asked. So, while I did not actually perform this interview they are my questions. The interview is in the current issue of Reax so if you live in the Bay area go grab a copy.

You can read the original here.

Interview with Kerry King
Words: Michael Spadoni and Bryan Childs <—–THAT’S ME
Photo: Josh Rothstein

February 23, 2007
House of Blues – Orlando

Thrash Metal gods, Slayer are visiting the House of Blues in Orlando for a highly anticipated show with Unearth on February 23. Their latest offering, Christ Illusion, marks a milestone in their career by showcasing the talents of recently reunited Dave Lombardo on drums with the rest his historic band mates. Having entered the Billboard 200 charts at number five and a surprising Grammy nomination, they have once again proved that are masters of their craft. Reax was able to speak with Kerry King before a sold out audience in Oklahoma where he gave us some insight on where Slayer has been, where they are going, and his thoughts on Metallica.

REAX: Playing Oklahoma tonight – what has it been like touring for this album?
Kerry King: It’s cool; we’ve had four shows out of six sell out… so we can’t argue with that.

REAX: So, Slayer on Jimmy Kimmel… who would have thought? How was that experience?
KK: I haven’t seen it yet. I totally forgot to set my TiVo. We were going to play Jihad as the main song, but the day before they decided that about forty percent of the song wasn’t cool. So, we were like, “bleep us”. That would be the total “Slayer” way to do it. They said no and they would edit the parts out of the song so it just wouldn’t make any sense. I saw Jimmy for about five seconds, he shook my hand and left. I don’t know if he’s a dick or anything, but he had this chick on the show that night so maybe he was just spending time with her.

REAX: Slayer sold the place out in a couple of hours…
KK: It was the fastest ticket giveaway that they’ve ever had. We had no other show in Los Angeles so that’s the only way people could come see us. We played six songs compared to the eighteen songs we usually play at a show on this tour.

REAX: Are you pulling from any specific albums or are you playing songs from your whole career?
KK: Definitely the whole career…but there are some absentees at the moment. We aren’t playing anything from Hell Awaits, Divine Intervention, Diabolus in Musica, or Undisputed Attitude. Everything else is covered including four new tunes off of Christ Illusion.

REAX: A lot of people have praised “Christ Illusion” as the return of Slayer’s brutality. How much of that do you feel is true? And, how much would you credit Dave’s return to the band with that?
KK: I think God Hates Us All definitely went down that road. It was a very angry record. Dave plays with such reckless abandon that it translates to the music. Once Dave came back, everyone was asking if he was going to play on a record and we said it was up to him. When he decided he was into it we took it from there.

REAX: “Christ Illusion” earned a Grammy nomination…
KK: Yeah… [laughs] did you hear the chuckle in my voice? Who decided that? If they go by longevity, yeah, we’re going to win. If they’re going for somebody new, then it will probably be Mastodon or Lamb of God. It would be cool to have a Grammy sitting on my shelf just so I could say, “Look at what the fuck I won… how’d I do that?” It’s not really meaningful to me because its not the fans picking it, its generally people who have no idea what we sound like. It’s people in the industry picking the winners, but if you don’t like metal and you’re just going by who you’ve heard of… chances are it’s going to be us. I am nominated, so I can vote. When I got the hip-hop area, I knew Little John, so I’m like, “Yeah, pick him!”

REAX: You have had some well-publicized feuds with other bands over the years and were recently quoted referring to Metallica as “a sinking ship”. Has there been any blowback from those statements?
KK: I don’t think there is anything to say back to that. What are you going to say? I wasn’t lying. They could start taking pot-shots, but realistically there is nothing good about their last record. If you took the whole album and took riffs from there and there, you would probably have one good song. That’s not just talking smack, that’s how I really feel.

REAX: Do you think there is any hope for a band like Metallica to return to what they once were and do you think Rick Rubin can help them do that?
KK: Rick is a very hands-off producer so I don’t know if it’s a good marriage or not. When he passed up doing Christ Illusion and decided to do Metallica’s record… it better be the best fucking thing they’ve done since the Black Album. It would be bad for both of them.

REAX: While some bands seem to be becoming a caricature of their former selves, how is it that Slayer has managed to maintain your relevance in the metal scene over all of these years without ever compromising your integrity?
KK: I definitely keep my finger to the pulse of what’s going on. If there is a metal show coming through town, I’m always there. I go to the Anaheim House of Blues so much that people don’t even want my autograph anymore.

REAX: How do y’all feel about all of the old 80’s hair bands trying to make a comeback – like the Van Halen / David Lee Roth reunion?
KK: Generally… it’s just a moneymaker. They’re doing it because if you take one piece out of the puzzle, the puzzle isn’t cool any more. People realize that even though Van Halen was gigantic with Sammy Hagar. Maybe its giving fans something they’ve been dying for… realistically David Lee Roth was cool in the seventies, but now he’s just a fucking old man, a little bit fucking creepy too. Eddie is out of his fucking mind. I just got the last Guitar World where he is on the cover with the DVD and I couldn’t wait to see what he had to say because that guy is nuts.

REAX: In a recent article in Maximum Ink, they said Slayer has become more than a band that you have become a right of passage. Did you ever imagine that Slayer would become such cornerstone of metal?
KK: We just kind of roll with it and when you’re not rolling, you have to stick your head up and see what’s going on. I’ve heard from one of our fans, “I just went to church, I just saw Slayer and that was church.” I thought to myself, wow, that’s pretty cool. What I like to do… I don’t do in a preaching kind of way. I got fed up with all the fucking religious-heads around that I had to write songs about it. Usually I’ll throw out an idea where ten kids will hear a song and they will get ten different ideas about it. I like to raise questionable issues, throw them out there and let people know what I think. Kids are so impressionable that you have to be straight up. I want to let people know what I think, but don’t think the same way because I said so. Make up your own mind.

Slayer – Dead Skin Mask
Slayer – Fleshstorm